Be The Voldemort To My Umbridge (A Joe Walker Love Story)

Well, this is my very first Quibblo story. I don't know how great it will be..but I'll try! I'd appreciate feedback in any way, shape, or form! Thanks!

I'm trying to capture Joe the best I can in this story. He's called himself heartless, or having a cold heart. But other times the Starkids describe him to be sweet and caring. So I'm trying the best I can to make him as real as possible!

Chapter 1

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na ! What'd you think of? Jaws? Batman? MCR?

I yawned and slowly stretched my right arm over to the other side of my bed, that was usually only occupied by me. But then I started college, and when you start college, you get used to waking up on Sunday morning with a stranger in your bed.

I ended up accidentally punching someone in the face. It was still light, but then I got startled and punched them again. This person, whoever they were, had their arm above their eyes, and a super tight blue shirt with the Superman logo on it.

I screamed in fresh panic and stood up from my bed, fell off it, and scurried over to the door. I watched cautiously, waiting for the stranger to move. Oh, he did. He came right up and held his nose in his hands, "WHAT THE FVCK! OW!"

"JOE!" I exclaimed, my voice high pitched in pure confusion and panic. "THAT'S MY BED!" I then said stupidly, pointing uselessly.

"THIS IS MY NOSE!" He cried, standing from the bed. He wore long black sweatpants and his small glasses. I laughed at him, despite my beating heart.

Joe looked so nerdy, so much like a college guy. His teeth were perfectly../imperfect./ His face was light skinned and few pimples popped up around his forehead. His eyes were dazzling if he'd just get contacts! His glasses were red and black. His jaw had some stubble that he needed to shave. His hair was messy.

I love him so much.

He looked at me with fury and pain, "You broke my nose!" I started to rock back and forth with laughter. I started to shake my head the more I lost breath laughing.

He looked confused, but slowly he started to laugh at me. Soon we were both cracking up, and tears brimmed my eyes as it rose to hysterics.

My roommate eventually walked in holding some Advil and a glass of water. Her bright hazel eyes widened, and I understood that we both probably looked high. Abby slowly left the Advil and water on the dresser, and slowly left. I fell to the floor, crying with laughter, as my body shook and I tried to form a word, raising my hand to her. My fingers looked stiff and hardly moved. I had no control over my body.

It was hysterical! Joe soon landed on the floor too, shouting a loud, "OW!" as he did so. I nearly died laughing. This could probably kill someone! It's like breathing too fast, too deep, and you had no control.

My head started to pound and slowly I stopped laughing. Memories from the night before poured slowly into my head, and the more I remembered, the more I stopped laughing. Joe. Abby. Darren. Dylan. The other solo cups.

I was hammered last night. We all were. What happened? Today was...Sunday, right? No classes...

I was now silent, thinking to myself. I heard Joe taking his sweet time trying to control himself. He still thought it was hilarious, whatever it was we were laughing about. The sweetness of nothing.

His trails of laugh made me remember that he had kissed me last night. Me. That one girl he had every class with, that one girl who was friends with his friends, that one girl...that one girl he woke up in bed with.

"Joe," I spoke up, though it was soft. He kept on laughing. "Joe." I repeated louder, but he didn't hear, still. "Joe." I said sharply, and his laughing stopped immediately. He heard the stern tone I used, I guess. He reluctantly replied, "Sky?"

I smiled a bit when he said my name, my whole body feeling warm and fuzzy inside. My heart fluttered like a little blue butterfly was there instead of the red, ugly pumping heart.

"How...the hell did you end up in my bed?" I finally asked, and he burst out laughing at my tone. I chuckled, but slowly pulled myself up. My stomach would probably have abs now! Laughing was such a workout!

"I forget." He said finally, and I looked over to see him struggling to stand. He used everything he could in order to get to his big, clumsy feet. I grinned at his goofy, weird, occasionally heartless self.

He stretched, yawning, then slowly held his head. "Hangover! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkk!" He groaned, plopping down on my bed. I couldn't stop giggling a bit at his pain, and grabbed the Advil from my dresser and gave it to him, then slowly handed him the glass of water.

He smiled, but I saw the tight pain in his eyes. I sat down softly next to him. After he gulped the Advil and water, he looked at me, and burst out, "I kissed you last night!"

"I know." I said quickly. He laughed a bit, looking down, almost bashful. He slowly brought his eyes to mine, and he opened his mouth, looking sheepish.

So I kissed him.

3 Years Later

"Ahhh! Abby!" I screamed, dropping my book to the floor without thinking of the consequences. It's probably all messed up now!

Abby looked at me weirdly, and for a brief moment I considered if it was even her. But...I know those weird eyes. That is totally her! It has to be! Those green eyes, with those random flecks of amber..

"Super Woman?" I shyly reminded her, scooping up my book. Her eyes widened, and the cracker she was munching on dropped from her mouth. We both started talking at the same time as we giggled and ran over to each other.

"Your hair!" She exclaimed, picking up my now brunette hair in her long, slender fingers. Her hair, always that light brown, light blonde hair, was now twirled in between mine.

"I missed you so much! What's going on? Have you talked to anyone recently? What's your job? OMG! Do you have a boyfriend? Girlfriend? Son? Daughter?!" I spaz, asking her so many questions in attempt to cover all the basics.

She laughed, looking around the parking lot to see if anyone else was here. We were outside of a library that I was passing. I'd caught her munching on some crackers in the parking lot.

"Well, life's good! I've got a dog! I'm actually rooming with Lauren! Oh, and her friend, Crystal! I'm kinda dating Dylan now!" She looked sheepish as she spoke. I squealed, "Oh my Gosh! That's so great!"

She grinned, "Well what's going on with you!?" I lost my energy when she asked that, as everything that had happened to me just recently settled in. Tears brimmed my eyes and I took a deep breath, " shit."

Her eyes widened dangerously, "What happened?" I took another deep breath, "Everything. But for now, I'm just trying my best to get to a new place! New house! New air! New start."

"I know where you're living! Come on!"

Heyy! Thank you SO much for even reading this! I really hope anyone who reads this likes it! I've worked a bit hard on this and I hope it's not too dreadful[:


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