A Very Special New Years!

A Very Special New Years!

Place cards, kissing, champagne, hiding behind potted plants, and awkward dancing. These are the things that make up a very special new years, all thanks to the Malfoy heir.
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Chapter 1

A Very Special New Years! (Part One)

The colourful lights gleamed in the dark night of winter on the New Year’s Eve. Muggles of all kinds were rushing home to their families to spend with them on this day, or some were rushing to make sure they weren’t late to their parties. But even the witches and wizards of England wanted to have fun, and in their part of the world, they were shooting off Weasley’s Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs, and kissing to ring in the New Year. But it wasn’t quite midnight yet, in fact, the night was just getting started at nineteen hundred hours. But one can agree that the most fun was happening at the New Year’s celebration held by the Zabini Estate. Blaise and his wife, Hestia, held a party every year, and to be invited to it was quite the honor.

After all, only the witches and wizards that were thought highly of were invited; along with any other friend or relative of the Zabini’s of course. In fact, right now the party was really going with guests arriving like crazy. All the way from Pansy Parkinson, to Hermione Granger. After the war, a lot of things changed. Some stayed the same of course, because as you know, most humans hate change. In fact, it’s only natural. But enough of this talk, and let’s just tell the story of how two very unexpected people came together for a kiss to ring in the New Year.


“Ah, Hermione! Happy New Year!” Harry called, giving Hermione a small hug, and receiving her small kiss on the cheek with warmth.

Hermione smiled, looking rather radiant in her red gown, her buttery brown hair up sitting neatly in a bun on her head. She couldn’t believe she was invited to this party. She had expected Harry to, considering he had killed the Dark Lord nearly ten years ago, but for her to be invited to such a party! Usually ‘rubbing elbows’ with the rich and arrogant wasn’t her thing, but she had nothing else really planned for the New Year, so she thought she may as well go and enjoy herself. Better than being all alone in her flat.

“Happy New Year, Harry.” Hermione said, beaming at him. He looked rather good, and she could tell why his wife, Ginny, was so proud to be with him. She had said hello to Ginny just as she walked in the door.

“Have you seen Ron? Or is he not invited?”

“Well…I only just got here. OH! There he is!”

Hermione spotted Ron amongst a few of his brothers. She sighed when she saw him, knowing that he was probably having a good time without her. Things got strange between them when he married Lavender. Sure, she knew that he was having a happy life, with his twins. A boy and a girl, named Lucinda and Kyle. But she still missed him, knowing she did have a bit of a crush on him. She spotted the twins amongst the crowd, both Fred and George along with Lucinda and Kyle. Obviously James, Albus, and possibly Lily were here too. She wished she had children to bring. Harry and Ron always playfully taunted her about being still single.

“Ron! Over here!” called Harry, waving the red-head over.

“Oi! Harry, Hermione! Happy New Year!” Ron called back, just noticing them.

Ron walked over to them and gave them both a big hug. He hadn’t seen Hermione, especially, in a long time. He saw Harry every day at work, but Hermione had been so wrapped up in her own life that they rarely had time to spend together. Not to mention dealing with rambunctious twins was a workday all on its own. She also seemed to be avoiding him, which baffled his mind, since he figured they were still friends. Hermione knew it was stupid to still be upset over this, considering Ron and Lavender had been married for years now, the twins being almost ten years old.

“So how have you two been? I know Lav has been good, and so are Lucy and Kyle.”

“I’ve been great; just got to say hello to Hermione, here.” Harry said with a grin.

Hermione folded her arms and she said, “I’ve been fine, Ronald.”

Ron looked at her with curiosity, since he only got the full name when he was in trouble. But he knew better than to question Hermione, because he was still a bit afraid of her, even after all these years. So he just smiled at her, and nodded, as if she didn’t say anything wrong, and wiped the curious look off of his face.

“Want to sit with Lav and I? I’m sure that Lucy and Kyle would like to see their Godmother and Uncle Harry.” Ron said enthusiastically.

“Sounds good, mate.” Harry said, with a nod.

Hermione sighed to herself, and nodded, deciding that this was going to be a long night if she had to deal with Lavender’s obnoxious behavior and pretend that she wasn’t still jealous of her because she liked Ron. Lavender knew perfectly well that Hermione was a bit jealous of her, and as much as she wanted to keep Hermione as a friend, she couldn’t help sometimes but rub the salt in where it burned.

“Hello Hermione. Still no date?” Lavender said, with a bitter-sweet smile on her face.

Hermione rolled her eyes and she just said, “Someone get me some champagne or something.”

Hermione was not, I repeat NOT in the mood to deal with Lavender’s behavior. But she wasn’t the only one who was going to have to deal with love problems tonight. Not even close.


“Father! Do we have to go to this lame party? I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of stuffy old people.” whined nine-and-a-half year old Scorpius Malfoy, as he walked with his father up to the front door to the Zabini Estate.

“Yes, now be quiet and behave like I told you.” Draco snapped.

Draco Malfoy was not in the mood to go to his best friend’s lame party. Sure, it wasn’t lame at all, but he wasn’t exactly in the mood to attend any kind of party at all. But as a fellow Slytherin, and friend, he was obligated to do so. Work at the Ministry was piling up fast and he barely could keep up, his wife had left him about four years ago, and just now had come back to cause hell for Draco, concerning his son, and the background checks at work were starting up again and thanks to his Dark Mark, Draco always got tense at that time of year. So it was obviously not the best time to think about having a great New Year’s Eve and have a party.

Draco rapped on the door of the Estate, and he folded his arms and took a deep breath, watching his breath turn to fog against the window beside the door. Scorpius stood beside him, and he looked rather impatient, but wiped that look right off of his face when he saw the burning glare his father was giving him.

“Oh! Draco! So glad you could make it,” Blaise said, swinging open the door with a wide grin at his best friend, “Oh, and lookie here. You’ve grown into quite the young man, Scorpius.”

Draco rolled his eyes, and Scorpius gave Blaise the trademark Malfoy smirk. Blaise invited them in and the two stepped out of the cold into the warm, inviting estate. Draco could already here the music that was playing upstairs. The party was always held in the Ballroom and the dining room beside it because all the delicate things that Hestia insisted on keeping in the Estate were all downstairs. Hestia didn’t want anyone to break anything when they got drunk or passed out, so she made sure that everyone knew to stay upstairs.

“Scorpius, my man, I need to talk to your father, so you go on ahead to the party. Just go upstairs and take a right. You should know where the ballroom is.” Blaise said, bending over, just barely to look at the boy.

Scorpius folded his arms and muttered a, “Yay.” as he walked up the stairs to the party. He ignored the fifth fiery glare from his father that night, and kept walking.

“Don’t be so hard on him, Draco. He’s like you when you were that age. Believe me…I’m your best friend, but you weren’t so fun to be around either sometimes.” Blaise said with a sigh.

“What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” Draco said, ignoring Blaise’s comment on Scorpius.

“Well…I…uhm…kind of invited…her.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I did.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Draco wanted to try to be civil and act like an adult, he would’ve punched his best friend in the face right at that moment. He was forced to come to some party that he couldn’t care less about, and now he had to act like a gentleman and be civil around her. The girl that ripped his heart out and stomped on it a couple of times, leaves for a long time, finally shows up again to file a divorce and they do, leaves again for a long time, and then comes back and demands Scorpius along with a form of child support? How could Blaise have been so stupid? Draco took a few deep breaths, doing his very best to just calm down, and not cause a scene.

“Why? Why did you have to invite her?” Draco said with scary calmness to his voice.

“I’m sorry, mate, I didn’t want to, but Hestia insisted that she’d be invited. She is, after all, Hestia’s friend. I tried explaining to her that you wouldn’t want to see her, but she wouldn’t have it!” Blaise said, trying to reason.

“Whatever, Blaise. I don’t care. But don’t expect me to like this.”

“I don’t expect you to. Just promise me you won’t cause a scene.”

“Not bloody likely.”


“I’m joking, I’ll try not to. But she says one thing out of line and it’s over.” Draco said sternly, looking at Blaise, letting him know that this was all he was going to get on the subject.

Blaise nodded, and led Draco upstairs, and began to introduce him to people that he knew that he didn’t know, doing his best to keep him away from his ex-wife so that nothing would start up. Draco was doing his best to have a good time, but it was rather hard when he saw how all the couples looked. It was rather disgusting to him, and made him want to lose his dinner.


Scorpius wandered around some, trying to think of things to do. No one would let him try any of the champagne; despite the fact that pretty much everyone was drinking something. He just sat down on a chair in the corner of the room and pretended that everyone didn’t exist. He just wished that he had something better to do.

“Hello! Watcha doin’ all alone?”

Scorpius looked up when he heard a female voice, and he saw a girl about his age looking at him, along with a boy who seemed to look a bit like her. He figured that they must be siblings. And judging by the fact they looked about the same age, he figured they were probably also twins. He just stared at them for a moment, thinking he shouldn’t have to answer to them, but he was bored, and feeling rather lucky that someone was there to talk to him.

“Just thinking. Bored, mostly.” Scorpius responded with a lazy shrug.

“I’m bored too. Mum made us come,” said the boy, “Say…what’s your name? I’m Kyle, and this is my twin sister, Lucinda. But we call her Lucy.”

Scorpius nodded, and smirked a bit to himself, because he was right about the siblings and twin thing. He swung his legs in his chair for a while and he then said, “I’m Scorpius. Pleasure to meet you, Kyle and Lucy.”

He glared at them as they both tried to hold their snickers. He knew that his name was weird. He tried telling his father that he was a lousy name picker, but his father insisted it was only tradition that he has a name that was part of a constellation. But he would’ve rather have something like Orion or something more manly. The twins calmed down, and didn’t hold their snickers anymore because they were gone and Lucy began to speak.

“Nice to meet you, Scorpius. So how come you have to be here?”

“I have to be here because my father made me be here…so…why isn’t your mum showing you off to everyone else?”

The twins exchanged curious looks, because they weren’t accustomed to someone showing them off like they were trophies, bragging about how many accomplishments they had, and so on. Scorpius hated that, but luckily his father didn’t do that. It was his mother that treated him like the trophy son. That was kind of a reason why he didn’t want to be here even more, because he had spotted her amongst the crowd, gossiping with Pansy, Daphne, and Hestia.

“Mum doesn’t show us off…!” laughed Kyle.

“That’s absurd!” giggled Lucy.

Scorpius shrugged and he then said, “Eh, I agree. Just a question, just so you know.”

“Mum is too busy talking to Miss Hermione right now.” Said Kyle.

Lucinda nodded and she said, “Mum says that it’s weird that Miss Hermione is still single at this point in life and she is going to be some old cat lady.”

Both twins burst out laughing, but the wheels started turning in Scorpius’s head. Hermione? As in the woman who was part of the Golden Trio and saved the world from Voldemort? He only knew that because he had secretly gotten her Chocolate Frog Card before. It would only make sense that she was here at this party. A lot of famous witches and wizards were here. But the fact that she was single made Scorpius’s devious mind come up with something good. He knew that his father hated to see all the couples. He never admitted it, but Scorpius could see it. Just something an innocent child can see, but most others can’t. So he figured that Miss Hermione must feel the same. And he now decided that he had something to do this New Years. Something to do to keep his mind occupied while he was forced to be at this party.

“Single, you say?” Scorpius asked, with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, pathetic isn’t it?” Kyle said, clutching his stomach from laughter.

“Do you think that you two could distract your mum from Miss Hermione for a couple of hours?” Scorpius asked.

“Why? So you can get her a date? Not going to happen. Mum says she’s hopeless.” Lucy said, rolling her eyes.

Scorpius made his look as stern as he could, but his cute nine-year old face would make any adult smile and laugh. He then said, “Just do it, okay?” He was determined to give both his father and this lady a nice New Years. If he couldn’t, since he was stuck with a bunch of adults and two obnoxious twins, he wanted to make sure that someone would. Plus it would serve as sweet revenge to his mother and Lucy and Kyle’s mother.

“Alright, if you think you can do it…”

“We’re on it!”

The twins took off to go find their mother, and Scorpius stood up, getting off of his chair. He smoothed down his dress robes and headed for the bathroom. He had to make himself look as nice as possible if he wanted this plan to work. The plan continued to formulate in his head as he re-combed his silvery blond hair, and looked at himself in the mirror with a smirk.


“Really, Lavender. If I wanted a boyfriend I could get one myself. I really don’t need to try using a love potion.” Hermione said, reaching her last thread at this point with the woman.

Both Ron and Harry had walked off to go speak with Neville and a few other friends of theirs so the two women were left alone, much to Hermione’s torture. Lavender was trying to come up with ways to get Hermione a boyfriend, but Hermione could easily tell that she thought she was hopeless and didn’t want to help at all, but instead mock her.

“Hermione I’m only…” started Lavender, but she was quickly interrupted.

“Mum! Mum!”

Both Lavender and Hermione turned their heads around to see both Lucinda and Kyle running at them like there was a fire in the kitchen or something, both shouting for their mother. Hermione gave them a smile, since she at least liked them. Plus, she didn’t want to lose her cool in front of the children. Lavender sighed when she saw them, but she smiled and she said, “Is there something you need, sweeties?”

“Well…uhm…Lucy…what was it that we were coming here for?” Kyle asked, looking at his sister, just realizing they didn’t have a plan like the young Malfoy heir did.

Lucy thought for a moment and she then said, “Mum…well…we came over here because Dad wanted you to talk with Uncle Fred and George too. He says you’re spending too much time with Miss Hermione and you should say hello to everyone else.” She smiled, thinking that she came up with something good for now to keep her occupied for a while.

“Oh? You don’t say? Alright, tell your father I’m going now,” said Lavender, nodding. She turned to Hermione and she said, “I’m sorry, but I must say hello to everyone else. We shall talk later.”

Hermione gave her a look that said ‘oh don’t worry about little old me.’ but she wasn’t thinking that in her head. Lucy, Kyle, and Lavender both left and she was left alone once again. She sighed, but was grateful that she was gone. She closed her eyes for a moment to relax, but was quickly awaken by someone speaking to her.

“Hello, you’re Miss Hermione Granger, correct?” said the boy that was standing in front of her.

Hermione quickly opened her eyes and stood up quickly, though widening her brown eyes when she saw who stood in front of her. She had no clue who this boy was, but he reminded her of someone she hadn’t seen in several years. But he looked rather young…probably Lucy and Kyle’s age. She gave the boy a curious look, but answered him anyways.

“Yes…” she said, slowly, looking down at the boy.

The boy smiled at her and he took her hand and kissed it lightly and he then said, “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Granger. I suppose it would only be polite to introduce myself. My name is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. But you may call me either Scorp, or Scorpius.”

Hermione widened her eyes when she felt the touch of Scorpius’s lips on her hand, and when she heard what his surname was. That explained his looks. His icy eyes, his shiny white-blond hair, and his thin figure…this just had to be Draco Malfoy’s son. But she hadn’t seen him in years, and she hadn’t seen him at the party at all either.

“I…uhm…” Hermione said, unsure of how to react to the little boy.

“No, don’t feel so scared. I know you may wonder if you’re good enough for a rich, Malfoy heir such as myself, but don’t you worry. I won’t judge.” Scorpius said, with a grin, showing off his rows of baby teeth, with a few adult teeth.

He tried to use the biggest words he could think of, so he could impress her. He needed her to go with him, otherwise his plan wouldn’t work. He didn’t know too many big words…well…what he perceived to be big words, but he knew a few from listening to his father speak to various friends of his. He looked into Hermione’s brown eyes, and he imagined, for a moment, having her as a mother; if he was going to see if he could get her and his father together, than it was only natural for him to think about it.
Hermione pulled her hand away, and did her best not to glare at the boy for his attitude. Just like Draco. Full of himself at such a young age made her feel lost for hope for the children of the future.

She then said sternly, “I’m not intimidated by you, Scorpius. And it’s not polite to suggest I am. Especially to someone much older and wiser than you.”

Scorpius sighed, taking his hand away, and mentally slapping himself. He hated how she didn’t just giggle and go with it, much like he saw at a lot of dinner parties his father dragged him to. She was different than the others, and this irritated him a bit. But he smirked in his mind, because he loved a challenge. But his mind went quickly to find a new approach at this, and he figured that the best was to be completely honest, just without including the fact he was doing this for his father.

“You’re right…I’m sorry, Miss Granger. I just…I wanted something to do this New Years, but instead I was dragged to some party, and I have nothing better to do…so I wanted to find someone to dance with and all the other girls at this party won’t talk to me…” Scorpius began to ramble, making some stuff up, such as the fact he asked some girls to dance.

Hermione looked at the boy, who suddenly looked solemn and she felt bad for him. If he truly was Draco’s son, than it was only natural for him to approach someone and immediately assume that they were below him. But something told her that he just wanted attention, as most children do, and he was instead sentenced to be ignored at a party more for adults. She then folded her arms, and thought for a moment, thinking she was going to regret her next words.

“If you really want to…I’ll dance with you. Just no calling yourself above me or anything, because that’s rude.” Hermione said, looking at the child.

Suddenly a huge smile formed on the boy’s face and he took her hand and he said, “Brilliant. I promise I won’t say anything bad. Come on.” He dragged her out to the dance floor, and he felt proud of himself for succeeding at part one of his plan.
Hermione kept telling herself that she was seriously going to regret doing this. How did she drop this desperate…this low…to go and dance with a nine-year-old kid who was the spawn of the guy she have hated for years. At least it was better than doing nothing. So she bent over a little, trying to dance with the small boy, feeling rather pathetic, but she had to admit, at least Scorpius could dance.


Draco was starting to relax and have fun now, though he still would’ve snapped if his ex-wife were to come near him and say something wrong. Good thing his best friend was one of the hosts and could make sure that order was kept and keep him calm. By this time he had a glass or two of champagne, and he glanced at the clock to see that it was already around seven forty-five at night. He had until midnight, and then he could either go home, or stay and get as drunk as he wanted and pass out on one of the many guest rooms in this place. It was a guarantee Scorpius was staying here overnight, since he always did at parties that went on this long, because of his bedtime. But once a year he was allowed to stay up late; and that was New Years.

“Having fun yet?” asked Blaise, walking back over to Draco, after he was done talking to a lot of his other guests.

Draco shrugged and he took a sip of his champagne and said, “Eh…I suppose so. A lot of people I haven’t seen in years here, I can see.”

Blaise nodded and he then said, “Hestia wanted a bigger guest list, what can I say? At least you seem to not be thinking about her.”

“I was until you just said that.”

“Sorry, mate.”

“It’s alright…just…don’t bring her up too much…especially around Scorpius.”

Blaise knew that Scorpius’s mother leaving was very traumatic, and made Scorpius have a constant need to have a maternal figure in his life, making him do a lot of things that most people wouldn’t do just to get a little taste of what it’s like to have a mother. Blaise then had to do a double take when he took a glance out at the dance floor and saw that Hermione Granger was attempting to dance with Scorpius. Blaise started laughing, and Draco looked at him like he was insane.

“What are you laughing at?!”

“Speaking of Scorpius, looks like he gets more action with girls than you do.”

“What?” Draco asked, finding it hard to believe his nine year old would have any sort of action with a female; innocent or not.
“Look!” Blaise said, catching his breath, pointing right at Scorpius and Hermione.

Draco whipped his head around and looked where Blaise’s finger was pointing at. He couldn’t believe the sight he was seeing. There was Hermione Granger, who he hadn’t seen since the day Harry killed Voldemort at the celebration feast, trying to waltz with his nine-year-old son. He wasn’t sure if he should laugh or be repulsed. He glared their direction, but he knew that neither of them could see. They were way too busy for that.

“Draco, don’t do anything rash. I’m sure Scorpius just wanted his fun.” Blaise said, calming down.

Draco ignored Blaise once more and started walking in that direction. He wanted a word with his son, and he wanted it now. He walked over to them and he stayed back, just for a moment, to just see if Hermione was really okay with that. He had no clue what kind of joke his son was playing, but he didn’t like it one bit.

“Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, what do you think you are doing?” Draco said in almost a booming, stern voice. He folded his arms and glared down at his son.

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