Our Love is Toxic (Vampire Diaries love story)

its a vampire diaries story.
Charlotte Marie Pierce is a teenage vampire who loathed her sister. Her goal for the past 146 ish years is to find her love, but what will happen when she does and he doesn't remember.

Chapter 1


Multicolored hair blew wildly in the wind. This was a normal day in the Windy City. The teenage girl did nothing to control her mane of hair as it blew. Instead she looked down at the picture she held. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the two boys faces. Suddenly the images began appearing in flashes; a waterfall, a mansion, and... Katherine? No it couldn't be she thought. She focused once again on the faces and found the town sign; Mystic Falls. Now her hair moved with the wind of her sprint towards the small town. Hopefully they hadn't forgotten her, and if they had she'd make them remember the hard way. 

"Stefan!" the black haired teen exclaimed as she opened her door. 
"sorry if my visit is at the wrong time" the dirty blond apologized politely. 
"you're always welcome here" an older red head smiled from behind the teen. The boy, Stefan nodded curtly and stepped inside the large house. It wasn't nearly as big as his house but it also wasn't a boarding house like his. 
"Elena, I'm going out I'll see you later. Have fun you two" the spunky aunt winked at the teenage pair.  
"have fun with Alaric, Aunt Jenna" Elena smiled as her aunt half skipped out of the house. After the door closed Elenas smile disappeared. 
"what do you want Stefan" she asked, bothered by his mere presence. Not only had she just recently found out he was a vampire but their breakup had been messy. 
"it's Damon. He's gone AWOL. I can't find him anywhere" Stefan said. This could be a major problem considering his brother Damon Salvatore was a deranged psychopath who enjoyed draining humans. 
"what do you want me to do about it?" Elena asked. Why would she care if Damon was missing? Good riddance she thought. 
"his crow is on your house so I guessed he was hanging around near here" Stefan responded. Had she not realized Damons omen was lurking around her house?
"that wasn't there before today." She said with slight fear in her voice. "why would Damon come here anyway?" He certainly wasn't welcome after he had almost killed her best friend. 
"maybe it wants us to follow it. Damon might be in trouble. Elena, please help me" Stefan was near pleading right now. Elena rolled her eyes, it was fake because all she wanted to do was help Stefan. 
"fine, let's follow the lunatics bird, what could possibly happen." she said sarcastically, maintaining her everyday act. She knew Stefan could see past her facade but it didn't matter. 

"really? No recollection at all?" the beautiful vampiress growled, frustrated by this brothers stupidity and arrogance. She had ran all this way just to find that one of the bastards had no idea who she was. "but you remember every detail of Katherine" the name stung both of them, but in opposite ways. Damon loved and missed the name but this mysterious girl loathed it with every fiber of her being and she had for nearly 400 years. 
"Damon!" The other Salvatore called with a human by his side. No way the vampiress thought. Before she launched herself towards the girl Damon grabbed her. 
"it's not Katherine, I promise" he yelled over her growls. 
"Damon who is this?" the dirty blonde asked, hiding Elena behind him. 
"so you don't remember either? I guess my sister compelled you to forget about me" the Pierce thought out loud. 
"Katherine had a sister?" the brothers asked in unison. The girl laughed. 
"I was her first victim. I left when I found out about the plan against the vampires." she continued her story. 
"how did you know?" Damon asked. 
"Katherine sent Joshua Gilbert and your father to kill me. She told them I was the one feeding off of you. Everything she was doing she blamed on me" she growled. 
"what's your name?" the Katherine look alike asked. 
"Charlotte  Marie Pierce" she curtsied towards the girl. "you're turn."
"Elena Gilbert" she replied. Elizabeth froze and took a deep breath with her fists clenched. 
"new topic. What are you doing at the church Damon" Charolette asked turning her attention to the ruggedly handsome Salvatore. 
"I'm going to get your sister out" he said in a matter of fact tone. Katherines sister bit her tongue and looked away, she promised Pearl she'd keep that secret
"don't bother. She never really loved you" she spit. Damon slammed her against a tree. 
"that's a lie" he growled. She hissed loudly and grabbed his wrist, crushing it instantly. Damon suppressed an anguished scream. 
"she loved no one" the Pierce growled before sprinting away. 

"who was she" Elena asked when the trio got home. The Salvatore brothers exchanged glances, but neither one could muster up an answer. 
"we don't remember. Katherine must have compelled us to forget" the girls ex boyfriend answered. 
"she sure didn't seem to be too fond of her sister" she mused aloud. Damon scoffed. 
"you sure did pick a smart one Stefan" he said sarcastically. Elena turned to glare at the blue eyed brother but was shocked to see him already gone. 
"he wants to find Katherines sister" Stefan explained. She nodded, feeling sad for Damons desperation. 

How could her love not remember her? Vampire emotions should be able to resist compulsion, but like herself Katherine was excellent at it. Charolette groaned and began pacing again. All the questions she had were running through her head at high speed causing a migraine. 
"shoot me" she muttered to the air as she rested her head on a near by tree. 
"I would but no gun" a familiar sarcastic voice remarked. Her eyes narrowed as the girl realized her space had been invaded. Before she could flinch her body was slammed against the tree. 
"tell me everything" the males voice was now demanding, frightening to any one that was weaker than him. Charolette smirked because she was not weaker. She kicked his shin then turned to grab his shirt, slamming him against the tree. 
"learn some manners Damon and maybe I'll give you what you want. But until then" she trailed off and began to run, leaving Damon to chase her or not. Thankfully he did. Despite his young age he could match her speed, strange but exhilarating. He wasn't paying attention to where she was leading him though, which was brilliant for the Pierce.
"stop flirting and just talk to me Charlotte" Damon called. Charlotte let out a melodious laugh and rolled her eyes. 
"this is not my flirting" she said with a smirk, remembering the 1860's romance they shared. that was flirting. She was nearing her destination and Damon was still clueless. Before he could react she was launching herself over the falls. She soared through the air, not expecting Damon to follow, but he did. He grabbed her ankle and pulled her backwards so he could wrap his arms around her small frame. The selfish Salvatore was thinking about someone else for once because he knew the impact of the water below would be rough even for a vampire. He twisted so he was under her and then braced his muscles for the cold water smashing against his back. For a second their was a flash of worry in his blue orbs that Charlotte didn't dare miss. She held on to his shirt and braced herself for the impact, knowing it was moments away. 

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