Playmate -REDONE-

A more detailed, more gruesome version of my seemingly popular torture story "Playmate". This will be turned into a series.

Chapter 1


"Mo-mom?" I whispered, falling to my knees in the dark alley way, the stone cold and hard.
"Mom is dead, kid." the man grinned, a knife in his hand, the blade shiny.
I looked at her body, the once stainless white dress that she was wearing now covered in her own blood. The crimson liquid still seeped from the knife wounds in her stomach and the slash in her neck. She remained motionless, her chest not rising and falling with her familiar breathing pattern. I knew deep down that she was really dead, but I didn't want to believe it. There was no way she was dead; there couldn't be.
"W-why...why did you steal her from me?!" I yelled at the man.
He grinned at me, his hair covering his eyes. He was covered in my mother’s crimson blood which looked like it was starting to dry.
"That's between me and her." when he said 'her', he pointed the knife at my mother’s body, still grinning wildly, like an animal.
"Now," he continued, turning his attention back to me. "You better leave, kid."
I just sat there, motionless, watching as he slowly started to walk up to me. I couldn't move like I was paralyzed.
"Actually..." he said slowly, grinning.”I think I want to see your must be as nice as your mothers, after all."
"Please...don'!" I screamed as he stood over me, holding the knife above his head. He suddenly swung down and I could feel the sharp blade sinking into my skin.

Gasping, I sat up, awake from my nightmare, the one that was true, that had happened. I was shivering and sweating, breathing fast, the feeling still lingering. When I looked around, I realized that I was in my room, in my bed and not in the dark alley way where my dream had took place, eight years ago. Sighing, I looked out the window, the sunshine coming through the blinds. It was morning.
"God, I hate that dream...." I mumbled, standing up and stretching.
I was 15 now, 7 when my mother was brutally murdered in front of my very eyes. The police had never found the man who had killed her, and I was too unstable to say anything about him. After seeing her lifeless eyes, her motionless body, I had just...snapped. I lost my sanity. I had thought, at the time, that I would forget about it soon, that in the end I would go back to normal... But the scars that he had placed upon me made sure that I would always remember that night when I lost my childhood. I glanced down at my arms, seeing fading scars from a knife. I remembered the blade, making slow but deep, precise cuts as he held me down against my will, laughing at my agony. The man that had killed my mother then tortured me, cutting my arms, legs and stomach, watching the blood pour over me. He then ran off when he heard the sound of sirens. I never saw him again, though his image was seared into my brain, forever remaining there. Forever driving me into a dark insanity, a dark abyss that I would never be able to escape.
Shivering, I pushed the thoughts of that night out of my head and walked over to the closet, glancing in at the clothing. Grabbing out a white tank-top and blue jeans, I slipped them on, yawning slightly. Seeing my figure in the mirror out of the corner of my eye, I looked over at myself. Everything about me was like it always was; dark purple hair, short in the back while long in the front, golden eyes that always seemed to remain emotionless, pale skin from not going out into the sun a lot and the familiar cuts up and down my arms. My body frame was slender, like always and my finger nails were kept long and currently painted black. Frowning, I studied myself a bit more, trying to find something, anything that had changed other then my height and other things that come with being in adolescence. Nothing. Not a single thing. I had looked like this since I was eight and I would possibly always look like it.
"Oh well." I murmured lightly, turning away from the mirror. "Who cares about changing?"
"Now," I said, stopping beside my bedroom door, which had scratches by the bottom frame from my cat. "What to do?"
I stood there, thinking of what I could do today. I didn't feel like going to town, unless I was forced to by my few friends. There probably wasn't anything interesting on television either and I had already watched all of the movies I owned.
Suddenly, I remembered something that I couldn't believe I had forgotten. Opening the door, I walked down the stairs quickly, a hop in my step. Ignoring the meows of my cat, I walked over to the basement door, my hand lingering on the knob, my mind fighting over what to do.
"Should I play now or save it for later...?" I mused, grinning slightly.
"Now; I'm bored anyways, aren’t I?" I said with a small laugh, opening the basement door.
Walking through it, I quickly closed the door behind me, locking it just in case my little toy would want to try and escape. I looked down into the darkness, not able to see anything. I could hear muffled crying though and it just made my excitement grow.
"Yes, this will be fun..." I murmured, flicking on a switch beside me.
Immediately the light bulb came on, blinding me for a few seconds. After I regained my sight, I walked down the short stairway, my footsteps echoing throughout the basement. When I finally reached the bottom, I found the source of the muffled crying.
Lying on the floor, bounded and gagged, was a girl around my age. When she noticed that I had walked in, she started to squirm and scream, though muffled, and cry more. I snickered, smirking at how pathetic she was, seeing as how she had no reason to cry this much yet. The girl's long, curly blond hair was matted up and stuck around her face, her baby-blue eyes red rimmed and teary. Walking over to her, I noticed that her knee-length blue dress was covered in dirt and slightly ripped up at the sides and stomach. Although, that didn't matter; you don't need to be in fancy, clean clothing when you're close to death.
"How are you, love?" I mused, smirking.
She muttered through the rag in her mouth, the words unrecognizable, though I imagined that she was telling me to go to hell or using other unflattering language. Of course, that didn't bother me in the least bit, seeing as how she would soon be screaming for me to stop. The mere though sent a small shiver down my spine, the craving to inflict agony growing by the second. I turned, walking to a large table that was hidden in the shadows. Upon the table laid various tools, from a carving knife to an electric screw driver. My hand lingered over the screw driver for a moment, but deciding to save that for later, I picked up a metal pipe, the steal cold to the touch.
"This...” I said, turning back to her, though keeping the pipe behind my back so it would be a surprise. "Might hurt a little."
Walking quickly over to her, I picked her up by grabbing her hair in my first. She yelled slightly, her hair being slowly ripped out. She struggled, squirming violently. I smiled at her, amused at the sudden fight she was giving to me. But, it was time to stop the little struggle, seeing as how she would be drained of energy before the real fight. I slammed the metal pipe against her skull, feeling the bone and metal connect. She yelped loudly before being knocked out of my grip, her eyes closed and some blood flowing down from the small cut now on her head. Grabbing her by the wrists, I dragged her over to the wall, where rusty chains hung down, waiting to hold someone down against their will. I quickly took off the duck tape that bounded her arms and legs and chained her wrist and ankles down, taking a small step back and studying her limp body. I walked back up, taking out the rag in her mouth. Still, she stayed limp, remaining unconscious.
"Wake up soon; I don't feel like waiting for you." I said to her, frowning.
Walking back over to the table again, I looked down, trying to decide what to use on her once she woke up. There were so many objects, so many possibilities, that it made it hard to choose, maybe impossible. There was always the razor that could be used to skin someone. Then there was always the fire poker that could burn up to high degrees. Very fun to use on someone. Of course, there were always needles filled with poison and even a little bit of acid. Suddenly, I heard the chains clinking against the wall, showing that the person they held was moving. I turned around, seeing that the girl had her eyes open and was looking around, confused.
"Wha-what the hell is going on..?" she mumbled, coughing from her dry throat.
"Well, well, you're awake!" I exclaimed, smirking as I walked over to her. "That was pretty fast, you know! Or maybe I was just too busy thinking about other matters."
Her eyes widened in fear and she started to pull at the chains. She looked at them, and judging by her face, was surprised to see that they were holding her tightly.
"Who are you?! Wha-what are you doing to me?!" she screamed, tears filling her eyes again.
"You sure do cry a lot, don't you?" I laughed, smirking at her. "I'm Paranoia and you are going to be my playmate, for the time being."
She pulled at the chains roughly, saying "No" over and over.
"Keep doing that and you'll cut your wrists and ankles on the edges." I laughed, walking back over to the table.
"Please, let me go!" she screamed, crying and shaking violently.
"I can't." I said, keeping my back turned to her as I searched for the perfect object. "You see, you now know my name, so if I let you go and you go off and tell on me, the police will be able to find me. And...Well, I can't let that happen, you know? Besides, I really don't feel like going and searching for someone else."
She groaned lightly, pulling at the chains again. I frowned slightly but quickly remembered that she would soon feel something worse than a simple cut on the ankle or wrist. Turning my attention back at the tools on the table, I picked up the electric screw driver, along with two screws, twirling them in the palm of my hand. I turned, walking over to her, seeing that her face was wet with her tears. This made the urge to see her screaming for me to stop, hit the roof. I couldn't control myself anymore and knew that it was time to make her suffer. I held out the electric screw driver to where she could see it, wanting to see her reaction.
"Wha-what are you doing with that?" she stuttered, eyes growing large.
"Playing." I answered quickly with a grin.
With that, I put the sharp end of one of the screws against the palm of her left hand, holding it down to where she couldn't pull away or move around. Putting up the screw driver to the end, I looked at the girl, who was screaming for me to stop and pushing against the wall. I smiled as I pushed the button that made the end of the screw driver twirl. Immediately, the screw went through her skin, quickly, making its way out of her hand and into the wall. Blood spluttered on my face and clothes, though it didn't bother me, seeing as how I had other clothing. The girl, on the other hand, was not that comfortable with me drilling into her hand, for she screamed, yelling probably all of the cuss words in the book and arching her back
"Don't worry, that hand is done." I said, holding up the other screw. "Time for the other one."
"Please...” she whispered, still squirming, blood dripping down her hand. "Stop..."
"A bit too late for that, love." I said, doing the exact same thing to her other hand and getting pretty much the same reaction, though still enjoying it.
"Your scream is so...pretty...~" I said in a sing song voice, laughing lightly.
Before the girl could say anything back to me, I turned away from her, skipping over to the table again where I threw the screw driver back on its spot. My fingers moved across the items until finally they stopped on the carving knife, the blade long and blood-stained. I smiled slightly, picking it up and twirling it in my hand and turned to the side and holding out the knife to where she could see it.
"No, no, no, no..." she whispered over and over, shaking her head. "No, no, no...”
Walking back over to her, I cut down her dress to where it showed her stomach. Smiling still, I whisked the blade across her stomach, making a thin cut that barley bleed. She flinched, groaning with tears going down her face, looking up at the ceiling. Trailing the knife down and around her belly button, I pushed it inside above it, watching as blood started to squirt out. She screamed, arching her back, trying to pull away. I watched as the blood poured down her body and twisted the knife inside of her, making more of it come out. Laughing as she screamed, I pulled the knife out quickly, stabbing her in a different place. Blood started to come out of the corner of her mouth, trailing down her neck. Giggling, I pulled the knife out and took a step back, looking at her body for the next place to cut. Already, her dress was covered in blood, along with her body. She was crying and shaking violently, looking down at her stomach, her head slightly limp. I then had an idea of something that I had wanted to do for a long time. Walking back up to her, I pushed her head up by the chin to where she was looking me straight in the face.
"This...will hurt...but look on the bright side; you'll be making something that I have always wanted to do come true." I laughed lightly.
Pulling out her lower eye lid, I made a small cut, deep enough to make it bleed but not so deep that it would blind her. I did this with her other eye, making sure to hold her still even though she tried to pull away. I still held her head, looking at her. Blood poured down her face, making it look like her tears had changed into red. It truly looked like she was crying blood.
"How pretty!" I yelled, laughing.
I twirled around in a circle, unable to control myself. The girl’s tears mixed with the blood, her moaning growing louder than it had been earlier. I grabbed a hammer from the table, running up and slamming it against her knee, becoming unstable, out of control. The girl screamed in agony, a loud cracking coming when it hit and she buckled slightly. I knew her knee was broken, and that only made me shiver more with the thought of the pain she was going through. Giggling, I grabbed some clippers, the blades stained with dried blood. Walking over to her, I took one of her fingers in my hand and placed it between the blades at the very start of it. Clipping down, the girl screamed, though her voice was growing horse, her mouth dry. Her finger fells off to the ground and I looked down, giggling slightly when I saw it twitch. I did this with each of her fingers on both hands, laughing as the blood spluttered out and as her fingers twitched even when cut off.
"No..." the girl moaned, starting to black out.
I frowned, becoming slightly disappointed.
"If you faint, I'll just have to kill you..." I mumbled. "And that won't be very entertaining for me..."
She moaned, shaking her head slightly. I sighed, knowing it would be the end of her soon. Even though she was close to death, I would not give her the pleasure of dyeing from blood loss. No, she would die from being sliced up, or choked.
"Choked..." I mumbled to myself, an idea forming.
It then hit me that it would be extremely fun and entertaining to choke someone with their own intestines. Yes, being choked, being killed, by your own body would be very ironic. Cutting her stomach, I ripped out her intestines, making her scream in agony, blood pouring out of her mouth. I could tell that her eyes were losing their life quicker. Wrapping them around her throat, I pulled to where it cut off her air. She squirmed, her muffled screams growing silent. Finally, she went still, her eyes becoming empty and glazed over. I smiled, sighing sadly. Letting go of her, I looked down at my blood stained clothes and body. I smirked, enjoying the feeling of the beautiful crimson liquid. Turning away from her, I walked to the top of the stairs and stood in front of the door.
"Time for a new playmate." I smiled as I turned off the lights and walked through the door, leaving the girl’s body hanging there in the basement.


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