Unspoken Love (a Draco malfoy love story)

Ok this is my first story hope u like it

Chapter 1

Bad News

"Sammy dear..... We have some bad news for you." Mrs. Weasley said as I came down the stairs. " yes..... What is it?" " well... Have a seat dear" "ok" I said as I took a seat in my favorite chair the nice fluffy one. "you see dear...... Your father was found dead yesterday" when mrs. Weasley said that I could swear I heard my heart crack in pieces and I fell to the ground. "come one dear I will have Ginny help you pack" "Pack what do you mean pack" I said in between sobs "well dear you have to go live with ur mother at malfoy manner" "ok I'll go pack when will I be leaving?" "in an hour dear" after that I walked up stairs and Ginny helped me pack. "well bye everyone see u all at school" I said as I was hugging everybody "bye Sammy see you in school" Harry said giving me a hug "well this is it" I said as I left by floo powder off to malfoy manner.

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