Break-Up Insults You WILL Regret

These are ones that I have seen used in REAL life!

- - - - -

Under it, it says why you will regret it.

Chapter 1

BaRe WiTh Me

"I hate you! It's over. You don't care about me, plus you're as fat as the Earth, including the rings!"

Earth does not have rings!

- - - - -

See all that I've done for you? I even memorized the alphabet in ALPHABETICAL ORDER for you! How is that not special?

The alphabet is already in alphabetical order!

- - - - -

"How can you break up with me? Our love was so creative! Like...bunnies! Like...purple crayons! Like...the Fourth of July!"

Purple crayons are in every box of crayons you buy. Bunnies are every where. EVERY COUNTRY HAS AN INDEPENDENCE DAY! How creative is that?

- - - - -

I'll add these as I hear them...I hope you cracked up! I sure did!


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