Oooo...She GotsJokes'!

Mmm....Juhs Read PorFavor:)

Chapter 1

Oh Shcucks ! :P

Dah...Dah...Dah! :) <---Juss Cuss (x

Okay, So I'm bored (: I never wrote a story or posted anything ahaha so i have NO idea what im doing ;D My six year old autistic sister influenced me to post a thing about jokes because she told me the BEST knock, knock joke ever ! Here it is...
Her: "KNock, KNock"
Me: "Come In aha JK, Who's there?"
Her: Juss
Me: Juss who?
Her: Jusstin Bieber my boyfren xD
ahahaha i was like wow lmao ! Anyways...there is more that just came to me right now hehe ^.^

--SO there was two muffins in the oven, one said to the other , "Fxxing Aye, It is hot in here..." and the other said..."Holy Shxxt a talking Muffin! xD" ahaha

--What do you call a laptop that can sing?
A dell (; ahaha yuup

-Why did Tigger look inside the toilet?
He was looking for Pooh! :D

And that's all folks! <3
ilove those cartoons that end like thaat :) hehehe

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