Oneshots for Missmalfoy2's Contest

These are two oneshots for Missmalfoy's fanfiction oneshot contest. These are Death Note fanfics.

Please note that the first oneshot has a bit of yaoi in it so if you don't like that stuff, please don't read it. The second oneshot does not have any romance in it though.

Thanks for reading the intro and I hope you like these! This is my first attempt at oneshots. :)

Chapter 1

Mixed Feelings

"You're not god. Not even close."

L Lawliet sat in his usual crouched position, eating cake and staring at his computer monitor. He was going over the latest data for the Kira case.
The Task Force had recently stopped a man named Kyosuke Higuchi who was believed to be Kira. They could not get any information from Higuchi of how he killed because he died suddenly during his arrest.
The Task Force did however find a mysterious notebook in Higuchi's car called the Death Note. L now at least knew how Kira had killed his victims. Higuchi had written down peoples' names in the Death Note which killed them. The Task Force also discovered that the Death Note was given to Kira by a Shinigami.
These discoveries were promising of course but there were still many questions left unanswered. L still suspected Light Yagami of being Kira and Misa Amane of being the second Kira. The only problem with L's theory was the 13 day rule written in the back of the notebook. It said that anyone who uses the Death Note must keep killing people or they would die in 13 days. L had a hard time believing that rule. Could it be possible that Light added the rule in the notebook just to confuse him?
Now it also seemed that there was another Kira killing criminals again. To add to L's stress, this new Kira appeared right after Misa and Light were released from surveillance. This left L in a difficult situation indeed.
L was awakened from his thoughts. He turned around to see Light standing there.
"Oh, hello Light," L greeted in his usual monotone voice.
Light looked over the detective's shoulder and peered at the data displayed on the screen. "Ryuzaki, I doubt you'll make any progress on the case today. You should take a break."
"Because this is going to be one of your last days on Earth so you better enjoy it!" Light thought to himself. "Now that I finally free I will make it my personal duty to kill you L. Mwahaha!"
L raised an eyebrow. "Light?"
Light realized he had actually stared to chuckle out loud. He quickly regained his composure. "It's nothing. So what do you say? Want to go out for a while?"
L shook his head. "I am afraid I have too much to do here. There are far too many unanswered questions still."
"Come on Ryuzaki. I'll even buy you Ice Cream," Light protested.
L brought his thumb to his lips. Why was Light being so nice? Did he want to get some sort of information out of L he could use to his advantage? Well two could play at that game.
The detective hopped off the chair and turned to Light. "I would like chocolate and vanilla swirl please."
Light laughed. "That's the spirit."
Light and L both exited the building side-by-side. They began to walk down the street headed to the local Ice Cream parlor. Light glanced over at the other man. As much as the detective annoyed him, he did have to admit he would miss L after Light would force Rem into killing him. Of course Light wanted Ryuzaki dead but after being handcuffed to L for so long, the boy had become fond of the sugar-crazed detective. Light figured he could at least make L's last few days on Earth enjoyable, even if Ryuzaki was his rival.
At the Ice Cream Parlor, L ordered five different kinds of Ice Cream and would of kept going if Light had not insisted that L should take it easy. Light wondered if there was ever any end to L's stomach.
When the duo arrived back at head quarters, L did something very unexpected.
"Thank you Light. You are a good friend," L said smiling.
Light slightly blushed. "It was the least I could do."
"The least you could do? I don't think you needed to do something like that." L grew suspicious. "Do you feel guilty about something and wanted to make it up to me?"
Light glared at the older man. "No! For the last time, I'm not Kira! It was just a nice gesture, jeez Ryuzaki!"
"I don't believe I mentioned anything about Kira," L stated. "Why so defensive Light?"
"I swear, you make me angrier than anyone I have ever met! Not everything I do has a secret evil motive!" In reality, Light was just mad that L had seen through his plan.
"The odds of you being Kira have increased by 5%," L informed Light. "And the more you shout at me, the more I suspect you."
At that moment Light felt like punching Ryuzaki but he kept his emotions in check. The detective would be dead soon so it no longer mattered if L knew he was Kira or not. Besides, Light was no longer interested in playing mind games with L. Instead he wanted something else.
"You know what L, I do want to tell you something," Light admitted.
L eyed Light. "What is it?"
Light leaned in close to Ryuzaki and whispered, "I love you."
Before L could react, Light grabbed the detective and kissed him. L squirmed and tried to pull away. Light kept Ryuzaki in a firm grasp though. Finally after a minitue or so, Light released the detective.
L stepped away from Light. "Don't ever kiss me again!" he growled.
Light smirked and took a step closer to L. "I'm a future god, I can do whatever I like."
"You are no god! Even if you are Kira, you will never be a god!" L shouted.
Light laughed. "We'll see about that." The teen turned his back to L and walked away.
L sighed. "What the heck just happened?"

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