Should of known ..... Thats the way my life always goes ... (a bellatrix lenstrange love story) Part two

This story is a love story about Bellatrix Lenstrange's DAUGHTER!

Is it:

addictive- Yeah
Funny- Yup
cool- It is
excellent read: defiantly

Lets catch up on part 1

name: Bellatrix Lenstrange (Bell's)
Children: One daughter called Angelina (Angel) Dream Lenstrange
Personality: Doesn't want to be like her mother, kind, funny and nice
Looks: Black curly hair, tall, thin, glimmering blue eye's and fair skin

please read part 1 first and enjoyyyyy

Chapter 1

Seeing Draco again!

I was right, my mother hadn't let me go back to school. I missed it so much, I mean even though I was aloud to send and receive letter's from all of my friends I still missed them like mad. I gazed around my room, it was painted a shade of lilac, my favourite colour. My room had everything that I could ever want, it was a top of the range room but I couldn't help missing my dorm in Hogwarts.

`oh my gosh, I'm starving` I thought to myself, I hadn't ate for ages. The whole time that I had been away from school I had been in hiding, for one obvious reason, the dark lord was after me once again. Somehow I didn't care, I knew that I wasn't safe here but I still didn't care about any of that, all of those death eaters were stupid anyway. The meeting's were being held in my house so I had to stay up in my bedroom being dead silent, sometimes for hours and hours and hours, that's without talking, going to the toilet, walking around, eating and barely breathing. Most of the time I just lay on my bed and daydreamed.

I was doing that now, not really aware of anything at all. Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder which made me jump. I quickly turned around and shouted "Draco! Draaaaacoooo! D-R-A-C-O!" It was Draco, I didn't have a clue how he got here but it was defiantly Draco. "Shhhh..Shhh.." Draco shushed me. "But-But how are you HERE?" I asked in a lower voice this time. "There's a death eater meeting down in your Pantry, the dark lord is there and everything. I told them I was going up to the toilet so I'll have to go back down now BUT I'll be up in a while, my parents are staying longer so I can hang out with you" after that he was gone and I returned to my daydream.

I couldn't belive that he was here. Only now that I saw him I realised how much I actually did miss him, it was unreal. I longed for him to come up to me and I hoped that he was alright downstairs. It seemed like ages until he came into my bedroom. "Oh my gosh I missed you soooo much" he said as he burst through my bedroom door and fell onto my bed. "Mind my legs you!" I joked with him. Then we started talking, this is what our conversation went like:

Draco: "Your sexy legs ha ha ha"

Me: "And you were telling me to shush? ha"

Draco: "Exactly. I got in trouble with the dark lord 'cause I was looking at our baby, she was playing in the sitting room, oh it was funny"

Me: "Oh no, you didn't? What did he do to you?"

Draco: "Nothing big, just shouting."

Me: "That is big, please Drac's dont be getting in trouble. I actually missed you a lot, I kept thinking about you all the time, it was unreal."

Draco: "That was totally the same thing with me, I was really upset when you didn't come back to school though."

We talked for ages and ages and AGES! My mother made Dobby bring us up loads of food and around a hundred lemonades, yummy. Draco begged his parents to stay for longer and they said "Teenagers these day's, of course we can." They all ended up staying until midnight. When Draco left I felt like I was born again, happiness.

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