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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - SymplyMyth

by: _Andreea_
Author's Note

*Hi guys!! Hope you like this story :) It's actually a group story, so if you want to write in it, please comment or message me. IF YOU DO DECIDE NOT TO PARICIPATE (after you have already recived an invite) , YOU MUST TELL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.*


Feet pounded in the forest as the army surged forward. Thousands of strong men, most dressed in tough leather with chainmail tunics, marched across the muddy ground like ants through grass. Soon the trees thinned, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. At the front of the swarm, among the officers who were riding on their strong war steeds, a particularly young boy shifted in his saddle uncomfortably. One of the men beside him chuckled mockingly.

“It’s true then! After all that talk and fuss about a teenaged general, you’re just a baby when it comes to the real action. What could the Empress, may she live forever, have been thinking, putting youngling like you in charge of this army!! Why, I daresay a hundred thousand lives are resting on the shoulders of a mere child!”

“Hold your mouth, Lieutenant. Do not forget who is in charge. The Empress was wise in her decision. Imagine entrusting those lives to you! You call me a mere child, but that is even more the insult to yourself, for you have obviously not heard the elves approaching yet.”

The man froze, his eyes darting this way and that. His armor clinked as he turned in his saddle, still straining to hear the elves’ hushed breaths.

“They have lied! I was there when their Queen swore not to form an allegiance with the Armadian King!” another officer panicked. His stallion sensed his fear and faltered, causing the soldier walking behind him to bump into its rump. The young general suppressed a snicker.

“You find this a laughing matter?” the lieutenant growled.

“Not the elves, the – Never mind,” he shook his head.

“What are we going to do!? We-“ the frightened officer started, but was interrupted by the lieutenant.

“If the Elf Queen broke her oath, we are within our rights to take her life!”

“However, she didn’t,” the general spoke.

“What do you mean?! You said elves were coming after us, so how could-“

“I’m losing my patience for you, Garvel,” the boy muttered coldly, insultingly calling the lieutenant by his name. “You are so unperceptive it amazes me to see you have come this far. No wander Embritha is falling, with officers like you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” the man boomed out. If it wasn’t for his rank, along with the fact that he had the Empress’s favor, this boy would’ve been dead meat.

“These elves are not the Queen’s” the boy sighed dramatically at the officers’ confused expressions. “That is not hard to tell. Take the sound of their footsteps as an example, if you can tell them apart from our own army’s marching. They are heavier than out slim, pointy-eared friends could make. Yet they are still elves, as you can feel the same aura from them. Though it is…” he searched for the right word. “Tainted.”

The officer to his left had regained his courage and trotted his horse forward again, ignoring the poor soldier who was still coughing behind him. “You are right, I can hear them!”

“That’s terrible,” the general said. The officer looked like he was deciding whether to be offended or confused. While his expression was still caught somewhere in between, the boy answered. “If you can hear them, they are close.”

Offended won. “That’s not true! I’ll have you know that I was the only one in my class that could-“

“Warn the army, you idiot!”the lieutenant yelled, apparently glad he could take his anger out on someone.

When the general didn’t object, the officer took a horn from his belt and blew into it. The sound echoed around the field, setting every man on alert. When he regained his breath, he glanced at his superior officer, who just happened to be almost twenty years younger than himself. “Are you planning to go into battle like that?”

The lieutenant followed his gaze to the general’s attire. Even though all officers of the army were required to wear armor by law, he had never seen the boy in anything but his usual leather garments. Strapped onto his back was a bow but no quiver. At his belt hung two daggers, their handles carved with ancient designs.

A slight smile curved on the teenager’s lips. “I believe I would die faster strutting around in those metal cans than I would if I threw myself into the middle of the sea.”

“But –” the officer’s protests were cut off by a shout of alarm from some men in the back of the army.

The boy’s eyes darkened. “They’re here.”


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