The Boy with the Green Eyes

Hi! I was bored and this story just came to mind. Okay I hope you like it!! The charectars name is Sophia York and She has Dark Brown wavy hair with Red highlights and pale skin. She always wears bracelets with slogans on them and a necklace that is a key in the shape of a heart with an S in the middle.
Thank for the support!!

Chapter 1

First day of high school

I walked into my first day of high school. Here I was, what I was waiting for ever since 5th grade. I took a deep breath and stepped into my homeroom class. I looked on the board, and spelt out was Mr. Acero. Judging by my surroundings, he was the math teacher. I had no friends from 8th grade come to this high school so I went to my homeroom. I sat there quietly thinking. I hadn't noticed, but the bell rung and all the seats were filled except for mine. Mr. Acero introduced himself and explained many things about the school. He then took attendance and said "Ok we seem to have everybody except for..Emma Jones. Is Emma Jones here?" the class looked around. A girl with blond wavy hair with the ends dyed a chestnut brown came busy looking and tired into class. "Sorry I'm late." she said. "Ah nice of you to join us Ms. Jones." he said. "May i sit here?" she asked me. I nodded as she set her items down. Mr. Acero cleared his throat and continued "As I was saying, This school is wonderful if you just.."
And that's when I blacked out of reality. I didn't return until I felt a sharp tapping on my shoulder on my shoulder. "Um we have to go to class." The Emma girl said awkwardly. Probably because she had to use her nail on a stranger to help them return to the real world. "oh, sorry" I said as I gathered my items. "What classes do you have?" she asked me as we walked out of homeroom and into the hall. "umm.." I hesitated as I took my schedule out of my temporarily neat bag. "Period 1 I have science. Period 2 I have Social Studies. Period 3, Spanish. Period 4 Drama. Period 5 I've got Math. Period 6 I have English. Period 7 I have gym. Period 8, health." I finished. I looked at her and she smiled and exclaimed "Whoa! You have all the same classes as me! Mr. Acero said that since its our first day we get to go to all our classes today. But on regular days we have Periods 1,2,3 and 4, then the next day we have 5,6,7 and 8. Then it just repeats." I smiled at Emma. I'm glad she was listening. I would've been totally lost. I guess she could tell I wasn't listening. "Thanks" I said. She led me into the science class. We pretty much did nothing except listen to the teacher explain stuff. I loved my teacher for social studies. His name was Mr. Mederis. You know how you look at teacher and their actions and you just think "wow, this teacher is like frickin awesome" it was like that, but better. Spanish seemed extremely boring. Blech. As much as I hate to admit it, I loved Drama class. I felt like I could express myself in an entirely different way. I felt free. I was known as a rebel. I couldn't do this. But I feel like it might be a good way for letting it out. Math.. Uh.. I didn't even pay attention to Mr. Acero. Because there was a boy. One thing really stood out to me when I looked at him. His piercing dark green eyes. The teacher told me to sit next to him. He was a total cutie. With his brown hair. I even didn't notice a paper on my desk because of myself shielding my eyes with a twirled red lock of my hair. I was a bit startled when he tapped my arm but didn't show it. He pointed at the papers in the corner of the table. I picked them up took one and gave them to him. "Thanks" he said. He looked at me once more and said "Cool hair." I smiled and said audible only to him "Thanks" I watched him write his name. His writing was insanely nice for a boy. His name was Logan. "Nice handwriting" I said trying to hide my horrible messy handwriting. "Thanks. What was your name by the way?" he asked. "Sophia." I said "Cool, I'm Logan. Nice to meet you." he stuck out his hand and I took it. "So see you around." he said after the bell rang. I smiled and nodded. I walked out of class daydreaming when Emma scared me from behind. "Hey!" she said. "Emma don't do that!" I said laughing at myself. "I saw you talking to Logan Medrano! In 8th grade the girls were googly eyed over him! You've definitely got competition!"
"Emma just because I talked to the boy doesn't mean I like him."
"Oh please. Sophia I saw you. You were blushing and twirling your hair. You like him."
"AH- no buts. Ok let me give you tips. Lots of girls will be mad and out to get you but you can beat them in a fight no doubt. You really need to watch out for Shaniah Oakes. The snobbiest, most popular girl. Shes a biitch, but she's rich. And you know that story."
"Ok thanks"
"No problem"
We finished our first day of high school. Emma got picked up by her mom and I took bus. Logan took my bus, which I was excited about. Then I found out Shaniah did too. And she's got quite a mouth on her. Here's what happened.
I walked onto my bus and saw Logan sitting alone close to end of the bus texting. I walked towards him and he looked up and smiled. "This seat open?" I asked. "Yeah! Go ahead" he said. We chatted about our different classes and stuff when i heard high heels tapping against the ground and stopped abruptly behind me. I turned around to find a girl. About 5'6", I was slightly shorter than her, with blond straight hair and mean cold blue eyes. She was squeezed in a tight orange dress and black heels. I had known I was in the presence of Shaniah Oakes. "Excuse you. You're in my seat." she said rudely. I scoffed. "Are you talking to me? Um I don't see you name any where." I said pretending to look around. "Ugh, you're one of THOSE. I can tell." she said as she attempted to annoy me. I shrugged. "I don't know what 'one of THOSE' are but they sound pretty cool to me" I said kicking up my boots and laying them on the seat across, blocking the walkway. "Listen biitch. Are you gonna move or not? I suggest you move or you'll regret it." she said crossing her arms. "Whoa! We got a badazz over here! No." I said "You got your chance" she smirked as she turned back and sat in another seat. I turned to Logan. "Why did she want to sit HERE?" I asked. "She has this crazy fantasy thing and she thinks I like her and were meant to be or whatever. She's annoying!" he replied. I nodded. We chatted the rest of the way and we arrived at my street. I waved bye to Logan. Then I felt the ground. She tripped me! That witch!!! So she thinks she can play with my life? You wanna fight this battle? Fine, have it your way. Let the battle begin.

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