What a marvellous way to die~ Hunger Games in Marvel's POV ~

What a marvellous way to die~ Hunger Games in Marvel's POV ~

My Marvel story!

Enjoy :D

PS: I like comments very much.

Chapter 1

Ugh, the reaping.

I pull my clothes on, and hear someone knock on the door. I rush and open it, since my room is the closest to the door. I find the smiling face of my neighbor, Glimmer Haynsworth. I sigh. Not a nice way to begin your day.
"Morning, Marvel!" she chirps, except in her fake capitol accent it sounds like "Moaning, Muh-Vale" Glimmer does not seem to understand the fact that I despise her. Why wouldn't I? A few months ago, she was dating my best friend, Hiol. They dated for like, 3 weeks. Then, she told him she couldn't care less about him and walked away without batting an eye. Besides, she was so full of herself. "I just wanted to know if you were ready to go for the reaping, because then we could walk to the square together," she says cheerfully, as if the reaping is nothing more than a fun outing. "No thanks," I say roughly, and slam the door.

I walk back to my room, when my mother comes out of hers. "Who was that, Marvel?" she asks.
"Just Glimmer."
"What did she want?"
She asked if we could go to the reaping together. And I said no."
"Why? She is such a sweet girl." My mother thinks that Glimmer is just perfect for me. I couldn't disagree more.

I make my way to Hiol's house. He joins me and we go to the square and stand in the 17 year old's section. I'm not very confident that I wont get picked, because, despite the fact that I don't have to take tesserae, being 17 my name was in there 6 times. I zone out for basically the entire speech by the mayor, and when they're introducing this year's mentors, Cashmere and Gloss.

Then, Twittle Reede, the escort comes up, and reaches into the reaping ball for female tributes.
"And the lucky, lucky, lucky tribute is-"
She digs around-
"Glimmer Haynsworth!" I can't stop the grin that lights up my face. If anyone, she sure deserves it. Hiol high-fives me as she walks up calmly. But she's not fooling anybody, as I can see she looks around for somebody to volunteer. But as Twittle asks, nobody steps up.
Then, Twittle goes to the boy's reaping ball and calls out "The male tribute from district 1 for the 74th hunger games is-"
"Marvel Sorite!"
I hear Hiol gasp, but I walk up to the podium. After all, we've been trained for this. Why, my own father has been encouraging me to volunteer. I could let somebody volunteer for me, but then could I really go home and face my father, who already thinks I'm a coward?

"I'd like to refuse volunteers," I say to Twittle. "What a brave man!" exclaims Twittle. "Now it's time for the tributes to shake hands!" Glimmer and I shake hands, and she says to me "Never mind that we didn't get to walk to the square together, we can go to the games together." There is something seriously wrong with that girl.

I'm taken to the room where I can say goodbye, and my parents come in. My mom gets emotional, and my dad gives me advice on surviving. Next, Hiol and the rest of my friends come in and wish me good luck, and Hiol seems seriously sad.

Then, I'm whisked off in the train to go to the capitol.

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