Fairy Queen

This is a love story, sadly, i'm gonna try to make more torture and gore stories cuz i like those. Yea, i'm a horror chick.
I hope you like it, rate, comment, and all that good stuff, please do it, it makes me feel all good inside :)
My sis wants me to ask you all a question which i totally don't agree with by the way but she'll bite me if i don't so here it goes.
"Do You Sparkle?" O.o
I got Ash's and Puck's name from the Iron King series. Ugh, their so hot.:)

Chapter 5

Fighting. (involves some stuff.....O.o......)

I had gone to the fighting session willingly.
Right now, after everything's that happened, I'd give anything for the chance to beat the crap out of the Winter Prince.
I had changed into my first pair of short short's, since it would be hard o fight right in pants, and was standing across from the Prince on an abandoned lawn far away from the castle.
We were about twenty feet away from each other, and it was funny how the Prince seemed so sure of himself.
"Why are we doing this?" I asked him, we were doing this fight with no weapons. Poo.
"You put on a good fight when I first found you, I want to see if you can beat me now." He said, looking impatient to start.
I nodded, "Okay." I muttered.
He shot towards me with his faerie speed, but I used my vamp speed, and moved so I was behind him.
I grabbed his neck, and before he could counter it with a leg sweep, I snapped his neck cleanly.
God that felt good.
His body sagged to the floor, his eyes still open.
I sighed, then sat on me lads next to him, turning him over so he was on his back and staring at the sky. "I know your still here." I said, laning forward so I was on my knees and my face was right above his, "Did you know that five minutes after the human body stops working, their eyes turn grey." I bit my bottom lip and brished his hair away from his eyes. "I've killed so many people and watched their eyes turn grey before I buried them."
I grabbed his limp hand and brought it to his head, sighing again, and wrapping my fingers in his, "As much as i'd love to see that on you." I was goign to continue but then stopped, leanign down closer.
"I'm going to need you to carry me back, i'll be to weak to walk by myself." I leaned down closer and kissed his lips, still warm.
I felt my witch power coming out of me, and it was like I was takign his soul, but I was really giving mine to him, giving him life again.
If you were watching us kiss, you could see the ghostly green of a shadow surround us.
But to us it felt like I was just kissing him.
When he started responding to the kiss, I know he was alive, and a sharp pang came into my stomach, telling me I had lost enough and I was done.
I pulled away and groaned, holding onto my stomach.
I heard him groan, but his was a relief groan.
I rolled over onto my back and was breathing heavily.
My heart rate was abnormally slow, probably 14 beats a minute.
I was clutching my stomach and breathing in gasps now, really fast but not really getting any breath in my system.
Ash got up, shook out his hair, and bent down, picking me up.
I closed my eyes tight and got ready for the transportation from here to the castle.
everything got really cold, so I knew he was encasing us in his ice.
I must not've felt the move, because he was already talking to people, "Get the nurses ready, she'd going to be like this for a couple more and she needs all the help she can get."
I was gasping harder and louder now, and felt ash running when he heard my raspy breathing.
My breath was slowly being taken away from me, but I knew I wasn't going to die, It was just going to be like I was frozen in a box of ice where I couldn't breathe, but still living...
He pushed open the doors to the nursery, and laid me down on the first available bed he saw.
Somethign trickled into my mouth, and I opened my eyes, my breath becoming more clean, my lungs opening, breathing in the cold fresh air.
I groaned, "Oh, I am so not doing that for you again." I heard him let out a laugh and shake his head, "Just don't kill me again." He said, smiling at me.
I managed a tiny smile of my own, "I'll make a deal with you on that." I said, holding out my hand for him to take.
He took and shook it lightly, "You'll be fine, just keep taking a couple doses of that" he nodded towards a clear bottle filled with blue liquid, ice covering the whole thing. "and you'll be fine."
I breathed out, slowly sitting up, makign a face when I managed to, and held onto my stomach.
I slowly got back uo tp my feet, and when I took the first step I fell back onto the bed.
"Okay, that was bad." I said, slowly getting up again.
"Since I owe you big time." Ash said, picking me up bridal style, nearly knocking the wind out of me. "I'll carry you."
I nodded, "Awesome."
He nodded and walked out of the nursery room.
That potion stuff must've looped me up a little because I randomly got all bubbly.
I puffed my cheeks up a little and fell back on Ash's arms, my head falling and everything looked upside down.
I clicked my tongue and brought mysef back up to a smilign Asf after a minute.
I just stared at him and then burst into a fit of giggles.
I brought my head back down the entire way until he brought me to my room.
I brough tmy head back up again before he put me down on the bed,k my face suddenly serious, "Im high." I said, lookig at the floor.
Ash nodded, lookign at me, "Generally yes."
I put my head back again and groaned for a solid thirty seconds.
He set me down ond I sat up, knocking my knees together and puffing out my cheeks, looking up at him with my hands under my legs.
He smiled and poked both my cheeks, and I blew air out of them, making him smile wider.
"Kiss me." I said, looking up at him with the slightest smile on my face.
Without another word, he bent down and kissed me.
He ran a hand through my hair, and the other to push me down on the bed.
I backed up first, bringing him with me, so my head was on the pillows, and he was on top of me.
There were butterflies swimming around in my stomach, and my blood was boiling with heat from the rush.
It didn't feel like I was taking something from him anymore, but like I was giving him me.
And I knew he knew that.
His lips were the perfect moi
sture they were earlier, but I hadn't really noticed it until now.
I pulled away from him, reuctantly, and we were breathing hard against eachother, "Are we going to regret this later?" I asked, putting my hands on the back of his neck.
He smiled and took my hands, moving then from his neck and to the side of my head, keeping them their.
"Isn't that what's giving yopu the rush?" He said, smirkign more than smiling now and crushed his lips to mine.
I arched my back, pressing myself closer to him, and that seemed to excite him because he pulled away, groaned, and stared at me with want.
I bit my lip and smiled at how much I knew he wanted me.
He kissed me again, and let go of my wrist so he could run his fingers through my hair and when he pulled away, he bit my bottom lip.
It was my turn to groan, and I pivoted my hips so he could roll over and I was on top.
He sat up, so I was straddling him, and put his hands at my waist, so that he was bringing my shirt up and wrapping his arms around me.
I reached for the hem of his shirt, and took it off, my heart beat out of control now.
I ran my hands all over his chest, and he took off my shirt, not staring at my bra, I had decided to wear a real one this time, but my eyes.
He kissed me again, and I pushed him back so we were laying down again.
He ran his hands all along my back, which sent good chills down my body.
My blood was rushing again and when I put my hand in the right place I could feel his heartbeat, beating like a humming birds.
I felt his hands slowly move up, and I realized he was reaching for my bra hook.
I smiled against his lips and pulled away, breathing against him before kissing him again.
/he finally reached ny bra hook, and undid it, smilign against me lips and slowly moving the straps off of my shoulders, his fingers tickling down my shoulders and-
I snapped out of the potion trance.

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