We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

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Chapter 3

Emma Beth Parker

Written by me :)

Emma's Character and Bio: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=42857084
I stepped out of the cab and into the streets of London, taking a deep breath. The sweet smell of freedom, opportunity, and fish. I pulled my bags with me and walked up to the apartment complex. After a short while of searching, I found my room and collapsed on the couch. It felt so good to be here! I pulled out my phone and texted Jared, my best guy friend from home.
Me: Finally here! I can't believe it!
I looked around, waiting for him to reply. It was a nice place and plenty of room. I felt a buzz.
Jared: I'm so happy for you but I miss you already :/ Text me tons!
I smiled and simply replied.
Me: I will ;)
I sat my phone on the end table and pulled myself off the couch. Time to make this place look like home. I turned on my TV for some noise while I worked. I spent several hours putting things away, hanging stuff on walls, and decorating my new apartment. I was so glad to be out of Kansas and in the bustle of the city! I had a couple of classes at uni tomorrow, but that was it. I have an audition scheduled in a couple of days and I was going to spend all my free time rehearsing. I went back to turn the TV off and the people were talking about music, so I stopped to listen.
Lady: Look out ladies, the hottest new boy band, One Direction, will be announcing their tour dates tomorrow afternoon.
A picture of 5 boys appeared on the screen. They looked like such tools.
Man: This band's story is truly amazing. They originally...
I turned off the TV. Great! Now I have another boy band to compete with. Getting recognized was going to be even harder. I needed to practice for my audition. I pulled out my music and started singing. I had to be ready if I wanted to make it in the music industry. I checked Facebook, Twitter, and a couple other sites before closing my laptop and snuggling into my warm bed.
*Next Day*
I woke up to Adele singing He Won't Go. I turned my alarm off and hopped out of bed. Today was going to be so exciting! My things were not in the order that they usually were and it took me a while to find the outfit that I wanted. I finally found everything and wore this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=42979997. I looked at the clock. I was going to be late on my first day. Wonderful. I hurriedly pulled on my favorite heels and grabbed my bag and a breakfast bar. I ran out of my apartment, locked it quickly and hurried into a cab. I stuffed money in his hands quickly and nearly shouted.
Me: To Uni. Fast!
He nodded and took off. I'm not going to lie, I feared for my life during that ride. I managed a thank you as I ran from the cab. I'm a pro at running in heels, I feel like I am always late to everything. I found my class and burst in. The professor was writing on the blackboard and looked at me questioningly.
Me: Sorry I'm late.
I plopped into the first empty seat I could find.
Professor: That is fine miss?
Me: Parker, Emma Parker.
He went back to the attendance sheet and fixed my absence before returning to the board and starting class. I looked at the blonde girl next to me.
Me: What did I miss?
She shook her head and pulled out her phone while the professor had his back turned. I was still looking at her and saw the same picture of that boy band that was on TV last night. Was everybody here obsessed with them? I shifted back into my seat and started taking notes.

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