Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

so I'm doing this story with ILuvharrypotterHP, who I met on Chatzy. We're both huge Harry Potter fans, and wanted to write this for you guys. Thanks for being a great friend Kay.

Chapter 1


Name: Lilliana Rece
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 4th
Friends: Kay, Tammy, Roxy, Cissy, Draco, Ron, Harry, Fred, George, Neville, Emma
Enemies: anyone who hate Draco or her brothers
Looks: sandy blond hair, ice blue eyes that can be green
Personalty: mean, nice, bold, strong, friendly
Siblings (if have any) and their houses: Luke slytherin Fred and George's year, Jason Huffelpuff Cho's year, James Gryffindor her year
About the character: should be in Slytherin, Mean, Hates James and Jason, Is always with Draco in the library or the SCR
BF/GF HP style: Draco

Name:Mikayla Goldstein
Friends:All weasleys,Harry,all Gryffindors,Draco,Cissy,Tammy,Roxy,Lilliana,her brother(s) Mostly everyone
Enemies:those who are mean to her,etc
Looks:Long dirty blonde hair,blue eyes,people say it's blue-green and gray although she denies it
Personalty:Fun,Funny,caring,really brave,loyal,sarcastic
Siblings (if have any) and their houses:Anthony (Ravenclaw),her year
About the character:Also has a pet cat named Elvira and another named Shadow.Crabbe and Goyle fancies her,but she thinks it's disturbing
BF/GF HP style:Ron Weasley

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