How To Succeed in New York

Chapter 1

My Adventure!

Alright. I've been away from quibblo because of one special curly haired boy.
Darren Everett Criss
I saw How To Succeed In Business without Really Trying on January 20th, 2012.
I met New Jonas, Rose Hemingway, Michael Park... I saw Darren's parents, and dear lord, his dad is the most adorable thing, with his little hat and bowtie!
And anyway. Darren Criss? I saw him walking in! He couldn't stop to sign or take pictures because it was 7:30 and the show started at 8. From that we learn, Darren is not only short, forgetful of Lyrics, and insanely beautiful, but he is also LATE!
So, my mom and I (I didnt go with friends because no one knows who Darren is...) stood by the stage door for 3 hours before the show. We met a girl from Germany, who was super nice. Also met these three girls, one with an AWESOME accent that I couldnt understand, but oh well!
And I saw the leader/owner/whatever, I don't know what to call them, of the Darren Criss street team. Pretty cool! Saw a girl I follow on tumblr. All in all, I saw a LOT of Starkids.
I heard these girls do the whole Redvine bit, it was hilarious because my mom didn't know what was going on.
Oh yeah, and the Al Hirschfeld Theaters bathrooms?
Oh my gosh. Beautiful.
Well, not really, but there was a rope, and benches, and lots of people!
I heard this one girl say to another while I was waiting for my mom to wash her hands say, "Are you on Tumblr?! Oh my gosh, I follow you!" They were both so happy, and it was so fun to see :)
The show, was incredible. I cried, I honestly did. We were high up, and far, but I saw him perfectly! But the lady next to me was CHOMPING on her gum, then she ate her ice... So that was fun.
And there were these cute gay guys in front of me, holding hands!
And at the end, when they were singing Brotherhood of man, I believe, people got up, a few seats in front of me, so they can get good spots for seeing Darren.
I think that is SO disrespectful. We're there for him, aren't we? Why are you leaving when not even the curtain calls are there yet?!
I left, when it was over, and was kind of close, but not super. I stood on the gate thing that blocked us from him, so I was tall and could see, but then when he came out I couldn't see a thing because of his posters flying around...
But then, the security guard Neal (we talked to him, for fun before the show) made everyone back up and Darren had to leave super early! But he. Said he loved us all, and I loved him too... But then he got into his car, and I saw him.
He didn't have the stuff in his hair, he was all Darren.
And boy, was he handsome!

So that's my New York adventure, that I'm writing on a bus home.
Thanks for reading :)


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