Better Tomorrow

This is a poem I wrote because I noticed a lot of people on quibblo are feeling down. I know there is a lot of bullying out there and it's horrible. I want everyone to know that you amazing and there is always a better tomorrow.
Some peoplle just can't always see things like this and they feel the need to put others down. Just don'tlisten to them and keep your chin up. I know you can do it and please know I wil always be there for you. Please message me if you ever feel sad. :)

Chapter 1

Better Tomorrow

Do not listen to what they say.
They just want to ruin your day.
Those people know nothing of the wonderful person you are.
They have no idea that their words leave a scar.

Just be strong and have hope.
I know you'll find a way to cope.
And if you need a friend, I'll be there.
I will always care.

You have so much to live for.
Don't throw your dreams out the door.
Keep them alive.
Even those things are had norw, I promise you'll surive.

You have so many people who care for you.
Don't let your enemies make you blue.
The ones you love matter most in the end.
You can always find a friend.

Just hang on a bit longer.
Every day you are getting stronger.
Someday you'll be free of these hard times.
Then you will never have to deal with their crimes.

You are wonderful to me.
Each person has so much to offer you see.
Keep living for a better tomorrow.
And in time there will be no more sorrow.

Sorry if this is not that good. I'm not much of a poet.


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