Slythindor Love ~ Draco Malfoy Love Story for Rose's HP Contest (Finished)

Chapter 1

Weasly train

I was on my way back to Hogwarts, normally I would be sad to leave my family behind but, after the summer I'd had, it came as a relief. I wanted nothing more than to start my forth year at hogwarts and leave this summer behind.
"CHRISSY are you even listening to me" my best friend Ginny yelled at me from across the carriage.
"I asked you who you had your eye on this year? Whats up you've been acting strange all train ride"
She was right this year wasnt about a pity party for myself it was about having some fun and forgetting about the summer. I needed to act more normal.
"don't you think your a little young to be thinking about boys Ginny, I mean your a third year after all" I teased her releaved to have something else to think about
"I'm only a year younger than you" she protested
Suddenly the carriage door was flung open as Harry, Ron, Fred and George sauntered in, instantly I went quiet Harry and Ron I was close friends with but the twins always made me nervous.
"not thinking about boys again are you Ginny" one if the twins said with a wink
At that moment Malfoy walked past our carriage flocked by his 'friends' Crab and Goyle, Harry groaned as they walked past "stupid Slytherins" he spat just quiet anough that they couldn't here him. We all broke out laughing but I saw Fred and George give each other an awkward look out of the corner of their eyes.
"well I best be off Georgey" Fred exclaimed suddenly " places to go women to see" george gave a knowing smile and they left together, I instantly loosened up.
"speaking of woman, where's hermione?" Ron exlaimed looking around

We found hermione a few carriages down sitting with Luna, a strange ravenclaw in Ginny's year, she nodded as we walked in " Chrissy" she said as I sat down next to her "what did u get on your exams last year, I think my transfiguration marks are dropping" I laughed as I pulled a strand of curly auburn hair out of my eyes and handed her my grades from the previouse year, I had been trying to beat hermione for three years and I had never come close, yet she always convinced herself that I might have succeeded this time. With a satisfied nod she handed them back to me and I tucked them deep into my bag. When I looked up Luna was studying my face
"somethings wrong" she pronounced, I stared back at her begging my truthful green eyes to come across as surprised by this conclusion.
"no, I'm fine"
" I knew something was up, spill" said Ginny eagerly
" hey" Ron said calmly " you know you can trust us right"
" nothings wrong" I assured them "im just worried about those hideous robes your carrying Ron" this earnt me laughs and turned the conversation away from me. I didn't know why I didn't tell them about what had happened it just didn't feel right. Suddenly the train lurched to a stop and we stood up and walked to the next leg of our journey, the leg I knew had those strange bird like horses no one else could see waiting for me.

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