Omegle Trolling

Omegle Trolling is a chat site were you can talk to random strangers. Everything is anonymous, and the chats are set up randomly. Thus, this site is fun as hell to troll >:D. I'll be updating this regularly.

I've also starting posting up spy mode chats. Spy Mode is a feature on omegle that allows you to view two people discuss a question that you ask.

BTW: "ASL" stands for "age, séx, location".

Chapter 1

CPS Agent

by: i3randon
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hey asl

You: You first.

You: Tell me ur A so we can have S in your L :]

Stranger: Im 21 that ok

You: Ha, oh yeah ;]

Stranger: How old are you?

You: 23.

You: What gender do you currently belong to?

Stranger: Im a guy. Hbu?

You: Male.

You: I can get into dat hómo stuff if ur into it.

You: Wut do ya say? :)

Stranger: Im a top guy bro, u got a younger sis?

You: yeah, but shes 12.

Stranger: She hot?

You: I admit, i've jácked off to her in the shower.

You: So young, but her boóbs are huge o.o

Stranger: You gáy?

You: Not yet.

Stranger: id love a 3 some w u 2

You: oh yeah?

You: i'm flattered ;]

Stranger: ya

You: u gáy?

Stranger: im bi

You: really?

Stranger: ya

You: ever fu¢ked a toaster?

Stranger: nope

You: why?

Stranger: u?

You: why?

Stranger: y what

You: what?

Stranger: ur sis own high heels?

Stranger: ?

You: sir, i'm part of the CPS. We've been doing an investigation of this website for online predators and such.

You: We have already scanned your IP address.

You: We are now reporting to our HQ.

You: Sir, do you understand that you could serve 10 years?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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