A Bed Of Roses~ A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story

After a 4 year long mission tracking assassins Kirema returned home to her friends. "Kire! Your home!" Naruto yelled, finally he said to her "I'm throwing a welcome home party for you tonight!"
Naruto's party was fun until he announced we were all playing 2 Months In Heaven.

Chapter 1

Anyone But Him

Kirema's P.O.V
I stood in the kitchen of Naruto's house, well his kitchen drinking a glass of water. As I started to leave Sasuke Uchiha blocked the door unspeaking unmoving, "Move please." He didn't. "Grrr! Move it statue!" Without thinking I splashed the water in his face. He stepped to the side letting me pass, without another word I walked into the living room. Naruto called "Alright! I have a game for us all to play, there are an equal amount of males and females so this'll work! Okay girls I want you to pull out a color, but first I want a guy to write a color on a slip of paper. Oh! Right this is two months in heaven...or in another frame a hotel." The boys all wrote and finally I called "I don't want to." My arm was outstretched, my friend looked at me and asked "You want to go first! Okay! Kirema wants to go first!" I looked at him indignantly as he shoved the hat in my face.

I jammed my hand in the hat stirred it around finally I pulled out a slip of paper. Reading it aloud I called "Black...in really swirly handwriting." Cries of anguish and anger came from Ino and Sakura, from the crowd stepped Sasuke Uchiha. He grabbed a key and didn't say anything, I cried "Anyone but him! I go with Shika, just anyone but him!" Shikamaru looked up lazily and said "To troublesome." Naru smiled at me and said "You gotta, sorry but you gotta go." I groaned and walked to the door waiting for Sasuke to come. He followed and said "Come on." I stalked out and to the largest hotel in town. Finally I waited for him to unlock the door, when he got around to it I was leaning on the door. As he pushed it open I fell inside, I hit the ground and huffed in pain. Standing up I said "Really no 'Are you alright?'!? Wow such a gentleman." I walked in and said "Okay, you take the bed and I'll take the couch." He looked up and asked with an amused expression "What, can't we share the bed?" "Ugh! Perv!" I huffed and started putting my clothes into my dresser.

Sasuke sat on the bed and then said "Well, since your the woman you take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch." I shot a furious glance back at him and said "Okay now your a s+eist, 'Because your the woman.'" He rolled his eyes and said "I didn't really mean it like that." I rolled my eyes again and just ignored him laying out on the bed. He tried to lay next to me, when he did I shoved him off. I giggled as he hit the ground peaking my head off I said "Not so funny when the sandals on the other foot." He rubbed the back of his head "Eh I thought it was funnier when you hit the ground." I looked at my rather dirty clothing and body, finally I said "I'm going to bathe." I stood up walked to the dresser and pulled out and new fishnet top and my purple loose tank top, a pair of black pants and my new black sandals. Walking to the bathroom I started running water, after a few minutes I was settled in the warm water.

After maybe half an hour I stepped out of the tub, I dried off my body and finally my hair. I pulled on my undergarments and then my clothes, looking in the mirror I fixed my hair. Sighing I searched for my second chopstick, finally I found it halfway in the sink. My half bun was finished with the chopsticks, opening the door Sasuke looked up at me. "You look pleased." He said in a rather snarky voice. I rolled my eyes and said "Whatever, I'm going to go get something to eat. You can do me a favor and not come." He shrugged, with that I walked out the door.

I sat at the noodle shop and waited for my dinner. "Kire! Kirema Yukimoto, what are you doing here....and why isn't Sasuke with you!" I shrugged then my meal came "Ah! Thank you." Naruto took my dinner and said "I don't think so."
"Um...I'm here." Sasuke said from behind me. "Hey!" Naru called happily. The raven haired boy sat next to me and asked "One soba." The man nodded and walked into the back. Naruto walked away and I snapped "I told you not to come." Sasuke held up his hands and said "Sorry, I got hungry. Didn't know you were here." I didn't look up from my food. Finally he asked "Um, what was your mission?" I looked up at last and said "Well, there were these assassins and they were terrorizing a town. One of the hokage sent me there and I chased them around for about 4 years. Finally the cluckers died." He chuckled.

I skipped down the streets to the training grounds, no one was there other than the two of us. Well it was like 11 o'clock a night, I whirled around at kicked Sasuke in the jaw. He groaned and struck back, suddenly I put up my mind smoke screen. He swung blindly and kept missing. "I love this jitsu." I kicked him in the chest and he fell. Slowly the jitsu wore off "D/-\mn it, already wore off." He laughed and said "I might have lost but you are the real loser." I walked back to the hotel him trailing behind me slightly. Finally I reached the door and opened it, I pulled out my night clothes and changed. The soft cloth was loosely touching my skin, Sasuke smiled and walked into the bath room to change.

Sasuke's P.O.V
I stretched out on the couch and shut my eyes, Kirema's voice asked softly "Um, Sasuke are you awake?" My eyes opened and I said "Well, I am now." She blushed in the dark and said "Oh...sorry." I laughed softly and said "No, it's okay. What's up?" She sigh and asked "Um, well I was wondering why your so offstandish." I paused and said "Well, um my brother kinda murdered my whole clan." Her eyes widened and asked "Really, your whole family?" I nodded. "He~ weird." She said softly. That's when I got on the defense "What's weird?" I demanded. Silence for a few minutes "Erm my family was killed too, slaughtered more or less. But I don't see why you should care." I frowned and said "But I do care." She didn't even talk. I peered over at her and then noticed she was sound asleep. I chuckled softly and shut my eyes again noticing how comfortable the couch was.

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