You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

I was reading Little Numbers (an AMAZING fanfic) and I got the idea for this.

I'll just warn you about language ahead of time just in case

It will be set up in the format of text messages, at least for the first few chapters.
So for text messages...
Riley will be in normal text
Brian will be in bold text
I'll let you know everyone else's if they pop in as a text

I think this is going to be super fun! Maybe a bit silly but... we'll just see where it goes alright?

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Well hey boy

Just so we're all aware.... this takes place this year but we're pretending like AVPM being put on YouTube has never happened and all that..... Like..... StarKid has formed but they aren't "famous" I guess. They've performed the things in college but they were never publicized or anything and they haven't performed Starship yet... I'm not sure if they will or not in this. So they're just this little community theatre group in this okay? Yes? Yes.

Okay so I can't post pictures in the story because Quibblo is stupid like that. So if they send pictures to each other I'm going to put a link to the picture k? You don't have to look at them but if you want to they'll be there.

(Saturday September 17, 4:25 pm)
Hey where are you? And are you bringing me my hamster back?

Who is this? Do I know you? And I don't have your hamster....?

Oh shoot! I'm sorry! Wrong number.

Haha that's fine.

Lol ok well.... nice talking to you?

Same to you.


(Monday September 19, 7:58 pm)
Wait why did you let someone borrow your hamster?

Who is this?

The person you accidentally texted the other day.

Oh hi. Wait how do you have my number?

It was still in my phone.

And you're texting me again because....?

I'm bored and I really want to know why you were asking someone if they were going to return your hamster.
But if I'm bothering you I can stop.
I'm bothering you. Sorry.

No I'm just kind of busy right now. And I'm still a bit confused about why you saved my number. Are you some kind of stalker?

Don't flatter yourself I'm just really bored and home all alone.

Well if you're looking for a booty call you're wasting your time.

No! No way! I'm not like that I promise.

Settle down, settle down. I was just kidding.

Oh I see. You're quite a joker aren't you?

Oh yeah really.
This is weird.


Talking to a complete stranger.

I find it kind of entertaining. It's like.... you could be anyone.


(Monday September 19, 10:21 pm)
What do you mean I could be anyone?

Oh look who decided to text back.

Sorry texting strangers isn't my top priority.

What is? Getting your hamster back?

For your information my hamster is already back. And no I was working on a paper.

Wait. How old are you?

I'm still convinced you could be a stalker so I'm not going to answer that.

Aw come on really? I just want to make sure I'm not texting a ten year old.

Well if you don't want to talk to little kids at least I know you're not a pedophile.

Hardy har har.

I really hope you don't actually laugh like that.

Okay are you a boy or a girl? Will you at least answer that?

Girl. And you?


Well hey boy

Hey hey girl


(Thursday September 22, 5:07 am)
How would you describe the scent of pancakes?


(Thursday September 22, 8:43 am)
Someone's an early riser.

Someone isn't. Now will you answer the question please?


Please? I need help with this sentence. So can you please just describe to me in detail the way you feel when you eat pancakes?

Is this another paper of yours?
Do you want my answer or not?

Never mind I figured it out for myself.


I made pancakes.

And the description you came up with was...?

Not appropriate for my work. At least I don't really want to put it in.

Please share.

If breakfast was sex.... pancakes would be the orgasm.

That was quite poetic.

I know right?

Why did you need this description?

Ah and the stalker questions continue.

Hey! No! YOU were the one asking me to describe the sensual experience of me eating pancakes.

If you MUST know it's for this thing I'm writing.

You're a writer?

You're not?

Actually I am.

What a coincidence.

You think I'm lying.

Of course not! It's just strange. We could bounce ideas off each other.

What do you write?


Any I'd know?

Let me rephrase that... books that have yet to be published.

Ah I see.

What about you?

Plays. Musicals really. With some of my friends.

Any I would know?

Not any that have been performed at a scale that you would know. Just college stuff and a few community performances.
Speaking of performances I'd better get going. I'm going to be late. Maybe I'll text you later?

You'd better. I still need to know how you feel when you drink orange juice!


(Thursday September 22, 9:08 pm)
Pure joy


You said you needed to know how I feel when I drink orange juice and that's my answer. Pure joy.

I see. Thanks. I'll be sure to add that in...

Do I detect some saracasm?

Yes you do Boy.




Brian Wilson? The leader of the Beach Boys?

No. My name. It's Brian.

Oh we're sharing names now huh?

Well I am.

If I tell you my name you're going to end up finding me. And possibly killing me.

Your faith in me is shocking.

Oh Brian Brian Brian.


Like I said. This is weird. I'm talking to a complete stranger. Who is a boy.
Named Brian.

And I'm talking to a girl. And I don't know her name.

Her name is Umbridge.

Are you serious?

Wanna see a picture?

Oh so you're a hamster.

Maybe. Didn't you say I could be anyone?

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