My Personal Journal (read if you want, I don't care)

The only reason I'm writing this, is because I can't deal with it in my head, and I forget stuff easily. I'm going to write it here, so I can look back if I have to.

Chapter 1

Monday January 24th, 2012

School sucks. I hate the drama. Krista, Kevan, and Brody need to quit fighting. Josh, Justin, and Savannah need to quit fighting. Maerae and Maygin need to quit screaming at each other constantly. Krista and Brody keep arguing about Kevan cheating on Krista, which I already knew he was. Savannah, Josh, and Justin keep fighting for a few reasons. One, Savannah broke up with Josh to date Justin. Two, Justin and Josh used to be best friends. Three, when ever we all see each other, Josh either leaves, or Justin and Savannah hug to annoy him. I'm getting tired of the drama, and just want all of this to end.
Thanks for reading if you actually read. This will be updated when ever I can't handle it any more.

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