We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

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Chapter 2

Riley Brooks

This part was originally written by http://www.quibblo.com/user/MistressLupin:

I ran my fingers through my knotty hair and jumped out of bed. Another boring day. I quickly untangled my hair and tied it in a messy polyanna. I threw on my jeans and a floppy jumped before running down the stairs.
"Morning dorkus!" Kiarna said, ruffling my hair.
I slapped her hand away and neatened the top of my head.
"Shut up." I mumbled.
Mum gave me a stern look and I nibbled on a piece of toast. Dad came out from the bathroom, smelling strongly of cologne.
"Morning sweetness." He said with an odd grin.
I quirked an eyebrow before gulping down my juice.
"You need a lift?" Mum asked.
"Nope! I'm catching the Ferry." I muttered.
Mum rolled her eyes. We lived sort of across the lake from the uni. It was accecable by car and boat. I slapped the plate down on the bench and clunked the the glass beside it.
"What are you doing today?" I asked, turning to my sister.
"Museum." She muttered.
I bit my lip and leaned on the counter for a moment, thinking. After a moment I ran back up stairs and packed my stuff. I brushed my teeth quickly before running back dwon and out the door. I came to the drive way when I realized I hadn't said goodbye.
"SEE YAH!" I called back.
I heard muffled replies and began running. I soon reached the jetty and just made the Ferry. I handed the guy some money and he returned a ticket. I flopped at the front of the boat and felt the wind build up. After a while I pulled out my camera and began taking photos of random things. I loved photography. The boat came to an abrupt stop and everyone pushed off. I ran into a tall blonde haired girl. She seemed so ingrossed in her conversation that she didn't notice me.
"Okay, so she said that they are actually coming! Can you believe that!? They are coming to our uni!" She gasped.
I raised my eyebrows and hitched my bag higher before walking along the gang plank. I could see the huge building that was my uni. For once in my life I was early for class. I ran in and took a seat at the back of the class. I saw that blonde girl walk in a little later still on the phone. I couldn't hear her conversation but saw a girl behind her mimicking it. I laughed into my shoulder which got me funny looks from the people around.

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