A Little Over A Year Ago...

Chapter 1


Two years ago, I was in the worst place (emotionally) I had ever been in. I thought of doing seriously stupid, horrible things, to myself and other people. I needed a friend, somebody to talk to, to make things okay. I needed a sister.

And I got one.

At the beginning of summer, 2010, I met a girl online that changed my entire way of thinking. She was the one person I could talk to, could be open with. I talked to her every day, she talked me out of my little hazes of depression and hideous ideas. She was my big sister.

And through her, I met a boy, a funny boy who made me giggle without having to try. I remember he called me princess. And drank way too many energy drinks.

Katy, Dallas, and all of their insane friends who hacked her account. I miss you all so much, even when it's a year and a half since you deleted your account. Katy, I only knew you for a few months. But I still think f you every single day, and I cant look at an energy drink without thinking of Dally. I hope college went well for you. I hope you still think of Tyler and I, because he loved you so much. I still love you. I lost a part of myself when you left. You promised me you'd check in, look at my profile every now and then... And I hope you've kept true to that. I hope you see this and remember that wayward little girl who you coaxed out of a depression. You're still my big sister, and I love you. I love you all so much.

Above all, I hope that you're life is wonderful and fulfilling. I hope that everything has gone your way, I hope that you've loved and laughed and learned from everything.

I miss you, Katy.


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