Slythindor Love ~ Draco Malfoy Love Story for Rose's HP Contest (Finished)

Chapter 3

Mistakes, mistakes

I walked into my first potions lesson of the year terrified, I didn’t know what scared me more, the fact that I might see Malfoy again or the prospect of facing Snapes wrath. Either way I was not looking forward to this lesson. I entered the classroom relived to see a free seat next to Seamus I run to take it. I looked up once id sat down to see Malfoy’s eyes on me and I felt myself turn red, I cursed my pale skin that blushed so easily. I covered my face in my hair in the hope no one would notice, i could feel lavender looking at me strangly and begged that she didnt know who i was blushing about. suddenly the dungeon doors where flung open as Snape entered.
“Ingredients are on the board, you’ll find everything you need in the store cupboard knock yourselves out.”
As I was grabbing my ingredients I felt someone’s hand brush over mine, I looked up in shock to see Malfoy’s grey eyes looking down intently at me.
“Meet me behind the green house after school.” He suptly whispered in my ear before turning and making a snide comment and Seamus’s expense to Blaise Zabini
“God his a git.” Seamus said to me when I retook my seat
“Yea” I mumbled half-heartedly

When we where let out of potions I saw Malfoy give me a meaningful look before heading of in the direction of the green houses, I went to follow him but was stoped when Ginny grabbed my arm
“Why didn’t you tell me!” she demanded. i instantly stopped thinking about malfoy and began to freak out, what was she talking about, surely she couldn't know what had happened that summer. but what else could it be. did she know how i felt about malfoy, was i really that obvious
“About Seamus, Chris we’re spoused to be best friends, how could you not tell me you like him.” She said looking hurt
“I don’t,” I protested relived. thank god that was all it was
“ Please Lavender told me all about how red you went when you where sitting with him. you should totally ask him out, you two would be so cute together.”
“Oh that… its not. Look I have to go.” I said as I ran off, leaving her looking hurt and confused behind me. i felt bad leaving her hangin but i knew we could sort it out

I arrived behind the greenhouse to find Malfoy lounging on a bench, I couldn’t help thinking of how hot he looked when he was laid back, NO I thought to myself he’s Malfoy your friends enemy.
I said to him in a sharper tone than I had meant to “look... Malfoy.”
“Draco, please call me Draco.”
“Draco” I corrected liking the way it sounded, and then remembed that I was supposed to be being cold “what do you want.”
‘ I just thought we could talk” he replied looking hurt
“ Well i'm kinda busy,” I said this was harder than i thought it would be, seeing him there i really wanted to run to him and... but i couldnt. i couldnt let myself even have these thoughts.
i saw his eyes narrow at me in disbelife “Forget it then” he said with a sneer back on his face “I know when i'm not wanted, have a nice life, McDonald.”
He stormed passed me and left me feeling like I was about to cry.

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