Omegle Trolling

Omegle Trolling is a chat site were you can talk to random strangers. Everything is anonymous, and the chats are set up randomly. Thus, this site is fun as hell to troll >:D. I'll be updating this regularly.

I've also starting posting up spy mode chats. Spy Mode is a feature on omegle that allows you to view two people discuss a question that you ask.

BTW: "ASL" stands for "age, séx, location".

Chapter 2

Boobies are Cool

by: i3randon
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: i like boobies.

Stranger: i have them ;)

You: oh yeah?

You: so ur a guy?

Stranger: no hun... 21 f usa wbu

You: 23 male usa

Stranger: mm ;)

You: ;]

You: w8 a sec

Stranger: ok

You: you got hérpes?

You: do you?

Stranger: no...

You: you got AIDs?

Stranger: im clean

You: how bout crabs?

Stranger: no baby

You: you sure?

You: i dnt wanna hit the beaver witha fever....

Stranger: i shave ;)

You: so its a bald eagle then :]

You: yea i could hit that

You: so girl, wuts yo "experience"?

You: newbie or MlLF grade?

Stranger: middle but enough ;)

You: hmm, yeah yeah ;)

You: so, wuts the biggest FRIED CHICKEN you've eva taken?

Stranger: 9 1/2

Stranger: hows yours

You: lets just say,

You: ppl call me,

You: "the big D"

You: ;]

Stranger: how big

You: big enough ;}

Stranger: fu¢k me then ;)

You: one more question tho

You: you eva fu¢k a toaster?

You: like, really just fu¢k the BRAINS out of a toaster?

Stranger: no?

You: what?

You: u kidding me v.v?

You: you never fu¢ked a toaster?


You: bítch?

You: sIut?

You: Ol' buddy ol' pal?

*You: you there? *

Your conversational partner has disconnected

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