Fairy Queen

This is a love story, sadly, i'm gonna try to make more torture and gore stories cuz i like those. Yea, i'm a horror chick.
I hope you like it, rate, comment, and all that good stuff, please do it, it makes me feel all good inside :)
My sis wants me to ask you all a question which i totally don't agree with by the way but she'll bite me if i don't so here it goes.
"Do You Sparkle?" O.o
I got Ash's and Puck's name from the Iron King series. Ugh, their so hot.:)

Chapter 2

Nothing Close To A Nightmare


'Ow' was all I was thinking right now.
I slowly opened my eyes but it was dark here. I felt my self blinking and sat up.
I realized I was on a bed and figured this was where I was going to be until Queen Mab decided to let me go.
I sighed and scratched the back of my head, I must've fallen of something when me and Ash transported here.
I felt my way around the bed and managed to get my feet on the hard, cold wooden floor. Slowly, I got up and felt my way around the room. I hit something hard and pulled my brows together in confusion, it didn't feel like the wall or a dresser or anything like that.
I felt something on my hand and realized it was a person.
My mouth dropped a little and the hand moved up my arm.
"Who are you?" I asked.
I heard the person laugh under his breath as he said, "I think you know."
I tried to pull my hand away but this time, he was stronger.
I tried to go vampire so I could have the strength to pull away but I couldn't concentrate with him touching me like that.
He put his other hand around my waist and that messed up my mind even more.
I tried to focus my eyes so I could see in the dark but he confused me by pulling me closer.
I was not used to this sord of heated touching. that was for normal hormonal teenagers.
I mean, I can get pretty hormonal, what teen wouldnt? But normal? Not the dapartment I specialize in.
I tried to resist but since I was human at the moment and he was the Faerie Prince, he had complete control over me.
"What do you want?" I asked, expecting an answer like 'leave', or 'your blood'.
But what he said caught me by surprise.
He pulled me in even more so that my body was pressed against his, he leaned in and whispered so softly I closed my eyes.
"I want you to come away with me."
He kissed my neck and I struggled to breathe.
And you know what the worst part is?
Because I was human. It meant I had human desires.
And that wasn't very good for me at the moment. He kissed my neck again and I tried to control my breathing. Wasnt working.
Damn, I thought, Humans suck.
I closed my eyes tight and focused everything I had on turning into something-anything-that would help me right now.
He kissed my jaw and moved up to my cheek, I closed my eyes even tighter to help focus but he kissed my cheek again. He pulled me closer to him when I didn't think it was possible and kissed the side of my mouth.
Holy crap. Swear, I can never get a break from this guy. I thought, First he kidnaps my family, then he tries to stab me, then he does stab me, and now hes flippin going to kiss me.
My eyes loosened a little bit but I forced them closed. But even that wasn't any help.
Because I lost absolute control over myself when he kissed me on the lips.
I melted against him and I knew I was going to regret it later.
I mentally v-eighted my self.
The kiss was sweet and unlike anything I had ever experienced before.
Not that you have experienced this bofore you newly raging hormonal idiot.
His lips were so soft on mine, and with his hands at my sides, I felt like a volcano had erupted and I was in the middle of it.
Or more like hell.....
Stupid voice.
He moved his left hand to my cheek and pressed a little harder.
He pulled his lips away reluctantly and pressed his forehead against mine.
Well at least its the only thing hes pressing against you.
Stuff it!!!!!
We were both breathing hard and I reached for him for support so my knees wouldn't give out.
He held me close and kissed me again, this time more rougher, harder.
And all the more better.
The word ho repeatedly bounced through my mind.
Jesus, is this really what im going to remember thinking about the day of my first kiss? Me calling myself a ho?
Okay, you need to shut up. Mentally i shut the voice off and returned.
I knotted my hands in his shaggy black hair and we stayed like that for what seemed like a heavenly forever.
What the hell was I thinking?
This was very, very, very, bad. What about Rose, and Tommy? where were they?
Wait? Were they even here? Where was I? I couldn't remember where I last was. What happened?
Ash moved his hand to the small of my back and that seemed to make me lose all my thoughts.
He pulled apart again and we were so close that I could feel his fast heart beat against mine.
"Good, or bad?" He asked.
I couldn't answer right away and that seemed to irritate him, he ran his hands through my hair and teased, keeping his lips away from mine by not even half an inch.
"Good. Or. Bad?" He asked again, his voice turning fearless, like a hunter's when he's ready to kill.
"I have the feeling I could get in trouble with a question like that."
The corners of his mouth pulled up a little at the corners and kissed me again. He pushed and made me walk backwards, I slammed into the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist, the wall giving me leverage to kiss him harder.
I reached down to take off his shirt but he was already there.
He kissed my neck and I rested my chin on his shoulder. He slid his hands along my bare legs and pulled at the hem of my shirt. His fingers ran all across my stomach and he pulled me away from the wall towards the bed.
He was halfway there when he reached for my shorts and unbu-

I awoke sitting up with my mouth open in a silent scream.
I was gasping for breath and by the time I could breathe normally again I felt light headed.
I put my hand to my cold forehead and the other on my stomach. "It was just a dream, just a dream." I muttered.
"Are you sure?" A voice asked from the corner of the room.
The scene was just like in the dream: dark, mysterious, cold.
But instead of outside being silent, there was heavy rain coming down in large drops slamming against the window, with explosive thunder sounding outside.
And I knew that voice all to well from my dream to not know who it was.
"Stay out of my head!" I yelled at him.
He laughed softly and said, "I'll try, just don't make it too easy and seducing to enter your mind next time."
I pulled off the covers and instead of holding my hands out in front of me, I put them on the wall and tried to make it through the door.
I felt Ash's hands at my waist again and jumped back in surprise.
Back into his arms.
He grabbed hold of me and pain immediately shot through my stomach.
I screamed in pain and Ash covered my mouth with his hand to muffle out my cries.
"Shhhh. You'll wake Mab. And she's on the other side of the castle!" He whispered loudly in my ear.
"Move your hand and I wouldn't have to scream." I said through his fingers.
He slowly moved them and I sat on the floor immediately.
I put pressure on my knife wound and looked up at Ash in anger.
"Are you going to help me or stand there like an idiot."
Even in the darkness I could tell he was smiling that stupid condescending smile.
He held out his hand but I shoved it aside and got up myself, still disturbed from the dream. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door.
"No ones up yet, but ill take you to the nursery to help you heal."
"I was already healed. How the hell did this happen?" I nodded towards my wound and he said, "Mab took all your powers away when you first entered. Apparently they were keeping you from coming in. And since your healing powers were still in process, when Mab took it away, they gave up completely."
"Do I have them back?" He nodded.
"Then why cant i just heal myself again?"
He shook his head this time, "You'll hurt yourself doing that, you were human for a really long time."
"So she just switched me to human form?"
Before I knew it, we were inside a room with at least two dozen cots and what looked like potions in the corner by a white counter that looked like somebody had been murdered on it. I lookrd away horridly and just kept walking, hoping to keep the image out of my mind.
There were only three other people in here but they were all asleep, and looked unharmed. We walked across the wooden floor and my feet got colder with every touch.
I heard a scream from the back of the room and it took me a moment to realize it was a patient. Not a victim of murder.
I looked at Ash with the coldest eyes i could give him and was a little impressed that he didn't back away.
"So this is how you take care of your people." I sneered.
Without waiting for an answer i walked-or rather limped- to the last cot in the room and grabbed the healing potion on the side.
I was going to lay down and do it myself when Ash walked over and took the bottle from my hands.
"This a different potion than your used to. You cant do it by yourself, your gonna need help. Lay down."
I saw that he was serious and since i was too tired to argue I laid down.
He grabbed a chair and looked uncomfortable when he said, "Im going to have to lift your shirt up..."
I shrugged and said, "Just fix it."
He nodded and lifted my shirt up. He opened the potion and rubbed the oil-like substance on his right hand with his left finger.
I flinched when he put it on, not because of the cold, but because his hand was so warm.
I looked at him and was a little taken aback by how he was staring at me.
I touched his arm just to be sure i wasn't hallucinating that he was actually warm.
I scrunched up eyebrows and asked, "Why are you so warm?"
The side of his lips curled up a little and he seemed to enjoy it when he said, "Its because i spent so much time with a human. They make me warm, and i like being warm."
He looked at me and his eyes looked nothing like they did yesterday.
No. They looked-happy. Welcoming. Comfortable. Warm.
And all the more creepy.
"How long?" I asked still looking at him.
"How long what?"
I rolled my eyes, "How long did you stay with me? You said humans keep you warm, and you were in the room with me, finishing getting out of my mind."
He laughed so softly, i could barely hear it, and oddly, I wanted to remember that spcific laugh. "Fourteen hours, thats how long I was with you."
He moved his hand away and i tried to look at anything but his eyes.
I put my shirt back down not even bothering to check it, and got up from the bed.
"Thank you."
"No problem."
I looked out the window and saw that it was still night time. Judging by how awake i felt, it was probably about two o'clock in the human world.
"Queen Mab wants to keep it dark, huh?"
He looked out the window too and said, "Yeah, mostly for the ball shes throwing in your honor tonight." he said it with a slow smile and that worried me for a little bit.
"What?" I asked, mt tone a little more harsh than i'd intended.
"Shes throwing a ball for you. And your return to the Winter Court."
I lost my confused look and it changed to anger.
I ground my teeth together and couldn't believe he was taunting me like this.
The last time i was here, i was seven and my mother parents had died right in front of me.
I was playing in the gardens and my mother and Tommy and Rose were playing with me while my father sat in the chair at the garden table and was watching us with a smile.
I was running and mom was chasing me while the sun was shining on her beautiful face.
Then, all of a sudden everything went dark.
And Queen Mab showed up. With a knife. She accused them of betraying there war plans with the Fall Court and when they convinced her they were innocent, she left us alone.
But her knights didn't.
They thought we were guilty and we didn't have the right to live.
So they took care of them.
We were hidden under the cottage floor boards and i watched through a crack as they beat her and stabbed her through the heart, and the same with my father.
We cried, and that was the only reason they knew we was there.
Something happens when i cry.
Something-strange. Nothing like they others, they shed normal tears. That's why every Court since then wanted me. To use me as their killing warrior or whatever.
When i cry, everything goe- "It wasn't actually her idea. It was mine, I thought that since you had such a-uh, nice , visit last time you were here" I scowled."I might want to show you what a real good life was like here."
I got up and stood in front of him. He was half a head taller than me so i was forced to look up at him, he had dark blue, ocean colored eyes, with shaggy black hair that just touched the tip of his long eyelashes, and a body that, even under all his clothes, you could tell he worked out regularly.
"Nice," I whispered, "I had to watch my parents brutally beaten and stabbed over and over again until there bodies finally gave out, under the floorboards, when i was seven years old, because your men didnt think they had a right to live."
He looked down and i was about to say something when i said, "Save it, i dont need any goddamned charity, especially from you."
Any nice thoughts i might've thought about him earlier completely disappeared.
I walked around him and was intent on finding my own way to my room but he grabbed my arm, gently this time.
"I really am sorry, but you have to remember i was the same age and i didnt know what was going on. If i could have, i would have stopped it."
I shook out of his arm and turned to face him, "Would you take me back to my room, please." I added the please reluctantly, but then, he did fix up the knife wound he caused.
"Yeah, sure." We walked out of the hospital together.
After awhile of silence, i asked, walking down the corridor, "Where are my brother and sister?"
Ash just shrugged and kept walking, "Somewhere in the castle, safe, im sure."
He must have seen the expression on my face because he added, "You have nothing to worry about, there safe, i swear."
He sounded sincere enough, so i had to guess he meant it.
We walked in silence for a little while after that, listening to silence.
It had to be the loudest silence i had ever been in the center of.

God, she was beautiful. And she didnt even know it.
We walked a little bit in silence, and I was happy just to admire her.
I took the wrong hallway to her room so I could admire her longer than necessary, "Are you sure this is the right way? It doesnt seem familiar."
"I know where we're going." Was all i said, that seemed to aggrivate her, she seemed to know I wasnt taking her in the right direction.
She walked with a grace i had never seen before and a light glow seemed to radiate around her body.
I put my head down and smiled, "It'll be dark all day, Queen Mab has hidden the sun so the lights for the ball will be perfect. Theres a dress in your room and you'll be expected to wear it. Shes even provided a Royal Crown, a replica of the one you had when you were younger, to represent the ice in your Faerie Blood."
"Hm." Was all i managed to get out of her.


There is no way im going to be able to do this. I thought. What if she calls me by my real name? What if i cooperate with whatever sinister plans shes got and i end up destroying all the other Courts? What if i dont cooperate and she hurts Rose? Tommy? I cant do this. I cant do this. I cant do this. And what the hell with that crown bit? Is she serious? I havent embraced my inner Ice since i was seven. And she expects me to do it now? What if I lose Tommy and Rose forever? What if she makes me stay here? What if she brings my parents back just to torture me?
My mind swirled in a mix of emotions and tons of questions I knew i could never get answers for.
Well, I thought, Guess i'll just have to wait to see what the little b*** has in store for me.
God, im going to die.

P.S Real sorry this came out so late, but i do hope you enjoyed it! And i know i promised more cute guys and action, but it just didnt work out like i thought it would. Maybe the next chapter, or the one after that? You will never know. I am teasing you just to make you read on. Muahahahahahahahahahaha >:D
(in a mode eviler than jason)
I apologize.
Its two in the morning and I had alot of soda.

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