We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

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Chapter 77

Lenina's Wedding


"I can't breathe," I choked out while clutching my neck. "Is it hot in here? I don't think the air conditioner is working. Maybe we should reschedule the wedding," I rambled off.

"Don't be ridiculous Nina," Emma said smoothing my hair and helping me put on my veil. "There won't be any need for an air conditioner!" I looked out the window of the small tent and frowned. Everyone was already getting ready to take a seat out in the grass and I was nervous.

"This dress feels itchy," I said tugging at the bottom hemming." Riley slapped my hand away and pursed her lips.

"Don't mess with your dress," she scolded. It was easy for them to say that! Their dresses were a lot shorter than mine and more airy. http://www.polyvore.com/men/set?id=80550134

"Ladies, you're going to have to hurry up," Louis said through the other side of the tent.

"We're almost ready!" We all said at the same time. I giggled and took a long look in the mirror.

"No turning back now, right?" I mumbled. The girls ignored me and helped me with my hair. "Riley?" I asked hesitantly. She looked at me expectantly and could see the fear in my eyes. "I don't know if I can do this. It was easy seeing you get married but the feeling's different in my shoes." She sighed and wrapped me in a hug.

"You're going to be fine Lenina! It's just the jitters talking. You're going to walk down the aisle, looking gorgeous, and seeing Zayn at the altar is going to rid you of all those feelings, believe me." She smiled and I couldn't help but return it.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm going to go out there and get this over with. I'm being ridiculous."

"That's the spirit!" Emma said laughing. "In that case, we'll get going then. See you soon Mrs. Malik!" They left my tent shortly afterwards and I took a deep breath.

Upon stepping out of the tent, I ran into Harry who offered me a "thumbs up" sign and caught up with Riley. Emma was my maid of honor, and Riley along with some of Zayn's relatives, were my bridesmaids. My dad was escorting me down the aisle and my little brother was the ring bearer. He accidentally dropped the ring once he walked down the aisle, but luckily the flower girl helped him find it and walked down the aisle.

The music was playing softly in the background and the setting was so peaceful. I could hear crickets chirping away in the grass and the sway of leaves. As I walked down the aisle, I smiled shyly at the guests, which were just a few, and I couldn't bring myself to look at Zayn just yet. When I did, I grinned and felt my knees buckle. He looked really handsome in his suit and the peach colored rose in his lapel, tied everything together. Teal and peach were our wedding colors. It was a mutual decision and very easy to plan. Zayn was actually really helpful when it came to planning the wedding and I was relieved that he hadn't left me with all of the work. We went to pick out the cake flavor together (vanilla and lemon), a band (a couple of guys who were in the same record label as the boys and reminded me so much of them when they were younger), and the food (chicken based to be exact). http://www.polyvore.com/girls/set?id=80553536

"Gorgeous," Zayn mouthed as soon I as stood by him. I blushed and looked down. The priest talked for a lengthy while and I was growing a bit impatient with him, but when it came time to recite our vows my ears instantly perked up.

"Um, to be honest, I wrote these in the dressing room, but I don't think I'll read them," Zayn said waving a pile of index cards in the air. I pursed my lips slightly, but the guests laughed. He licked his lips before looking me in the eyes and holding my hand.

"When I first met you I had no idea how important you'd be in my life. I was known as the rebellious one in the group, but deep down I'm just a softie. You were one of the first girls I'd ever met who wasn't dazzled by my fame and to be honest, I was annoyed at first. I was always used to getting my way and being the one in charge, but you changed me. I love you with all my heart, always and forever, Lenina. And you'll make me the happiest man on earth if you say 'I do'."

My eyes began to water at his speech and I sniffled. I willed myself to memorize my vows so I wouldn't have to carry around some index cards, but like Zayn, I pretty much winged it. It's harder sticking to something you've already planned when you're in a moment like this. It's as if all your logic has just been thrown out the window.

"Zayn," I started out before clearing my throat. "You'll make me the happiest woman on earth if you say 'I do' too. It's true. Everything you said. I couldn't understand why someone like you would ever want to be with me, and that scared me in the beginning. You were a bit cocky and annoying, but I want to say that you're stubbornness prevailed in the end." Zayn grinned and licked his teeth. "You never gave up on trying to make me yours and I'm so grateful for that. Heaven knows what our future would have been like if I never agreed to be in a relationship with you. I would never have had so many good friends, been to places I could only dream of, and I would never have so many strong, and wonderful feelings, like the ones I have for you. As embarrassing as it it to say in front of everyone here, I love you so much Zayn." The tears practically came flooding down now and I knew there weren't going to be any graceful wedding pictures of me. Zayn sighed and brought me close to his chest. The guests were sniffling a bit and I saw lots of flashes going on.

We said our I do's and soon enough, we were wed. It was such a feeling of relief to get this over with. I was scared of nothing really, and every time I felt like none of this was real, Zayn would squeeze my hand as if to reassure me that everything was real and not something I was imagining. Now that the wedding ceremony was over, there were some larger tents set up a few feet away where our reception was being held. Since we got married in the evening, that left us time to party at night and the day could not have gotten any better.

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