Immortal Flames, Eternal Pain

In a world where family means everything, one girl winds up with nothing...

Chapter 1


Her lengthy brown hair bounced up and down as she sprinted through the shadowy forest. The pale moonlight reflects off her bright green eyes, seeming to illuminate the darkness. Jumping over rocks and tree stumps, steering clear of the myriad of trees surrounding her, she successfully was avoiding obstacles. Her main goal was to snake her way around the woods enough that the girl would lose her. So far, the girl was doing an exceptional job of following her.

Then again, she had never been in a situation like this before. Her follower, or so it seems, had.

All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back. While continuing running, she glanced around and saw that the girl had somehow caught up to her. For reasons she didn't know, the girl had sank her teeth into the middle of her back. A searing pain shot through her entire body, and she collapsed to the ground, taking what she expected to be her last breaths. Should she regret what she did before the girl began her chase? No, she did not regret what she did. Even if it meant death, which seemed inevitable to her at this point.

"Rose, get down here! Breakfast!" Rose awoke to the sound of her sisters screams, which evidently came from the kitchen, just below Rose. For a moment, Rose was perplexed. She was moments from death but a few seconds ago. What happened? How did she get to her bedroom. She then realized what happened, and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was just a dream.

Immediately, she was unimaginably angry at herself. She deserved to die after what she did. Even in a dream, Rose didn't want to do such terrible, unforgivable, things. Although she kept repeating to herself in her head 'it was just a dream', it didn't seem to be working. She was just as disapointed at herself as before. In an attempt to lighten her mood, she made her way to her closet and pulled off her pajamas. Rose carefully seleccted her clothing, which included trying on the entire outfit, the night before so she would have more time to sleep. If there was one thing Rose truly adored, it was sleep; at least, usually. At that moment, Rose felt as though she may never want to sleep again.
After fully clothing herself for school, Rose hopped down the stairs, anxious to see what today had to offer; she had high hopes, for it was a bright, sunny, Monday morning in May. That meant warm weather. Oh, how Rose hated the cold!

"Morning, Rose!" Elektra said politely. That's funny, Rose thought, why is she being so nice? Rose and Elektra get along like oil and water. They don't mix well, which isn't how most people think twins are supposed to act. People expect twins to always be together, to know what eachother is thinking, and to be best friends. That is most definitely not the case for Elektra and Rose. And although the differences could mostly be identified in appearance, practically everything else about them was different, too. They had only one thing in common: they were outcasts at school, Rose for being nerdy, and Elektra for being... mysterious.

No one knew Elektra well enough to judge her, except for a few people, but they did it anyway. People always avoid her because she brings an eerie presence into the room with her. First of all, her eyes: one shines a dark green, the other a blue of similar shade. They were similar, but different enough that she was used to complete strangers doing a double-take.

There were rumors that followed Elektra wherever she went. Some people said she was pure evil; others say she killed a person; others believe fully that she killed her own father.

About two years prior to the present, Elektra and Rose got the horrid news that their parents were attacked. Lucky for their mother, the police came before she was killed. Their father, on the other hand, was not quite as lucky. He was killed, and there were mysterious puncture-wounds on his neck. Even the next day, the rumors began.

"What's with the cheefullness, campaigning for prom queen?" Rose remarked sarcastically. Although prom was more than a month away, a select few females had already begun campaigning. Rose knew Elektr well enough to know that she would never run for prom queen.

"That's so funny, Rose! I will have to remember that next time your nice to someone. Oh wait, your a goody-goody!" Elektra countered. Sighing, continued, "Just eat the darm pancakes. I took sweet time out of my busy life to make them for you." Although Rose was incredibly suspicious of Elektra's sudden want to do something nice, she was too hungry to think. She raced to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down, immediately shoving a fork-full of pancake into her mouth.

"EW!" Rose shouted, spitting out the bite. It was the most disgusting thing she had ever put in her mouth. Looking around Elektra, whose snickering was quite irritating, Rose noticed what had to be the main ingrediant in the 'pancakes'.


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