A Very Special New Years!

A Very Special New Years!

Place cards, kissing, champagne, hiding behind potted plants, and awkward dancing. These are the things that make up a very special new years, all thanks to the Malfoy heir.
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Chapter 2

A Very Special New Years! (Part Two)

Scorpius was having fun dancing with Hermione. Though he could tell she didn’t like it too much. He knew that he was short, but you couldn’t really blame him, since he was so young. This dancing gave him more time to think about his plan, and to see if he really wanted to do this. He wasn’t afraid of dancing in front of others; in fact, the next step in his plan was for Draco to see him.
When he heard his father’s voice, he froze, and realized that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. Hermione quickly pulled away from him and looked pretty shocked and frozen too. Scorpius looked at his father, and put on the most innocent face that he could and he said, “What do you mean, father? I’m just dancing. Isn’t that something people do at these parties?”

Draco grabbed his arm and yanked him over to a corner and he said, “You dare try to force some adult to dance with you? You’re a child, and besides, aren’t you supposed to be in bed or something?”

Scorpius yanked his arm away from Draco and he shook his head and he then said, “You said I could stay up late, and I asked her if she’d dance with me and she said yes! All we were doing was talking and dancing. You don’t need to be so uptight.”

Draco stiffened when his son called him uptight. He couldn’t believe words from some little kid that he happened to share blood with bugged him this much. His son shouldn’t talk to him like this! But he didn’t want to be seen as the uptight father…that’s something he escaped from when his father got his lifetime sentence to Azkaban after the war.

“Fine, do whatever you want, I don’t care!” Draco said, hating the fact that he was giving in to the nine-year-old.

Scorpius wasn’t going to let his father give in so easily. He wanted to believe that his precious father was stronger than that. Not to mention that wouldn’t go with his plan. So he folded his arms and put a taunting expression, something he learned from his father. Not that he noticed him watching him while he told people off or talked to his friends.

“Ooh giving up so easily?” said Scorpius, “I bet you’re just jealous that I can get a girlfriend and you can’t. Or maybe it’s because I’m a better dancer than you.”

Draco looked astonished at his son. Oh how he’d kill to just throttle the little git for a while. The way his snarky attitude just waved in his face. But…perhaps he just had been taught well. But his words stung, even coming from a little kid.

“Hermione is not your girlfriend, child, and I’m a better dancer than you. I’ve had more experience.” Draco spat.

“Prove it.” Scorpius hissed at his father, smirking to himself.

Draco glared at Scorpius with extreme hate right now. If this was how he behaved when he was young, he didn’t blame Blaise for wanting to torture him with dealing with his ex-wife. He found this extremely unacceptable and not tolerable, but he didn’t want to be a coward like he had been all his life and not accept this challenge.

“Fine, I will.”


Draco then marched over to Hermione with the utmost pride, and Scorpius smirked behind his back as he watched his father walk over to her. If Hermione accepted the chance to dance with him, than phase three of his plan would be complete. Scorpius followed his father, just so he could see if it would work.

“Hermione! Seems Scorpius is being a smart mouth and challenged me to a dance competition, which I don’t intend to lose. Would you like to dance?” Draco said, offering his hand out to Hermione.

He honestly couldn’t believe he was doing this. He couldn’t believe that his son was making him dance with the woman he had hated since the day they met. The woman that had punched him in the face when they were thirteen. The woman who beat him in any and every test imaginable and he loathed her deeply for it. Hermione tried her very best not to laugh at what the situation was. Here was Draco Malfoy, her sworn enemy, asking her to dance all because his son challenged him to a dance contest. This was the most bizarre New Years that she ever had so far. But she wanted it to last, because she was finally having a good time.
“Well, I suppose I can judge. So…sure.” Hermione said with a bit of a giggle as she took Draco’s hand, and she could tell he was getting sweaty. He was obviously way nervous about this.

Scorpius watched his father lead Miss Hermione out to the dance floor and he whispered, “Score!” he smiled to himself, glad that phase three was complete. His heart felt all fluttery, because he was one step closer to having a mother again. Well, really he was doing this to give his father and a war hero a nice night, but perhaps this would help him too if everyone played their cards right.


“You’re lying!”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”




Scorpius found Lucy and Kyle, so that he had someone to talk to when his father and Hermione went off to dance. But he tried to tell him that his plan was working and Hermione was actually dancing with a living, breathing, man. But neither of them wanted to believe it, and they really thought that Scorpius was lying. Scorpius stood back in the corner, watching them waltz, and he smiled lightly, because he saw that his father actually looked happy. He seemed to be talking to her, and laughing even.

“Do you think…do you think it’ll really work?” asked Lucy gently.

Scorpius shrugged and he then said, “I dunno. Perhaps it will.”

“We can only hope, right?” Kyle said.

Scorpius nodded at the boy, and the three children stayed watching the dance, almost surprised that the rest of the adults didn’t notice this. Perhaps that whoever was around didn’t care about Hermione or Draco. So they just ignored the fact that they were dancing together like they had been friends for years.



“So, what?”

“How’s my dancing?” Draco asked, twirling Hermione around, loving how her dress flowed with each twirl.

Hermione just smiled and laughed at Draco. She then said, “It’s good, I suppose. But I think that your son has more rhythm.” She smirked a little at him, because she just loved the look on his face after she said that.

“Not true, Hermione. I’ve got way more rhythm than he does.” Draco said, almost whining that he did. His pride was already down, and he didn’t need Hermione Granger ruining it even more.

“Oh relax, Malfoy. You’re doing fine.” Hermione said with a laugh, because the whining voice of Draco and the look on his face was cute.

After a while, the two kept dancing, and they stayed silent. Mainly because it was pretty awkward be dancing with the person you hated all these years. But Hermione enjoyed the dance, because she had nothing better to do, and it was better than being all by herself watching the other couples toast and kiss. Eventually they stopped dancing and walked back over to Scorpius, and Hermione just grinned

“So? Who won?” asked Scorpius, with a cute smile on his face.

Hermione looked at the two Malfoys and tried to think of the best answer. She loved making them both wait in anticipation. She hardly could believe that any of this was happening, and she wondered where Draco’s wife was this whole time. But now was not the time to ask about that. Plus, she figured it was none of her business, and nothing was up. Draco was naturally competitive and she knew that it felt horrible to beaten and taunted by a little kid, so obviously he’d accept the challenge. Even if he was reluctant to do so, and he only pretended to have fun so that Scorpius didn’t get upset by a fight that could’ve broke out between her and Draco.

“I’m going to have to say…Draco. Scorpius, you’re a wonderful dancer, but your father has much more experience than you. I’m sorry.” Hermione said, gingerly smiling at the little boy.

“Aww!!! I tried hard though!!” cried Scorpius, trying to sound as upset as he could. But in reality he was glad that Hermione said that his father was the better dancer. Because that just made things easier.

“Well, you weren’t good enough, Scorpius. Now run along and leave Hermione alone and go find some children your own age.” Draco said, looking at his son, with a bit of a smirk.

Scorpius nodded, waved goodbye to Hermione, and took off to go find Lucinda and Kyle, because he had another job for them. Getting Draco to acknowledge Hermione’s existence by dancing with her was only the beginning of the plan. He may have been a little boy, but he knew very well his father’s views on muggleborns and he wouldn’t open up so easily to her. So he needed to find a way to get them to talk to each other as much as possible to really get to know each other.

“He’s sweet.” Hermione stated, with a bit of a giggle, feeling lighter and happier, for the first time all night.

“Yeah…” Draco said, growing quiet. This was just really awkward to him, and he didn’t want to be around Hermione that much longer. He had a tiny bit of fun, he’d admit, but she still was a mudblood, and not worth his time from what he remembered. “I’m going to go find Theo or something. I’ll um…see you later.” Draco said, before walking off to go find someone to distract him.

“Right…see you.” Hermione said with a sigh. It was too good to be true anyways…to have someone to hang out with at the party; especially him of all people. She walked the other direction, hoping to find Harry or someone; anyone but Lavender.


“We believe you. We saw it ourselves.”

The twins looked at Scorpius, who had found them, and decided that they should apologize to him for calling him a liar. They had seen Hermione dancing with Draco, and they were actually happy. They had nothing against their godmother, and they really disliked it when their mother said things about Hermione. But as children, sometimes they couldn’t help but repeat what their mother said and believe it. But Scorpius’s plan was looking like it was working, so they wanted to help, because she seemed so happy to have something to do.

“Good. Now do you think you can help me with a few more things? I need to think of a way to get father and Miss Hermione together more. So they can talk and get to know each other more.” Scorpius said with a nod, glad that they believed him.
Both twins looked at each other, and looked like they were thinking hard. They both wanted to help Scorpius, and do this, but they knew they had to think fast or they’d lose their chance.

“Dinner! I mean…kind of like dinner. Usually there is a meal...and there are place cards at each table. Perhaps we can change the place cards so they are forced to sit together.”

“Good thinking, Lucy.”

“Thanks, Kyle.”

Scorpius thought of the idea, and it would work, but dinner only lasted about an hour or two, depending on how many courses were in the meal. They had to have the dinner fairly late because they were staying up so long. Scorpius then sighed, trying to think of more ways to get them to be stuck together for longer than an hour or two so they could really talk.

“That’s a good idea, but we need more. We can do that, but someone has to distract Mrs. Zabini from the dining room, and they need more time to talk.”

“How about games? Sometimes Mrs. Zabini starts a game that everyone has to play if one of us asks. Sometimes she’ll give out prizes. It’s something she’d do to keep everyone entertained and occupied. Plus she finds it funny when us kids do better than the adults. We’ll make them partner up!” Kyle suggested.

Scorpius had a mental facepalm, surprised that he hadn’t remembered that. Last year they were all forced to play ‘guess the person next to you’s resolution,’ because the kids got bored and the adults just wanted to get them tired enough to get sent to bed already so they all could party. But they needed a game that they had to partner up for, and they had to figure out how to do that.

“Good plan. We just need to figure out how that’s going to work…”

“We’ll think of something.” Reassured Lucy.

The three children then sat together, and began plotting on how they were to get this done, and have Hermione and Draco spend all night together whether they liked it or not. Scorpius wished he had put more planning into this ahead of time, because he knew they only had midnight until his father chose whether he was staying or not. And he overheard Hermione telling Lavender that she was only staying until then. So he didn’t have much time.


“Attention everyone! It’s time for dinner! Please walk into the dining room in an orderly fashion and take a seat where your place card is at!” called Hestia over the large crowd of people, after hitting her champagne glass lightly with a silver spoon.

Everyone managed to hear her and they walked into the dining room, to take a seat. Lucy and Kyle managed to swap the place cards so that Draco and Hermione sat together, whilst everyone else still stayed sitting at a reasonable spot. Scorpius just bugged Hestia for a while, distracting her from keeping an eye on her dining room. They almost got caught, but luckily Lucy and Kyle remained quiet and calm under the table when they had to hide for a moment.

“Um…Hestia…do you have a reason for this…?” Draco asked, just now noticing that he had a table with just him and Hermione sitting at it.

Hestia looked at the table, confused. She had made that table for Kyle and Lucinda, so that the children didn’t have to eat with the adults, but she took a look at the place cards and it obviously said ‘Hermione Granger’ and ‘Draco Malfoy’. The third chair, Scorpius’s chair, was missing and currently it was at the adult’s table. She looked over to the other tables, to see that everyone was already sitting down, and even the children took seats at the actual table. It was too late to say anything now, because she had to keep her guests happy, so she sighed and looked back at Draco.

“I’m sorry, Draco. I have no idea…well…I don’t think it’ll be too much of a problem. It’s only dinner…” Hestia said, unsure of what else to say.

Draco sighed, and glanced at the table to see that everyone seemed to be closely knit at the adult table so there wasn’t any room for him to move his chair to over there. And the only spot that had a little space was next to his ex-wife, which in that case he’d take the chance of having to sit with Hermione.

“It’s alright, Hestia. Don’t worry yourself over it. I’ll sit here.”

Draco took a seat at the table and then saw Hermione walk in, and he grew nervous. Hermione had been using the loo so she didn’t hear the announcement for dinner until she noticed everyone was in the dining area while passing that room. She walked in and began to look for her place card. She wasn’t exactly accustomed to having assigned seats when she ate, but she wasn’t about to question it. She finally found hers, at a small table, and she wondered if this was some sort of sick joke because she was always alone nowadays. But she looked up from the place card to see Draco staring back at her.


“Yeah…Hestia says she has no idea what’s up with our cards…”


Hermione took a seat in front of him, and looked at him awkwardly. She could tell that he rather be somewhere else, and their dance just made everything even more awkward, because she now knew that his own son could have influence over him if he pushed him the right way. She stayed quiet for about a minute or so, until the appetizer appeared in front of them, and they were told to go ahead and start eating. So Hermione began to eat, but still felt strange.

“So…anything new with you?” Hermione finally asked, trying to break the awkward silence between them.

Draco just stared at her, thinking it was strange that she’d just say something out of the blue. But, somehow he was grateful that he didn’t have to eat his dinner in dead silence like he usually did. Scorpius always managed to get their house-elf to make him dinner before it was time, so Draco ate alone.

“Sorry…” Hermione mumbled, realizing that maybe Draco might not want to speak to her.

“Not really…same old, same old.” Draco said, finally speaking up. He didn’t think that it was fair for him to just ignore her. Sure, he had done it before, but now that he was an adult he realized how rude that was. He may as well say something, so they didn’t look like the social outcasts of the evening.

“Oh…same with me. Nothing really new…except I bought a few more books to add to my collection.” Hermione said.

“Like you really need more books,” said Draco with a light chuckle, “you must have almost a billion by now.”

“Close.” Hermione said, smiling a little; when she saw Draco’s raised eyebrow she said, “I’m kidding. I probably have close to a thousand.”


“What can I say? I love to read.”

Something about these words broke the ice between the two, once more, and Draco felt a bit more comfortable around her. He thought that just maybe since he had heard that she wasn’t married and didn’t have a date, and same goes with him, that maybe they could just hang out for the evening. So they didn’t have to be social rejects. Obviously, the last thing Draco wanted was to actually date her, or something like that, in fact, that didn’t even cross his mind, but he could talk to her like a friend, if she allowed it. He didn’t know about it, at first, but he figured he had nothing more to lose, really. His pride was close to going down the tubes anyways.

The two began small talk, at first, during the beginning courses, because they were just getting used to the fact that they could talk to each other and not have to worry about saying something wrong. But as the dinner progressed, they talked more and more. Then by dessert they were engaging in full conversations, laughing and talking. Some of the people from the adult’s table glanced over to see what in the world was going on, and they all began to whisper about what could possibly be going on. Harry, who was speaking with Ron, nearly choked when he saw Hermione talking to Draco like they had been friends for years. Ron felt stupid because he didn’t even know that Draco was even here, though it was obvious he would be, considering the host.
Both Hermione and Draco didn’t notice, because they were too busy engaged in their conversations. Hermione began thinking the same thing as Draco, and thought that perhaps they could just enjoy each others company, and then go back to their everyday lives. Use each other to survive this terror called being forced to go to some party they had no interest in.

“You know, Granger. You really aren’t that bad.” Draco said, getting up from the table when they were told they could leave, and get back to the ballroom.

Hermione couldn’t help but give Draco a genuine, not fake, smile, and she said, “You aren’t so bad yourself, Malfoy.”

They walked out of the dining room with everyone else, but they were talking and walking towards the couches to sit and chat some more. Scorpius, who was observing from his seat, smiled brightly and gave a thumbs up at Kyle and Lucinda, who returned the thumbs up.


As the night got farther in, and got closer and closer to midnight, a series of games were played, as suggested by the children and some were even games where the adults had to pick a partner to pair up with. Thanks to Scorpius’s rigging of the drawing out of a hat system, Draco ended up picking Hermione, and of course they played. With Hermione’s brains and Draco’s planning, they won quite a few games. Not all, but many.

By the time it was almost eleven-thirty, Scorpius no longer had to rig things and make a plan to get them to talk to each other and pick each other for partners. Kyle fell asleep on the staircase, so Lavender took him to bed, but Scorpius and Lucinda were still awake, managing to do this by all the candy and wizarding sodas they could consume. Scorpius watched from afar, and made sure that everything was going well. He felt light and floaty, like he had did something right. But he also felt more ambitious and more daring, trying to dim the lights, and make slow music play so that Draco and Hermione would have to dance. But each time he tried something like that, he almost got caught, and therefore, never got the chance.

“So, fifteen minutes to midnight. Amazing…never thought I’d make it through tonight.” Draco said, laughing a bit, as he walked towards the quieter part of the Estate, downstairs with Hermione. The crowd was getting a little too loud and rowdy for his tastes so he figured that maybe he and Hermione could speak downstairs.

Hermione nodded and said, “Me neither. But I’m still glad I came. You’re excellent at scavenger hunts.” She laughed, looking at the pretty silver bracelet on her wrist that they had won by winning that game.

Draco rolled his eyes and he laughed, and said, “Yeah, I suppose so. All thanks to having to look for everything that Scorpius loses on a daily basis.”

Hermione looked down for a moment, but smiled to herself. She couldn’t believe that this was happening, and she felt happy. Something that she had told herself she wouldn’t feel when Harry told her that she had to accept the invite and come to the party. She then looked up, noticing how warm and welcoming Draco’s eyes were nowadays. Not cold and icy like they used to be.

“He really looks up to you, you know that, right? I never thought I’d say this, but, you’re an excellent father. And I know doing all this without some sort of help is hard, but you get through it, and that’s what really matters. You care for each other.” Hermione said, gently. She felt bad for what happened between him and his ex-wife, but she was happy to see what a great child Scorpius was becoming, and hearing about how successful Draco was becoming at work.

“Yeah…I suppose so. I don’t really miss her. But…I really do miss having someone. But look at you…you’re the head of your department, have your own chocolate frog card, have tons of books and friends, and you don’t have someone like a husband. So you’ve kind of inspired me to look past it and really make something of myself…thank you.” Draco said, admitting that she put him in a great mood, and perhaps inspired him to try to not be so irritable, and be nicer to his son.

“You’re welcome, but you’re pretty amazing yourself.”

“I am, aren’t I?”

Hermione rolled her eyes and laughed, glad some things never changed. She kind of missed Draco’s attitude about himself; sure, his full of himself attitude annoyed her, but she always looked up to the fact he was always confident and sure of himself, whilst she was hesitant sometimes, and never thought herself to be worth very much at times.

“Uh huh…keep telling yourself that.” Hermione said.

“Hey! I am!” Draco said, playfully.

“Eh, you’re okay…I mean, sure I said you’re amazing, but to an extent.”

“Oh! So you want me to take back that bracelet I let you have!”

Hermione giggled and she shook her head and she then said, “No! It’s my bracelet. We both won it!”

Soon enough, both her and Draco got into a playful fight where Draco was trying to take her bracelet off of her, and she was trying to get away from him. But they were both laughing and acting like children, in a way, messing around. Soon enough, Draco had Hermione’s arm around her back, and he was facing her, with his hand on her bracelet. He smirked at her, knowing that he had won, but his heart began to race when he realized just how close they were.

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