Fairy Queen

This is a love story, sadly, i'm gonna try to make more torture and gore stories cuz i like those. Yea, i'm a horror chick.
I hope you like it, rate, comment, and all that good stuff, please do it, it makes me feel all good inside :)
My sis wants me to ask you all a question which i totally don't agree with by the way but she'll bite me if i don't so here it goes.
"Do You Sparkle?" O.o
I got Ash's and Puck's name from the Iron King series. Ugh, their so hot.:)

Chapter 3

Cinderella Must Hate Me


I looked myself over in the mirror and sighed. The ball was tonight, and everyone was awake, going out of their way to make everything perfect for Mab's ball in my honor.
I sighed again before opening the door to my room, Ash's knights were there, ready to escourt (had to spell it wrong cuz it wouldn't let me through :/) me into the ball room.
Before I knew it we were there. The room was beautifully decorated, but, then again, the winter court did throw the best parties.
The eight foot tall bushes served as the walls, and under the stars, tiny flaming fires, like a candle, but no wax, was serving as the lights, and next to the fires, were bloomed frozen roses.
Black tile covered in a thin layer of ice over it served as the 20 acre long floor. The tables were all in the back, next to a long one, which was the royals table. They were covered by a white cover and black plates, with a frozen rose in each center of the tables. The rest of it was the dance floor. And everyone dancing stopped to look at me, and bowed to the floor, staying their.
I did look like royalty, and I guess to them I still was royalty. My mother was the sister of Queen Mab, and my father the brother to King Oberon.
And since they died, I haven't considered myself royalty. But I always was to them, that's why they left us alone.
"Your majesty, a beautiful dress." I heard one of the guards say.
(you can only see the back, but you can picture the front and it's beautiful, I own it, but this was as close as I could get to let you guys see it. and the castle in the background, that's what Queen Mab's looks like, but covered in ice.)
"Thank you." I whispered to him, walking towards everybody. I hadn't seen Queen Mab yet, but I was pretty sure Ash would come out soon enough.
When I walked pass them, they stood up, one by one.
There were a few people already sitting at the table, three boys and three girls, the gentlemen were polite, and stood up to bow, one of them pulling my chair back so I could sit. I nodded and muttered a quiet, "Thank you."
The girls, probably about my age, reluctantly bowed and sneered at me when they sat down.
"Don't mind them." The man who pulled out my chair for me said, "Their just jealous you got to talk to Prince Ash longer than they've ever gotten to their whole lives."
He was about four foot nine, and something compared to what a joker would wear in the 1800's, but without the hat, the outfit a dark green and yellowish gold, striped and wearing yellow tights.
He had salt and pepper hair with more pepper, and one of those thick mustaches that curled at the ends with a big stomach hanging out in the middle of his green suspenders.
I smiled at him, he had to be a really nice person, most of the men in the Winer Court were cruel.
"I'm Divigus." He held out his hand, I took it, and smiled when he kissed my knuckles, "You can call me Max." I said.
"An honor." He said, bowing his head. "Would you like to dance?" He asked, standing up and out of his chair.
"It would be my pleasure." I said, grabbing his hand and letting him lead me to the dance floor.
Everybody was dancing a to a happy beat, jumping and holding their partners a little bit for leverage so they wouldn't fall.
I realized Divigus might be the only nice person i'd meet here. The fae here were awful, they were cruel. Their idea of playing with each other is freezing them for a day so they couldn't breathe, but they'd still be alive the entire time.
Divigus led me to the dance floor, and stood so we were in the dancing position, we waited a second for the right beat, and then burst into dancing.
Jumping around the room, and smiling, I was happier than I ever was the first time I came back here.
Divigus was an amazing dancer, and when I told him so, shouting over the music, he said, "You as well madam, you as well!"
I laughed at him, and was out of breath when the music stopped, and the dance ended.
I curtsied while he bowed, and turned when I felt someone tap on my shoulder.
My curled hair, which was half way up, twirled over one shoulder when I turned. I saw that everyone in the room was on the floor, even Divigus, and bowing.
Ash was behind me.
He was smiling, smirking, actually, like he had a big secret. He was dressed in a black tux, and a black tie. His black hair movie style shaggy, and he wasn't wearing his crown.
He bowed to me, grabbing my hand and kissing my knuckles.
"Max." He said, straightening again, "Ash." I said, not bothering to curtsy.
He flicked his head behind me and he music started to play again, everybody getting up and dancing again, cheering.
"May I have this dance?" He asked, holding his hand out for me.
"Do I have a choice." I said, not asking, but taking his hand. Divigus had already gone and was dancing with another woman.
We began dancing around the room, and I didn't want to admit thar he was a good dancer. But he was.
"Having fun." He asked, looking down at me.
"Up until now." I said, matter-of-factly.
He stopped dancing, and looked at me seriously. "If your going to disrespect me in my own home. I suggest you prepare yourself for the worst possible time here."
We were an appropriate distance away from each other, but I eliminated that fact by stepping forward.
"I think your mother already made that clear ten years ago." I whispered, letting go of him and walking away, picking up my dress a little so I made sure I wouldn't trip walking around the dancers.
I made my way to the table, but stopped when I heard one of the Winter Faeries from the table talking about me.
"I heard she killed her own mother. And let her brother kill her father. Then just blamed it on the guards."
I stopped, still holding my dress, and turned my head a little to listen.
"/I/ heard that when she moved into the human world, she killed those people that they called Jack the Ripper's Doing."
As soon as those words were out of their mouths, I walked over to them.
I was right behind the girl who said the things about Jack the Ripper, and leaned down, whispering, "And I heard she's not afraid to do it again."
They looked back at me, and I smiled, walking away. The Jack the Ripper chick had white blond hair, with blue lips and neon green eyes, her skin literally a paper white.
The girl on her left side had green hair and pink skin, with yellow eyes that were like a cat's.
The girl on the right had yellow hair, blue skin, and pink eyes. They were all wearing black corsetted dresses.
Triplets. I thought.
I sat down again and put my hand under my chin, bored now.
"Aww, my little sparrow isn't bored at her own ball, is she?"
I looked up. Only one person calls me sparrow. Everyone was bowed again, kneeling on the floor.
I got up, and turned around.
"Mab." I said, my greeting cold and short.

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