Your handbook on how to get Through love :)

Heheheh funny

Chapter 1

The crush

Getting people to focus on what's really important: YOU.

So you have a crush? Here are the steps on how to get him.

Let you're crush know that you're sincere and genuine.
Ex: You say "I sincerely want you to genuinely worship me."

Show that cutey-patootey your smart and sensitive side.
Ex: You say "Roses are red, violets are blue, your butts funny looking, but I think you'll do."

And the most important of all, tell that lil hottie you think they're the best.
Ex: You say "I think you're the best I can do for now."

Quiz time!
What's the Very best gift to give your crush at this stage in the game?
A) a box of candy after you have gently kissed each and every individual chocolate
B) a bouquet of long stemmed roses after you have passionately embraced every flower
C) a cute stuffed animal that you have furiously made out with.

Answer: All of these are great answers, as long as you never lose site of the real reason to give a gift: To get something in return.
(Also check local laws: It is illegal in several states to make out with a stuffed animal.)

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