My BFF's Demi Lovato (9)

ayyoooo its been a while hehe.... but yeah Ashleys not the bestest person in this story soooo yeahh :) im just that mean to her x) And soooooo sorry I havent posted this in a while. Not that you care anyway.

Chapter 1

She's Not What You Think

By the next day Ashley was my mentor, I didn't know if I should hate her or Mr. C. more.
It was a regular, stupid day in theatre, when Mr. C. called on me about the journal entry on the board.
"You can read this right?" he asked out loud. "You don't have trouble reading this do you?"
I gave him a warning look to shut up. My temper became short. Kendall put his hand on mine to calm me down.
"Oh for those of you who don't know," he continued, "Vanessa is dyslexic. That's why I'm asking her if she can't read this."
Kendall's grasp tightened.
"Relax," he said to me.
"Are the words too big?" Mr. C. asked as if I were stupid. "Do you want me to-"
"SHUT. IT." I screamed.
"Better watch your mouth if you don't want detention," Ashley said from behind me.
"You... b!t/ch," I mumbled.
"Don't mind her if she asks how to spell the word 'the'," Mr. C. said, kind of snooty.
Everyone's eyes were on me.
"Don't. Stare," I growled.
I was about to stand up, but Kendall put his arms around me.
"Don't!" I snapped at him. I stood up and was about to leave the room, but Mr. C. stopped me.
"Do you want me to call security?" he threatened.
"Please do!" I yelled in his face before I made my way out again.

~~~~Kendall~~~~~ (3rd POV)
"What just happened?" Demi asked Kendall.
"Vanessa just left," Ashley spoke up.
"Shut it Ashley! I know you had something to do with this!" Demi hissed.
"I'll be right back," Kendall said to Demi and the guys.
He stood up and was about to leave as well, but Mr. C. stopped him too.
"Do you want detention?" he asked him.
"Are you serious?" Kendall snapped at him. "You threaten to call security on Vanessa, but you only give me detention?"
"Sit back down," the teacher ordered.
"And take in more of this cr@p? No thanks."
He left and went outside and called for his girlfriend. He walked around the theatre building.
"Where are you?" he asked himself.
"Kendall!" Vanessa called from behind him.
He turned and saw her from a distance. He ran to her and pulled her into his arms.
"It's okay," he told her in comfort.
"No it's not!" Vanessa argued. "I just got embarrassed in front my entire class! And I know Trashley had something to do with it!"
"Look, Mr. C. had no right to do that, and we're gonna get something done about him. But I know Ashley, and she wouldn't do something like that."
Vanessa couldn't believe what she was hearing, but she ignored it for now.

~~~~Vanessa~~~~ (1st POV)
The days went by, and just being in theatre was an embarrassment to me. Everyday. And Demi... well, she kind of avoided me for a bit until we were partnered together for an assignment. It was an improv assignment, and everybody was scattered around the room, doing their thing.
"Go on in a conversation," Mr. C. explained, "but speak with a different tone and a different accent with every sentence. Aaaand, go!"
"Why have you been avoiding me?" I asked Demi in a cheery Italian tone.
"Well, sweety, you didn't tell me a lot of things," she replied in a dark and depressing Southern accent. Then, she spoke in a sad English accent. "And we're best friends."
"Well, I'm sorry," I said in a demanding, French accent. "But even with you living at my house there are still some things I can't bring myself to say. And you're the one to talk?" I dropped the accent. "I know you're keeping stuff from me too!"
"What?" she asked, dropping the accent as well. "What are you-"
"You didn't tell me about you and Logan! You haven't told me about why you're really here, if you really did run away! I know you're keeping things from me too!"
Demi stayed silent. She looked down.


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