My Werewolf(Derek Hale Love Story)

I am new to story writing so sorry if it sucks. Btw Scarlet's story will be fully explained later in the story. If you think i should add something or you have some ideas feel free to message me or comment.

Chapter 1

Just the beginning

by: Aki0321
"Hey Scarlet it's time to go"my mom said.
"Alright I'm coming" I said.
I was leaving my mom in New York. I decided I would go live in California and start a new life. After the horrible goodbyes I was off.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~18 hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I finally arrived in Califonrnia waiting for my cousin. I forgot to metion Scott was my cousin. After I picked up my luggage I met him at the gate.
"How's it going cousin" I said.
"Hey it's been so long look at you all grown up"Scott said.
"Ha yea are you going to help me with my bags or what?"I said.
Scott grabs my bags and we walk outside the airport.
"Where's your car?" I said
"Well I don't have one so my friend is going to pick us up." he said.
Just then a sleek black car pulls up and a man gets out. Boy! was he hot. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a gray shirt and jeans. How can he make something so plain look so hot!
"Scarlet I'd like you to meet Derek." Scott said.
'It's nice to meet you Derek." I said.
Derek nodded his head, "Likewise."

After the tense car ride home we finally arrived at my aunt's house.As I was getting my bag out of Derek's car I heard the front door open.
"Oh Scarlet you finally came!"
It was my aunt Melissa.She was always so good to me way better then my mom ever was.
"Hey auntie i've missed you!' I said.
Side Note:I'm not one for the gusshie family stuff so lets move on.
After I got settled in:
"Hey autie I'm going for a walk be back soon."
"Ok sweetie be careful."
I grabbed my jacket and my iphone and walked out the door. I put my headphones in my ear and began to walk. After awhile i started to feel someone watching me. I had to be the pretty girl that has to get followed I thought.
Someone put their hand on my shoulder and me being a girl of course I screamed. The person put their hand over my mouth and turned my around. It was........

Author's note:
Sorry the first chapter probably sucked really bad but I promise that I will do better next time. Btw i will not do anymore cliffhangers than this one i know how painful it is to have to wait and see what will happen next so dont worry. Hopefully you like it and you comment!!!!!!!!!

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