My loyalty to my uncle means I shouldn't love you, But I do

A story about the niece of Severous Snape.

Chapter 1

Can I go to Hogwarts?

Name - Chanda Eileen Tobias Snape
Mother - Eva Snape (dont know maiden name)
Dad - Sophus Snape

Apearence - Tall skinny curves in all the right places (as some would say), Can change eye colour at will, long black hair with streaks(whatever colour she chooses to dye them), has a rockish look.

Personality - Fun loving and care free,unpredictable, slightly reckless but really smart and applies herself to her studies as well as knowing when to kick back and relax

Age- 18 but starting first year as she went to mugggle school until end of GCSE due to her muggle mum wanting her to have a muggle education she moslty got A's and B's

Friends - pretty much everyone except Slytherins

I was sat at home when Uncle Severous came in it was the christmas holidays. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug.
"Hey uncle Sev" I smiled then went back to my music.
"Hey there Chan" He smiled at me
"Hey Severous can I asked you a favor?" Dad asked him
"Anything Sophus" Uncle Severous said looking concerned
"Do you think you could speak to dumbledore and see if Chandra can start learning magic?" I heard dad ask him
"I dont know I mean she will be 18 the day before we go back" Severous said I ran over to him
"please, Talk to him I really want to learn magic" I said giving him my puppy dog eyes
"Okay I will talk to him" Seveerous said
"Thank you uncle Sev" I said and hugged him again. I heard the phone ring and ran to get it.
([[red writing is person on other side of phone]])
"Hello" I said answering the phone
[["Hey Chan It's George"]] My boyfriend replied and I smiled
"Hey George what's up" I smiled to myself remembering last night
[["Look Chan the thing is, we need to talk"]] he said and he sounded sirious, this can't be good
"What abou " I started when there was a knock on the door "hold that thought"
"Wheres Chan?" I heared a girl say I recognised her as my best friend Alverdine Finnigan. She had long Blonde hair and loved the same stuff as me, so like me she had a rockish look. she was tall slim and very pretty.
"Hey Finni whats up?" I asked I always shortend her last name for her nickname as it was easier than shortening her first name
"Is that George on the phone?" She asked
"yer why?" I said confused
"Dump him he cheated on you with that S@*g Rebecca" She told me I knew she was telling the truth as we had been friends for pretty much all our life
"I need to here it from him first" I said and she nodded
"George is it true you cheated on me with Rebecca?" I asked him
[["Let me geuss Thorne is there"]] he said
"answer the queastion" I demanded
[["yes but let me explain"]] he started but I cut him off
"No chance we are over you pathetic S@$T, oh and by the way you were C$@P" I snapped at him then hung up.
"You okay?" Alverdine said sympathetically
"Fine you know me I always bounce back, you know what lets go out on the town just me and you see if we can get new boyfreinds" I said
"Sure I will get some stuff from home " Alverdine smiled and headed off I went and asked mum and Dad for money and they gave me a decent amount.
Alverdine came back and we went into my room and the two of us changed into some of our favorite Blue Banana Dresses.(

We then headed out to some clubs and had a few drinks. We had fun and it was well after midnight before we got back to mine. I change into black shorts and a dark purple top and fell onto my bed and Alverdine changed into blue shorts and top and passed out on the spare bed I laughed at her as she muttered in her sleep. I put on some music and fell asleep myself.

We were woken up the next morning when mum shouted us up for breakfast knowing Alverdine would end up stoping at mine. we both groaned, But got up even though we really didn't want to. We headed to the kitchen dining room.
"Mornig girls" Mum smiled
"urgh Its too early" I moaned and we sat and ate
"I made you a full english no tomatoes or mushrooms though" mum laughed
"Thanks" me and Alverdine munbled once we had breakfast we showered and change into some jeans and t-shirts, my eyes were there usual blue they always were around muggles. There was a knock at the door and the two of us groaned our heads pounding, I headed to the door and answered it to see my uncle Severous.
"Urgh do you have to knock so loud?" I groaned
"Let me guess Hangover?" He smiled
"oh shut up" I said giving an unimpressed face
"Wheres your dad?" Severous asked I pointed to the dining room "Come with me"
I followed him into the dining room dad looked up and saw us.
"Hey Severous" Dad smiled Alverdine followed me and Severous in.
"I spoke to the headmaster, He says arrangments will be made for you to be aloud to go" Severous smiled
"Yes" I yelled which I instantly regretted as it made mine and Alverdines head pound "Owww"
"OW and what going on?" Alverdine asked I hadn't told her I was a witch
"Can I tell her? she is my best friend she wont tell anyone I promise" I begged
they looked at each other and nodded a smiled
"whats going on?" Alverdine asked again
"I am going to Hogwarts, its this school for" I started but Alverdine cut me off
"for magic I know my cousin started there last year and the fact I live with them, I get to know these things" Alvedine smiled
"What Shortie goes to Hogwarts?" I said shocked
"yer he started last year he's in Gryffindor" She said
"cool I get to torment he all the time when I go don't tell him I'm going though" I grinned
"No problem Chan" Alverdine grinned back knowing full well I was planning something
A.N, had this Idea for a while now decided to finally write it :)

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