Seven (An Original Story)

Everick Sommers, a drug addict, has had seven daughters; only each daughter has a different mother. They'd never met their mothers before, but that all changes when Everick loses his job and is forced on the streets when he can't pay lease for the summer. Everick had always loved his daughters, so naturally he'd never want them homeless. Where to go? Their mothers houses.

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Chapter 1

Seven Sommers

by: dobby
The brisk-moving, smoky air of the city rushed into my room as I slid open the window. I check behind me; my sister Emma, who I'd shared a room with for a very long time, was sound asleep. Our room wasn't big at all, which is why we shared it. The rest of our sisters had larger rooms, three fitting in one and the other belonged to my two eldest sisters, Kaily and Eerana. Still, ours was the smallest with low quality beds that creaked loudly and one scratched up desk with a flickering lamp.
Stepping out of the window, I slowly closed it again. We were at the bottom floor of our apartment, which made it that much easier to sneak out. I always did without hesitation. My neighbourhood thought I was hard, which was a complete lie. But I had an image to uphold.
I shivered; I was only wearing a loose-fitting tee shirt and some sweat pants. It didn't seem smart, I knew, but the air wasn't terrible. It was nearing summer, after all.
As I walked through the city streets to meet my friends, the conversation went through my head again. One that changed my life.
"Girls, sit around, will you?"
Dad only made us sit in the living room for a talk when there was something important to be conversed. I knew none of us were expecting something good to happen from the moment he said "sit".
My father sighed as he paced in front of us. He was a musky old man. His hair was brown and curly, much like mine, with a gnarly moustache on his face. He was tall and wrinkled, with holes in his arms from injecting drugs into his body. His skin was pale and he looked fragile, what with you being able to see his blue veins. But perhaps the most interesting thing about him was that he had the most gorgeous golden eyes, despite how disgusting the rest of him looked.
All of us had inherited those eyes. It was one of the only ways you could tell we were related.
We were all sitting on one couch; four of us on the actual cushions, three on the arms. I was on a cushion, stroking one of my little sister Catherine's hair. Dad sat on the one-seat in front of us, the chair's springs screaming as he did so. He looked worried, frustrated, angry even. Whatever it was, we weren't going to like it.
"Girls, I have something important to tell you, and you're not going to like it." It was like he read my mind. "I... I lost my job."
We all had our mouths open. My dad worked - or, had worked as a janitor for a private school, which barely got enough money for us to have three shirts. We didn't have a car, television or oven.
"Dad, that's terrible!" my youngest sister, Tyler, exclaimed.
"I know, I know." he groaned, his hands covering his face.
I asked, "How're we gonna get by?
He sighed, resting for a moment, as if he were collecting his thoughts and putting them in a basket for him to sort out. "That's the thing... we can't."
"W - what do you mean 'we can't'?" Earana asked.
"I mean we can't, Ana!" he yelled, standing now. "We can't get by, we can't pay for lease, for food, for nothing! I'm gonna be on the streets again, Ana!" We were all surprised by his sudden outburst, but we knew he didn't mean to get so mad by the way he called my eldest sister Ana. Using nicknames always meant he wasn't mad at us. Like how he sometimes called me "Sev".
"I'm sure we can scrape some money up, get some jobs." Earana suggested. "You can't just give up like that, we're kids for Christ sake!" She shot up from her seat and yelled, "You're always leaving us, Dad! Always." She was just about to storm off, when Dad stood up.
He grabbed her arm, but not in a rough way. "You better sit down, young lady."
She scowled, but sat again on the arm of the couch again. Earana and Dad had never gotten along; I wasn't sure if it was because of Dad's problems or her arrogance, but something about the two made them completely butt heads constantly. We hardly even saw Earana around anymore.
Dad sighed and sat down again, burying his face into his hands. "I'm so, so sorry girls. I truly am."
"We could get jobs." Kaily said. "All of us." We all nod as if planned.
But Dad shook his head. "We're already unable to pay our lease for good. The landlord came by this morning, kicked us out for tomorrow."
"What's going to happen to us, Dad?" Lauren asked. Lauren isn't usually one to seem scared, but at that moment I could see a flash of fear before her eyes. I knew none of us had even thought of this bad news.
Dad has trouble collecting his words again, until he said something that made us more scared and shocked than ever before. "You're all going with your birth mothers."
"What?" Emma immediately snaps. See, all of us sisters had the same father, but not the same mother. Dad doesn't like to talk about it much, but he says our mothers didn't want us. He says he might have other children around the world, but we were the ones that were dropped off to him.
And now we have to go with them? Now we have to live with some crazy women who we don't even know, never have met and don't want us around? "No!" I snapped.
Dad looked straight at me. "I've already contacted them. I'm giving myself two months to settle down, try and find another job. You girls are going to be sent to your mothers' houses for the summer. Please, please do this for me." He paused. "I need to keep you girls safe. You're the only people I have in my life."
"What does it mean?" Emma asked. "We're all going to be separated? Why don't we go to a friend's house, or a home?"
"Please, you think your friend's parents will care to take care of a rat's children? And I'll be damned before I send you to a home!" he said. Dad then huffed, taking a moment. "Your mothers have arranged last minute plain tickets for tomorrow. You're lucky your mothers even agreed to this!"
"Lucky? Tomorrow?!" Earana shot up again. "Way to go, Dad!" She stormed off, this time Dad didn't stop her.
"We don't even know them, Dad. How could you?" Kaily, who had the closest relationship to Earana than any of us (which wasn't saying much), followed behind her.
All was silent, all but the distant bickering of our two sisters in their room. I got the courage to ask the question that was on all of our minds. "Where are we being sent to, Dad?
"England." I explained to my friends. "I'm going to Manchester, England."
Jess gaped. "You're dad screwed a British lady?!"
Danielle rolled her eyes. "That's beside the point, Jess." She flicked her blond hair. "I can't believe this. You're, like, our leader."
I laughed a little, though I did not show joy. "I just can't even... what if my dad doesn't get a job? What if I'm left in England all by myself?"
Chad retorted, "No way in hell is that happening. If he doesn't get the job, I'm getting my dad to offer him one. You know what, I'll ask him tonight to do it. Just for you." I smiled. Chad had always been so nice to me.
"What's going to happen to us, then?" Rory asked, a sad look on her face.
I shrugged. "Nothing. It's just going to be like I'm on a vacation for the summer. Nothing will change."
"Promise?" she asked.
I nodded. "Of course."
It was silent, Chad sighed. Violet, the quiet one, was hugging me as we sat on the park bench. Zack was hugging me from the other side. These were my best friends. "I'm just more scared about the fact that I've never met this woman before. She was so willing to give me away, what if she's some abusive, mad woman? What if she's worse off than my father?"
"I don't think he would do that to you." Zack says quietly.
I huff. "Right, then. It's past two, I should be going back. I have a flight in the morning to catch, hm?" I stand up. "This phucking sucks."
"So much." Violet mumbles. They all hug me, bidding their goodbyes and good lucks. They start to walk off, turning a corner to a building. I sighed and turned back, when Chad ran back. I turned to him as he came toward me. "Yeah?"
Instead of speaking, he wrapped his arms around me once more. I grinned and hugged him back, burying my face into his sweet smelling neck. "I'll miss you so much." he mumbled. "And if that crazy bitch ever lays a hand on you, call me. I'll buy a plane ticket myself."
I smile and pull out of the hug, kissing his cheek. "Please do."
He held his hand where I lay the kiss. He grinned and said goodbye once more, then walked off.

I stood in front of my large family. I was the first one leaving, my plane left at eight in the morning. I was still tired from last night, I could still smell Chad's scent. I had never been on a plane by myself before.
I hugged each of my sister's, being sure to kiss the heads of my younger ones, especially Catherine and Tyler. We had a close relationship.
I hugged my dad the tightest. I didn't know what to do without him. Of my sisters, I think I was the one who felt for Dad the most. He was my true best friend, and if anything happened to him, I don't know what I'd do. He may have been a druggie, but he was just as good as a father as any other.
He kissed my head, then cheek. "You'll be alright, kiddo. Evelyn was a nice lady."
Evelyn. I boarded the plane, only having one suitcase in my hands.

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