Fairy Queen

This is a love story, sadly, i'm gonna try to make more torture and gore stories cuz i like those. Yea, i'm a horror chick.
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I got Ash's and Puck's name from the Iron King series. Ugh, their so hot.:)

Chapter 1

Fairy Prince

"Max!" Tommy yelled from the kitchen. "We gotta go!"
I jumped up from my window seat and walked down the hall to the kitchen, when I got there I saw my little sister Rosalie waiting at the door staring at me with a thoughtful expression.
I looked down at myself, I was wearing my favorite light blue kinda ripped short-shorts and my black three inch finger length tank top with my original converse and my hair down.
I looked back up at her, "What?"
She shook her head, "Nothing. You just look really pretty with your hair down."
I smiled at the compliment, I always had my hair either in a braid or in a ponytail. I rarely left it down and when I did everyone was surprised.
"Thank you, Rosalie." I said, walking over to her and taking her hands in mine, "Come on, Tommy'll have fit if we don't hurry."
She smiled with me and we walked outside.
Tommy was loading the truck with our training gear and smiled when he saw us.
"Ready?" he asked.
"Yep." I said, climbing into the huge black truck. Rosalie hopped in back and laid her feet out on the other seats with her back against the window. Tommy got into the drivers seat and revved the engine to scare the cat in the road. He grinned devilishly and drove.
I looked at Tommy and couldn't believe that we were related.
Tommy and I were twins but I thought he was much more good-looking than me.
He had pitch black wavy/curly hair that went just below his eyebrows.
His eyes were light blue with darker spots of blue in them, Tommy was very muscularly built for his age, it was from all the training we did. He liked to rub it in he had a six pack, sometimes I caught him looking at himself in the mirror 'striking a sexy pose.'
But Tommy was the most generous and thoughtful person I had ever met.
When he saw someone getting picked on in the hallway at school, he would be the only one standing up for them.
When somebody lost their lunch, he would either give them the little money he had to get them lunch, or give up his own lunch if he didn't have any money.
He would do the most grateful things, sometimes it would shock me.
Tommy had a great personality and was the most handsome guy I had ever met.
He never dated, never hit anyone in his life unless he had to protect himself or his family, never lied, never stole, nothing.
He was the most respectful and sweetest guy ever. And he was never fully appreciated for it. People picked on him, hit him, played jokes on him. But he still remained calm.
I smiled and grabbed the rose on his dashboard. He always kept those up their because I liked them and it made his car smell good.
I smelled the center of the flower and closed my eyes.
I absolutely loved the smell and sight of roses. I don't know why but the smell of them always calms me, whereas the sight, it makes me feel like there was nothing to worry about anymore.
I opened my eyes and Tommy was flashing his dazzling 'Tommy smile' at me.
That smile did wonders for people. I smiled back and he entwined his callused fingers with mine.
I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. I looked back at Rosalie and she was resting her head on her hand and smiling.
I smiled back at her. Rosalie was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.
She had long brownish blond hair that went down to her elbows with bangs that went all across her forehead, and eyes that were dark green with darker spots of brown in them. She was a tiny thing for a fourteen year old but tough.
We weighed about the same, probably about 105 pounds.
She could eat as much as a sumo wrestler but she never gained weight, neither us did.
Tommy and Rosalie were beautiful but I always thought of myself as the weird one.
I had pitch black wavy/curly hair like Tommy but I had completely different eyes.
I had purple eyes.
They were dark on the outside but as you got closer to my midnight black pupil the color got lighter but it still stayed a dark purple.
I got called a witch because of it. We all did.
But why do we have eyes like this you ask?
It's because we're not human.
We're fairies.
Well, were fairies, Angels, werewolves, vampires, demons-basically all the super naturals combined.
And we have to train because some of them don't like us, they don't think it's right for us to have the power we have.
So they come after us. Usually we don't have to waste any breath fighting, most of them are weak but when the strong ones come along, it sometimes takes all three of us.
"We're here." Tommy said, interrupting my thoughts, Rosalie jumped out of the car and ran to the clearing. I smiled and ran after her. The grass was goldish brown and went all the way up to my waist, sometimes Rosalie would hide out here when she didn't want to leave, and when we came close to finding her she would use her vampire speed to go to another hiding place.
She glanced back at me and smiled. The sun was shining on her face and I could see the air glittering around her.
I looked back at Tommy and he was walking towards us, leaving the gear behind.
"Come on!" I yelled, he started to laugh and run towards me. It took me a couple seconds to realize he was going to knock me to the floor so when I ran he was only about five feet behind me.
I could hear Rosalie laughing and cheering me on in the distance. I laughed when he nearly tripped and kept on running. By the time i got to the end of the clearing he caught me by the waist and hauled me to the floor. I screamed in protest but when I landed on the floor we both began to laugh.
"Your a punk." I said.
When we stopped laughing he asked, "Do we have to train today?"
I sighed, "No, I don't suppose we have to." I saw him smile and i began to get up.
He got up with me and i looked out through the clearing. It was then that i realized i couldn't hear Rose anymore.
Or see her.
I pulled my eyebrows together in confusion and my expression must've quickly turned to worry because Tommy asked, "What's wrong?"
"Rose!?" I yelled. He looked around and noticed that Rose wasn't there.
"Rose!?" He yelled with me.
"Come on Rose. We're not playing. Come out right now!" I yelled.
She still wouldn't show.
I ran around the field and couldn't see her anywhere. I scanned the field carefully for any sign of her and I couldn't pick up anything.
I looked over at Tommy. He looked up the same time I did and he said, "I'm not picking up her scent!"
I looked around with worry and my stomach began to twist in sickening knots.
"Max!" Tommy yelled. He used his speed to come up to me and he was holding something in his hand. "Look." He opened his palm and he was holding a piece of her white dress.
There was blood in the corner of it.
I gasped and my stomach and mind completely flipped over.
I looked around in panic and began to yell her name even louder this time.
When I reached the end of the clearing and all there was to look at in front of me was dirt and trees I yelled her name once more, and my voice felt like it was going to give out.
"Rosalie!" I breathed through my nose and deeply inhaled, I felt my senses sharpen and my eyes dialate.
"Max, your turning vampire." Tommy said, I could hear the worry in his voice.
"I don't give a damn Tommy, I just want my baby back." I inhaled again and my eyes burst open when I caught a scent of her blood.
I ran into the direction I caught it in and was surprised to see that Tommy was in vampire mode too.
We ran with our vampire speed for a couple of minutes and stopped when we were blocked by a big pile of rocks.
"This is where it ends." I said, confused. How the hell could it end right here? There had to be another track.
"It can't end here." Tommy said. I walked over to the boulders and looked all around. I examined the rocks and tried to see if there was anything unusual about the rocks. After a couple minutes I couldn't find anything so I pressed my hands against the moss and tried to see if anything would come off on my fingers.
Tommy must've realized what I was doing because he did the same thing on a different rock.
After about the fifth press on the moss I saw blood on the palm of my hands.
"Tommy." I said. He walked over to me and grabbed my palm. He sniffed it and his face sobered.
"It's her's." He said solemnly. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding.
My stomach churned and I felt as though I was going to throw up. Tommy put his head down and asked, "What kind do you think took her?"
I shook my head lightly, "Definitely the Fae, if it were any other kind, we would have heard her struggle. The Fae must've used something to keep her quiet the whole time. They want us to come after her."
Tommy shook his head roughly and his expression turned from hurt, to anger. "I swear if they hurt her in anyway i'll kill all of them."
My hands balled into fists and I couldn't hold the rage in anymore. I screamed in fury and punched the rock so hard it cracked.
I pressed my back against the rock and slid to the floor. "This can't be happening." I said.
Tommy knelt and put his face in his hands. "This isn't like them. The Fae never had a problem with us. They've always left us alone. And now they want us to fallow them, with Rosalie as hostage? I don't get it."
I shook my head lightly, "I don't get it either."
He got back up to his feet and looked around. "Well, we can't go after them now. It'll be dark soon and I don't want the Fae to have the advantage of capturing us too."
"Why don't you, uh, go get the car. I-I just need to sit still for a moment." I gulped and closed my eyes.
"Alright, but if anything happens, scream, i'll have my ears open." He bent down and kissed me on the cheek. "I'll be right back."
He used his vampire speed to get to the car and I pulled my feet up and rested my head on my knees.
"Rosalie, where are you?"
I felt something cold fall on my neck and my head shot up in response. But no one was there. I felt another drop on my cheek and realized it was just rain.
The clouds quickly covered the sun and the rain started to fall.
I smiled a little bit. I used to play in the rain with Rosalie while Tommy made us hot cocoa to drink when we decided to come in.
I stood up and walked around for a little bit.
After a couple minutes I began to worry about Tommy. 'He shouldn't be taking this long.' I thought.
I looked in the direction he went in and couldn't see anything. It began to rain a little bit harder and the sky got even darker.
I waited ten minutes and that's how long it took me to figure out that he wasn't coming.
I looked around all over and was furious that there was nothing to see but trees and dirt.
I heard someone whisper behind me and turned around but no one was there.
I heard another whisper but there was no one in sight, another one to my right, but nothing was there.
The was one behind me and another in front of me, i twisted around, swinging my arm to hit the one who was whispering, but I hit thin air.
There were multiple whispers now and I just kept turning and turning until I couldn't understand the confusion and anger I was feeling.
I couldn't understand what they were saying and that raised my confusion even more.
I kept hearing it and the more I moved the louder the voice seemed to get. I was breathing heavily now and I began to feel like I was about to faint.
The rain began to pour even harder now and my hair and clothes were completely wet now.
I felt a sharp pain in my ribs and fell to the floor screaming.
I looked down and there was a knife in my stomach.
I looked at the handle to see what type of fairy it belonged too and the handle was shining blue.
It was a Royal's Dagger.
My eyebrows pulled together in confusion and the whispers grew louder with every second.
My fingers dug into the dirt and I screamed the question I thought was never meant to be answered.
I felt my shoulders being pushed back and my back hit against the wall. My eyes were closed and I couldn't see who it was.
I felt the knife slide out of my skin and I groaned in pain. I felt someone grab my writs and hold me against the rock.
I opened my eyes and gasped.
It was prince Ash.
The fairy prince.
Oh. My. Freaking. God.
He was the son of Queen Mab, the Ice Queen.
"Hold still, just let me see if your in serious pain." He said calmly.
"Of course i'm in serious pain you idiot! My brother and sister are missing and I just got stabbed in the ribs by your freaking dagger!" I pulled my wrists free. "Let go of me!"
He put his hands up in something like surrender and smiled.
"What the hell are you smiling at?! And what the hell are you doing in the human world anyway?!" I yelled. I groaned when I felt the pain come back in my ribs and applied pressure with my hands.
I saw Ash coming forward and batted him away with my hands, "Don't touch me!"
"Alright, but you can't stay like that. You need help." He knelt in front of me and tried to catch my eye.
I showed him and he jumped back in surprise.
My eyes were still purple but this time they were darker.
More sinister.
I could feel my skin getting hotter. I was giving off a black demonic aura that must've scared him.
I looked around for a place to lie down and saw a flat surface of rock in the distance. I tried to walk but didn't have the strength to do it. I could feel my black aura giving out and my eyes turned to there normal color.
Ash must have noticed what I was doing and that I was getting weaker because he asked, "Do you need some help getting over there?"
I looked at him and gently nodded my head. He smiled a little bit and said, "You do realize i'm going to have to have to touch you, right?"
I sighed and held out my arm. He jumped up and walked over to me. He picked me up bridal style and trotted to the rocks.
He was walking extremely slow and I knew he was waiting for me to say something.
"Why are you even here?"
He looked at me, "I've been following you for the past few months, you and your family are very good trainers. But you, miss, are exceptionally great at what you do. Where did you learn to fight like you do?"
I sighed, "I don't know, actually. I guess i just see where people are aiming for and use it to my advantage."
He pulled his eyebrows together in confusion.
I thought of Rosalie and Tommy and my whole world seemed to get darker. "What's wrong?" Ash asked.
I shook my head and said, "Nothing."
"No, it must be something."
I sighed at his prying and said, "My brother and sister are gone." My kindness quickly turned to hate."And i think your people took them." He set me down on the rock and backed up before I could hit him.
I stayed sitting up and slowly began to take my shirt off. I saw his surprised expression and rolled my eyes.
"Don't get any ideas you hormonal freak, I need to do this to heal."
I slowly took the shirt off and was extremely glad I decided to wear my black sports bra and not a regular one.
"Jesus, that looks terrible."
I tried not to look down and see the blood, if i did that, i would lose focus. I laid down and tried not to think about it. But before I got started I wanted to know something first.
"You the one that stabbed me?" I asked Ash.
He put his head down and sighed. "Yeah, but i thought you were a renegade vampire."
I smiled a little bit, "I am, remember, just not the one you were looking for." I breathed in slowly and groaned when I touched the knife wound."You might wanna back up."
And with out waiting for him too, I burst out in power.
The gold glitter that usually showed when I was healing was no surprise to me, but when I saw Ashes face light up in awe, I burst out laughing, knowing that he couldn't hear me.
I floated about ten feet in the air and my arms stretched out at my sides. I felt the blood that poured out go back in and the wound completely close.
I felt the place where the knife had been and there was nothing but flesh there.
I smiled and slowly brought myself down.
When I reached the floor the glitter slowly faded and I was just me again.
I looked down and the wound was completely gone.
I picked up my shirt and poked my finger through the hole.
I sighed and turned to Ash. "Well, it was nice meeting you prince,"I bowed unwillingly, "It has been a pleasure chatting with you but I have to go find my family now." I walked past him and he caught me by the arm.
I looked at his hand on mine and I felt my eyes go pitch black, going demonic again.
I looked at his eyes, they were cold and dark, 'just like a real ice prince.'
He was the one here to capture me.
He took Rosalie and Tommy.
"Let. Go." I said, he didn't seem to get my threat and held his ground.
Something he shouldn't have done.
"You don't want to leave." He said, I could hear the the danger coming from his voice and see it from his stance.
"Oh, believe me, prince," I sneered at his title."You do not want to do this with me."
I grabbed his hand and made him think I was aiming to break his arm, instead I turned him around and put my right foot in front of his left and tripped him, with his arm still in my grip, I flipped him over once before he could land on his face.
He rolled over to his side and groaned, I kicked him in the stomach. He groaned again and I knelt on one knee in front of him.
I put the knee I was kneeling on on top of his stomach and applied pressure to his lungs.
I felt his breath go out and leaned down in front of his face.
"Better than I thought you were." he said, struggling to breathe.
"Where the hell is my family." I asked. I saw his mouth go open in protest but I stopped him before he could speak, "And don't give me that ' i don't know' crap, I saw the dagger. It's a hunters dagger. A hunters dagger meant for the likes of supernatural creatures who take the shape of a human."
I applied more pressure to his lungs and his face turned red, and that wasn't even close to what I really wanted to do to him.
"You left that piece of cloth in the field for us to find, didn't you? You stabbed her just like you did me and left the blood there so we could follow, didn't you? You did the same to Tommy and you did the same to me, didn't you?!" I screamed the last question in his face, not even half of the satisfactory I wanted to feel built up inside me.
"But you didn't succeed with me because i'm stronger."
He looked at me with pleading eyes. "Please, i have a family."
I got even closer to him, we were about only an inch apart now and I was filled with absolute anger.
"I have a family too." I said, "And I want them back."
I leaned away and let him up. "Your going to bring me to them. One wrong move and i'll break every single bone in your body until you finally give out."
I tightened my grip on his arm and he winced in pain.
"Alright." He said, he turned around and walked towards the rocks.
I followed him and I knew exactly what trap I was walking into to.
It doesn't matter that i'm going to get caught and sent to the ice queen, just as long as I know that Tommy and Rosalie are safe.


She had no idea what she was walking into.
She followed close behind so I knew that if I tried to slip her the sleeping potion she would break my arm before I could reach it.
I didn't want Queen Mab hurting this girl.
She was too special to die.
Though I highly doubted that she would now that I knew how strong she was.
This girl was a serious warrior.
she had no idea how lucky she was that I found her, if one of Queen Titania's little hunch men found her she would be used as her personal killing machine.
I mean, this girl could do some real damage.
I lead her to the cave we took the others in and when she saw them sitting in the corner and huddled up together she ran to them.
"Tommy, Rose!" they ran to her and they all hugged one another.
"Did you guys heal?" She asked.
They nodded in response, "Did you?" Rosalie asked.
"Yeah." She looked at the girl called Rose and hugged her.
I heard the girl whisper, "I was so afraid it would be like losing mom and dad all over again."
I saw a tear slide down her face and I looked away at the 'family reunion'.
"Tommy." I heard Max say. I looked and the guy called Tommy was hugging Max like she was the only person in his life who cared.
Which was probably true.
It was them that the knights came in.
They came in all directions, just as Mab planned. They grabbed hold of each and separated them.
"No!" Rosalie yelled. "Get off of me! Max! Tommy!"
Tommy was fighting off the men that were pulling him back and those muscles of him must've come in handy, but he was out numbered.
So why was he trying?
Rosalie was struggling to get out of their grips and reaching towards Max.
Max kicked one of the knights where a knight should never be kicked and managed to grab Rosalie's hand.
Another man grabbed Max by the waist and pulled her back, lifting her feet off of the floor, four more came to help but Max wouldn't let go of Rosalie.
"Rosalie, no matter what you do, don't you dare give up on what we've worked for." Max said.
Rosalie was sobbing now and when Max let go of her arm, she still held on.
"No! Max, I need you!"
The knight pulled Rosalie she was pulled apart from Max.
I saw the anguish and despair on their faces and it had to be the saddest thing I had seen all year.
Tommy was yelling Max's and Rosalie's names and was dragged into the cave away from them.
Rosalie struggled all the way and wouldn't stop screaming.
Max was trying to fight but there were too many men holding her back. I followed in the cave Max went in and yelled at the men to put her down.
When she was on the floor and tied up I nodded toward one of the men and he picked her up.
"Leave." I told the men, without looking away from Max.
They all left in under twenty seconds but I stopped one before he could leave.
"Go to the other's and tell the others to put them on the floor gently and leave the caves, and if any harm is done to them, i'll have their heads.
"Yes, sir." he said, walking out.
I walked in a circle around Max and she stood, tense.
I was behind her when I asked, "You care about them, don't you?"
She hunched her shoulders a little and shook her head lightly, "More than you could know."
I nodded and walked in front of her. "What do you want from us?" she asked.
"It's not me who wants something from you, it's Queen Mab."
She rolled her eyes and sighed, "Ok, well, what the hell does Queen Mab want from us."
"It's really more of what she wants from you. She only took the others because she knew you would try to escape and go back to them if we left them here and took you, so she made us take them too."
"Yeah, that doesn't really answer my question."
"From what I can tell, she wants to talk to you."
Her expression turned from confusion to anger.
"Talk? Queen Mab wants to talk? If she wanted to freaking talk she could have asked or sent an invitation or something! Not kidnap us brutally and separate us like freaking animals!" She screamed.
I looked down and said, "I agree, but that's just not Queen Mab." I looked up and smiled and that seemed to annoy her.
"Any why were you being nice in the beginning? Your the Ice Prince. Your supposed to be cruel."
I lost the smile and walked towards her. She was tense with every step and as I got closer the more I could see in her eyes how afraid she was for her brother and sister.
Every time I took a step forward, she took a step back, so I couldn't get near her without her shying away.
I backed her up into the wall and she looked away when I grabbed her hand. She seemed to know exactly what I was doing, but she didn't want to go.
"Ready?" I asked, ice was already forming around our hands.
She looked at me with her glistening eyes and said, "If you had everything you loved taken away from you, and you knew you were going to die, would you be ready?"
"Is that really what you think is going to happen?" I asked, looking at her like she was crazy.
"It's Queen Mab, so yeah, that's exactly what I think."
The ice was forming to her shoulders now and she closed her eyes and put her head down so she would be ready to transport.
I did the same and we transported to the one place, that would never be home to her. . . .

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