Needed Help D:

Chapter 1

Homework is going to be the death of me. Gah>:O

Ok it's just two questions you have to answers! and please tell me how you got them. Thanks!

First Question

12-x^2 -2xy = 0
12-y^2 - 2xy = 0

For some reason x and y are both 2

I tried and got y= 6x -0.5x tried to sub into second one but gets messy any way to do this on a calculator by any chance I have a Ti-83 but I want to know/ how to do it algebraically.

Second Question

Solve each equation and check for extraneous solutions.

a) the root of w-3 = the root of 4w+15 (I can't make the root sign in this window)

b)the root of x^2-5x+2 = x2

c) (5y-3) = 1 + (y+7)/(2y-6)

Amia Weasley


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