Slythindor Love ~ Draco Malfoy Love Story for Rose's HP Contest (Finished)

Chapter 2

Defence against Draco

I was sitting at the Gryffindor table with harry the next morning looking at our timetables for this year. “Yuck, do they have to give us care of magical creatures with the slytherins” harry said pulling a face “I don’t know if I can handle even one period with him. Thank god that’s the only lesson I with him this year. I feel sorry for you Chrissy how will you manage three lessons a week with him.”
“I don’t know but whoever split the houses had it out for me. Why have they split houses anyway?” I asked the table in general
“ It will be so that the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang can easily fit into the lessons if need be” Hermione said, as always sounding like she was quoting a textbook. At that moment the bell went for first period, I stood up and headed towards my first lesson DADA whilst harry, Ron and Hermione all went the other way to potions.

I arrived at the DADA class room to see lavender and Seamus standing there, I had always found lavender a bit tedious but it was a relief to see I had some one I knew in my class and I had always gotten on with Seamus, I walked over to them and Seamus smiled at me “so..” lavender said turning to me looking desperate for a gossip “ what do you think of the new teacher, I personally think he’s a bit creepy, Parvati told me that he drinks blood out of that flask he has” I rolled my eyes. Lavender and Parvati would believe any piece of gossip given to them. “Don’t be stupid lavender” Seamus said in his cute iris drawl as we walked into the classroom and took a seat together “Dumbledore would never hire someone who drank blood as a teacher. I opened my mouth to point out that he had hired a were wolf last year but I was cut of my mad eye moody’s loud bark
“I DON’T THINK SO, I will be choosing your seats this year and I don’t want to hear you complain or requests to switch. You will be happy with what I give you, is that under stood” the class all muttered different forms of the word yes. Moody looked down at his roll and started calling out names.
“Brown you will be with… Finnegan” lavender smiled relived at Seamus.
“Bullstrode with… longbottom, and malfoy…” I closed my eyes begging him not to read out my name “McDonald” I felt my head hit the table in disbelief, of all the people to be seated next to it had to be him. He came and took his seat next to me and gave me a haughty look I reached into my bag to pull out my book, to realise it wasn’t there. It was just like me to forget my textbook on the first day back.
“Here you can share mine” malfoy whispered in my ear pushing his book towards me. I nodded at him refusing to make eye contact with him, It didn’t matter how nice he was being he was a slytherin. No not only a slytherin he was malfoy.

Neither of us said anything else to each other until about half way through the lesson when moody approached us. “malfoy!” he barked. “ Would you like to explain to us why there is only one book on your table” I let out an inward groan. I didn’t want to know what types of punishments mad eye handed out. But to my surprise
“I forgot my book sir” malfoy lied with a smirk “McDonald here kindly let me share hers” I look at him in disbelief. What was his angle? Why was he lying for me?
“10 points from slytherin. Think you’re above the rules ‘ey. I should have known you’d be just like your father.” Moody said eyeing him with a look of distaste. Once moody had moved a way I leaned over to him
“What was that about” I muttered to malfoy
“What am I not aloud to do a good dead once in a while” he said smirking down at me
“I know you, you never do anything unless you can get something out of it. What do you want?” I said stubbornly
“Cute. You think you know me. Maybe I just want the company of a girl who isn’t pansy” he challenged his grey eyes losing some of there cold taunting air “maybe I’m sick of all the girls I know being cruel and manipulative”
“Is she? I mean… are you two together?” I said transfixed by his eyes, he ran a slim hand through his white hair.
“Its complex.” He said looking down trodden “our families are old friends and we’re expected too. But lets face it she horrid. And when I told my family I wanted no part of it these holidays, It didn’t go over to well” I reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. For a moment I forgot that he was Draco malfoy, I felt the need to reach out to him, to help him. He lifted a hand and pulled a curl of my face… then the bell went. We both jumped away from each other
“Here” he said reaching for my bag “let me walk you to our next class” I pulled my bag away from his reach
“I’m fine” I said sharply before running out of the room. Not wanting to face what had just happened.

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