Just A Little Something

Chapter 3

Cleaning Shoes

I can only clean good when I wear a certain pair of shoes.
And when I listen to music.
It's kinda weird, I know.
And sometimes when I get really sleep deprived I blast music and start dancing.
I rarely get enough sleep.
I eat one meal a day usually.
I honestly believe some plants and objects are out to get me.
I hardly ever ask for anything.
It really isn't my place.
I colour code my outfits.
I blast music so I don't have to listen to my thoughts.
I have a terrible neck twitch.
It's really bad.
Even more so if I'm nervous, sleep deprived or anxious.
I like Victorian fashion.
I love to read statistics.
On anything really.
I get sick at least eight times a year.
If I could I'd kill my family.
I really do hate them.
I really need new glasses.
I prefer to draw with mechanical pencils.
I can copy just about anything.
I'm proud of that drawing skill.
I'm rarely proud of things I've made.
My low self-esteem is really quite crippling.
I tend to act a bit flamboyant.
I love the movie White Chicks.
Quibblo is probably the number one site I go to.
Lying, fighting. I hate it.
I hate every single thing about it.
I hate when people argue.
I hate when people pretend.
I hate everything about it all.
I am disgusted with myself.
I used to take my mother's diet pills because I was unhappy with my weight.
Now I'm one-hundred and eight pounds.
I also one time took some bad pills.
I lost five pounds in a week.
I was very sick because of it.
Now just thinking about taking a pill makes me nauseous.
I'm an emotional person.
But I only try to show two emotions.
Happiness and anger.
Easiest to handle.
I like to build things.
And I love to play tetris and solitaire.
I like chilly, windy days.
I have faeries living in my walls.
I think I'm going to make a faerie garden soon.
No one really knows me.
I'm a romantic at heart.
I count things.
I organize things.
I stack things.
I have a favorite mechanical pencil.
And a favorite pen.
I love to fold origami cranes.
I like to sing along to different songs when no ones around.
I'm five foot, three and a half inches tall.
I have a bit of an eating disorder.
I can't breath properly.
I get terrible stomach aches.
And terrible head aches.
I like to play with blocks and legos and dominoes.
Marbles are fun too,
Sometimes I'll make forts.
I climb trees.
I kind of have depression.
I personally don't think it's to serious.
But others would disagree.
I don't like starting conversations.
I'm a bit shy I suppose.
I usually don't make a decision until the last minute.
I usually don't check the things I post on here.
I have a person I like.
I carve things out of candles.
Though I'm not very good.
I collect dead bugs.
And toy cars.
And pens/pencils/writing equipment.
I love rainbows.
I'm scared of a lot of things.
Even my own shadow sometimes.
I don't have a very good health.
I get all of my clothes at goodwill.

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