And so the lived happily ever after

Okay well my life i live in is sort of a fairy tale so yeah im writing about it and some of these characters are my friends name so yeahh Comment if you want chapter 3

Chapter 1

Cherylrella's happy ending

by: Lil_A
Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. Her mother was dead and her father had married an women, sophia, with two daughters, megan and vanessa. Her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. All her kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. Nothing was too good for them - dresses, shoes, delicious food, soft beds, and every home comfort.But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all. No dresses, only her stepsisters’ hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No rest and no comfort. She had to work hard all day. Only when evening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire. And everybody called her Cherylrella.
One day on a sunny evening while cherylrella was cleaning the wooden floor and knock on the door...
S: CHERYLRELLA!!!! Get the door!!!
C: yes mother! (opens door)
Royal guard: heres a letter to the royal masquerade ball tonight...
C: oh a ball!! I cant wait to go! (shuts door)
M: hahaha you a ball?
C: yes a ball im going to make a beau-
S: hahaha foolish little girl, what dress will you wear? What mask will you put on?
C: im sure ill think of something...
S: im sorry but you still have to re-scrub the entire house...
C: but-
V: omg mother is Prince Hayes going to be there?!?!
M: of course he is! Genius!! Its at his palace!
While sophia, megan, and vanessa picked out there dresses, and started to head out the door, cherylrella ran to her room and cried.
C: urgh wheres my fairy godmother when i need one!...
When cherylrella cried she saw a light in her was her fairy godmother
A: sup homie, dont cry...your gonna have to clean that up later on...
C: your my fairy godmother? Your so young..
A: yeah your fairy godmother left for vacation so im filling angel by the you need a big makeover for tonight let me see what i got..(waves her wond)
When the sexy, funny, beautiful, fairygodmother waved her wond she turned a poor dressed, ugly, hidious girl into a beautiful girl, dressed in a sky blue dress and different type of shade on blue layers on her dress with little purple flowers, a blue mask with little purple flowers on the side to match her dress...
C: wait wheres the slipers?
A: urgh. (waves her wond and a light blue glass slippers apear on cherylrella's feet)
There you go! Now go have fun!
C: how would i get there?
A: im to lazy to make a fancy cariage so imma poof you there....oh and remember at 12:00 stikes you will turn all poor again so yeah party but not too much (angel waved her wond and cherylrella was at the front step of the palace)
As cheryrella walked into the palace prince hayes was standing there greeting everyone. Everybody was looking at cherylrella and her beautiful dress...prince hayes automaticly asked cherylrella for a dance. They danced, and danced, and they knew it was love at first sight...
M: love her dresss..... hate her...
V: she looks very familiar!
P: you are a lovely dancer
C: thank you, you too?
P: haha what is your name?
C: its cher-
(bell rings)
C: oh no its midnight...i must go
P: wait i still need your name!!!
cherylrella rushed down the stairs and one on her glass slippers feel out. And when she left prince hayes saw her slippers and picked it up...
P: i will find you someday...
Days have past and the prince had gone from door to door trying to find whos feet was going to fit the glass shoe...knock knock
S: iv got it!!!
Royal guard: the prince is finding the girl that was at the dance with him last night and he is trying to find-
V: what?!?
S: the prince is here to see who was at the dance last night with him
M: it was me!!!
When the royal guard troed to fit the shoe in their feet it didnt fit, one was a gaint feet, and the other was as tiny as an ant. When the royal guard was about to leave cherylrella screamed out
C:wait!! Wait!! You didnt try mine
When the royal guard put the glass slipper in her feet it made a match they were so excited and the royal guard took cherylrella to the palace and tell prince hayes. So you k ow what might happen next...the little poor girl turned into a royal princess and they got married and so on....oh and cherylrella's step sisters and mother end up working as maids but they lived in the palce too because cherylrella felt bad so she asked angel to poof a room for them. So everybody lived happyly.....ever.....after!!!!!!..............for now!!!! MAWHAHAHAHA...


Comment if you want me to write a chapter 2 for the "for now mawhahaha part"


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