Slythindor Love ~ Draco Malfoy Love Story for Rose's HP Contest (Finished)

Chapter 15

The End

I began creeping down the steps to the lake down the steps, I was almost to the entrance when I saw peeves float past, I jumped back hoping he wouldn’t see me
“Flitch wants to accuse peeves of stealing a golden egg does he, peeves can do much worse than that, how will that idiot feel when peeves has vandalised the room of everyone’s favourite champion? Ill shows him. No one accuses peeves of such a sad attempt at a prank, im much better than that, ill show him” peeves let out a loud cackle before looking around “who’s there?” I tried to shrink further into the wall I was leaning against, but no luck “aha, young chrissy, out of bed this late at night, being a respectable ghost I should report you to flitch” I closed my eyes
“Please don’t peeves,” I muttered knowing it would do no good
“Been quite rebellious this year haven’t you miss chrissy, first beating up the malfoy boy then sneaking out of bed, keep pulling tricks like that and we might get along as well as me and those twins do, glad to see Hogwarts is raising you all right, oh and just as a tip, covering some one in water is overdone” peeves cackled again and swooped off, what just happened? Peeve never lets anyone go! I glanced behind me one last time before I hurried down to the lake

When I arrived Draco was skimming stones across the lake, I didn’t want to think of how soon it would be that the giant squid showed its distaste towards its lake being disturbed.
“You wanted to see me” he turned around and I saw a look of despair on his face, no sneer, and no wall blocking everyone out, just total and utter despair.
“I’ve messed up”
“Yes” I could feel my guard slowly dropping, why could I never stay mad at this idiot
“I just need you to know that what happened at the Yule ball, I was drunk and I was so scared of my parents cutting me off and being disappointed in me I forgot what really mattered. And I know about pansy ambushing you, she’s a bitch and you need to ignore her.”
“Is it true?” I demanded
“Is what true?”
“Did you really tell pansy about everything? About my mom?”
“No I would never… how horrid do you think I am?” I sighed, he was telling the truth, I don’t know how pansy knew about my family but I was done with letting her get to me.
“I’m so sorry, if I could go back and undo all of this I would, but I know I cant. I’m so weak chrissy, I love you and I couldn’t even stand up to my parents for you” I stayed quiet, I knew where he was going with this and I didn’t want to hear it “I don’t deserve you, and I’m going to do everything I can to deserve you, but right now I don’t.”
“What...” but he cut me off before I could ask
“I’m stopping it with pansy, and im going to try and stand up to my parents, ill start with my mother, she’s not as overbearing as my father.” I looked down at my feet
“When you feel your ready come find me. Your going to be an amazing person, I promise” I kicked a rock at my feet into the lake and watched the splash, this was a mistake, the giant squid threw its self out of the water causing me and Draco to be covered in a giant splash of water, before I knew what was happening we had grabbed each other and where making out grabbing onto each other desperately until I finally pushed him away
“Your really not as bad as everyone says” I told him before kissing him on the cheek and turning to walk away shivering from the cold of the water. I knew tomorrow he would have his sneer back in place but one day Draco was going to realise that he couldn’t let other people tell him how to live, and when that day came I would be ready for him,


(A/N thinking of writting a second book, yay? nay? couldnt care less? i hope you enjoyed it, i know it ended sudenly but i wanted to be able to have some good twists in a second book if i decided to write one :) thanks so much for reading this to the end, and please comment if you have any harry potter fan fics i can read as i am currently on the lookout for some :) - dracoluvver)

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