Summer in La Push (A Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Name: Grace McKenzie Sun
Age: 16
Gender: Girl, duh
Hair color: A bit lower than shoulder length, wavey, long-layered light brown hair
Eye color: Changes from blue (though blue most of the time) to a purplish blue
Height: 5,4
Talents: Singing, song-writing
Family: Lives with mom, Linda Sun, and brother Jason Sun
Originally lives in: Ocean City, New Jersey

Chapter 1

Getting to La Push

by: eggegg

"Grace." I heard a voice say, as I was being shoved a bit. I groaned, not wanting to wake up. I wasn't looking forward to today, so I rolled back over. My brother shoved me harder almost yelling "GRACE MCKENZIE SUN! GET UP NOW!" I sat up, my eyes wide from his yelling. He usually never screams... but he has been a bit temperamental lately. I got up, slipping my feet into my sock money slippers and headed down stairs not bothering to dress, fix my hair, or do my makeup. "You can be a pain sometimes Jason, did you know that?" He mumbled something I couldn't make out and headed into the kitchen as we reached the living room. I looked through the hole, which was not really a hole, you know those gaps they use as counters that connect the rooms? Well yeah, it was that, I just don't know the name, and yelled "I can still see you, you know." He replied "Whatever." . I had been looking forward to summer vacation, until my mom saw that I got a D in practically every subject and was sending me and my brother to La Push, WA. My brother freaked out when my mom said he had to come with me to make sure I 'behaved' and studied. Seriously, I'm 16, it's not like I need a d@mn babysitter. I didn't know what was up with my mom. Speaking of the devil, here she comes.

"Hi Grace." My mom said, grabbing a cup of coffee from the coffee maker she had started earlier. I ignored her, not in the mood to talk to the one who ruined my summer vacation, and probably the best one that would have ever been. I heard a yell from my brother that we were leaving in 30 minutes. I quickly ran upstairs, took an extremely quick shower, threw on some washed out dark short shorts, a sky blue shirt to make my eyes stand out, some blue and black DC sneakers, a headband, and some bracelets. I didn't have my ears pierced, it was something I didn't ever feel like doing. Have my ears stabbed with needles? No thanks. I put on a light amount of makeup, and got in the pre-packed car.

Jason and I were staying at my cousin Sam and his fiance's house. They said that they had an extra bedroom and a guest room, so me and Jason were pretty much set. I stared out the window. Goodbye, warm sunny Jersey shore summer, and hello coldish rainy La Push, Washington... At least my cousin has all these friends who come over like everyday. I only knew because when my sister... who died... went there she said that they'd just run off into the woods and come back with no shirts on. I laughed when she told me and said I could get used to that. I won't be too bored for too long.

I don't really like talking about my sisters death. It just brings back memories. Ones that make me sad, sadder than I already am. I studied my brother for a moment, his eyes were glued on the road. I can't believe in all my 15 years of living and knowing him, I just realized he looks a lot like me. Just 2 years older. He has the same slightly wavey light brown hair, and blue eyes. I was a bit tanner than him though, since he spent practically everyday in his room, while I was at the beach. Not to mention the facial features, we both had angular cheek bones, and the same roundish cheeks. Mine still had a bit of baby fat though, thanks to my Polishness. Also our eye brows, I had just plucked mine so they were more arched, but they're usually straight and curved down a bit at the ends, like my brothers were naturally. He seemed to notice me staring and said "Could you look out the window again? You're scaring me at how hard you're concentrating on my face." I turned away, my face turning hot in embarrassment.

We arrived at the airport, waited in line, got our tickets, went through the scanning machine thingy's and got on the plane. His seat was a few rows down from mine, so I got a bit of privacy from the one who probably wants to kill me. I stared out the window for about an hour, eventually drifting to sleep around 12 pm. I felt the plane landing, and my eyes popped open. I looked at my watch. It read 5:34. Me and Jason found each other, got off the plane, and started searching for Sam. I fixed my shirt, once I caught a glimpse of him. I tucked a few fly-aways back in and ran over to hug him. Woah. He got really buff since he last visited. And he was warm... REALLY warm. I pulled away from his hug and asked "Do you have a fever? You better not get me sick," I put my hands up smiling. A little glimpse of fear flashed in his eyes, but he quickly smiled a fake smile and said "No, I guess I just overheated the car..." I then asked, staring at his muscles that just oh so happened to definitely show through his shirt "And oh my God, you must've really been working out. You're like as hard as a freaking rock!" I punched a bit at his arms. He smiled and said "Yeah, I guess you could say I have." I wasn't going to flatter him anymore since he wasn't too much of a person who liked to be complimented, but I definitely noticed he grew like at least 4 inches. I noticed his fiancee wasn't here, she must be at home. After him and my brother greeted each other we headed out to Sam's car.

We arrived at his house. Jason and Sam brought in the luggage while I merrily skipped to the house, excited to meet this 'Emily' person. I popped my head through the door, surprised it wasn't locked and called "Hello? Anyone home?" I heard a girls voice say "Oh they must be here!" A few seconds later I saw a tan girl walk around the corner. She had black hair, which was styled into bangs and long straight pigtails. She was quite pretty too, and had dark brown, almost black eyes. But the thing I noticed most about her was the scars on her face. It looked like her face was broken, and she was made of porcelain. I wasn't going to be rude and ask her, so I said "Hi! I'm Grace, Sam's cousin." She looked at me and smiled, saying "Well you certainly don't look like Sam, but you're pretty. I'm Emily." She stuck a hand out, and I shook it. My brother walked in with his 3 suitcases, and Sam was hauling all of my 7 cases. I stared at him in awe, HOW THE HECK COULD HE DO THAT! Each of those cases had to be at least like 10 to 15 pounds.... don't ask. They said to make myself feel at home in the phone conversation. We got our stuff into our rooms and started unpacking.

I heard a bunch of boys yelling outside. I looked out my window and saw at least 5 or 6 shirtless, tan, muscly dudes running to the house. My eyes widened. I rubbed my eyes with my fists in balls, making sure I wasn't hallucinating. Nope they were still there. One of them caught me staring and waved, shooting me a smile. I blushed and waved back, stepping back quickly from the window. I think those were the boys my sister talked about. I looked at my outfit. I COULD NOT go down there looking like I was. I changed into a bit more formal top that wasn't too overdone, and some nicer black short shorts. I then put on silver flats with roses on the ends to match my shirt, and touched up my makeup. Emily called me and Jason down for dinner, and just in time I thought too.

I walked down the stairs slowly, unlike my brother who took like 3 steps at a time. Sam stood up, greeting me to the boys. He told me their names in a line. "Guys, meet Grace. Grace this is Embry, Quil, Paul, Jacob, Jared, and Seth." I quickly glanced at each of them as he ran over their names, but I paused for a few seconds on Seth. He looked me straight in the eye... I could've melted right there and then... It was like I was in a pool of chocolate. I snapped into reality and shot them all a quick smile and a tiny "Hi." before I darted to the kitchen, but as I was walking in I glanced to see that all of them were discussing something with Seth.

When I got into the dining room, all the seats were taken. I said quietly "Oh... uh..." All of the boys scooted over so there was room on their seats and I started laughing. Sam said rolling his eyes "I'll get another chair." I laughed again when I heard a few 'Aww's.' Sam came back with a small stool. He said "Sorry this was all I could find." I shrugged and said "No it's fine. Thanks." He placed the stool between who I think was Jacob and who I definitely knew was Seth. I was still kind of confused about what happened earlier, and I sat down. Embry asked me "So... where are you guys from?" I looked up from the salad I was poking at, not really feeling hungry and said "Ocean City, New Jersey." Paul said "Isn't that near Jersey Shore?" I nodded, giggling. Seth said "So I'm guessing you go to the beach a lot. You know, we have a beach here, First Beach." I looked at him and said "Yeah I do go a lot. And a beach here? That's great, I guess I'll have something to remind me of home." Quil asked "So why are you here." I'm glad I wasn't eating because I would've definitely spit up some food at that question. I stared cautiously at Jason who was glaring at me. The boys seemed to notice and I said "Um. I had a little feud... with my grades." They laughed. I made a face saying "How is that funny?" Embry said, half-laughing "No it was just your brothers face. The way he was looking at you." I looked at my brother who was now just stuffing his face in food and said smiling "Oh." Jacob asked "Are you gonna eat any food? Cause I'll eat that for you." I glanced at Jacob then looked at his face to reply "Uh, nah I'm not that hungry, I guess you could have it." Jacob was really good looking... and not to mention he probably had the most muscles of all of them. But Seth was adorable. I could stare at him all day. Plus he had some muscles himself. Heck, they all did. Plus they were shirtless, which was an advantage.

Once they were finished eating, I got up and sat on the couch. I felt my heavy eye lids closing when I felt someone sit next to be. It was Seth. I looked at him, and smiled a half-smile. He grinned back and asked "So... uh do you want to go to the beach?" It was getting pretty dark, and I asked "Isn't it a little dark?" He said "Don't worry. I definitely know my way to the beach." I felt this urge forcing my to just glance at his muscles. I did, for like a second, hoping he didn't realize, but judged on the way he was eyeing me, he had noticed. I blushed and said "Oh, sure. I'll be right back." I ran upstairs and put on a simple white average bikini, and threw on a short dress cover up. I grabbed just a towel since I didn't need sun screen cause it was night. I hopped downstairs and we walked outside, down the dark road, and to the beach.

As we were walking down the road, I heard a ruffle in the bushes next to me and jumped high in the air, falling back a little bit, only to be caught by Seth. I looked up at him smiling, and he smiled back. I stood up straight and said "Sorry, I got a little scared there." He said "It's ok. Nothing will hurt you while I'm here." I blushed, glad it was too dark to see. I knew we were on the beach when I felt the soft sand hit my feet. I looked down and said "Wow. This is soft." He replied "Yeah. It's like walking on a marshmellow." The sun was barely dipping down through the horizon. I took off my beach cover up and turned around to catch Seth staring. He looked up and blushed a bit. I smiled and we made our way to the water.

We walked along the beach, our fingers intertwined as the sun set completely. We talked for a while, about our lives and families. Well my broken family at least. The sky above us was a pretty dark blue and purple color. I could still easily see his face, which was pretty close to mine. Suddenly he stopped, turned around and said "Grace?" I was looking over at the ocean, but I turned to him. He instantly pressed his lips softly against mine. I kissed back after realizing what amazing thing just happened. I pulled away after a 10 seconds. My face was boiling with blush, and he was just smiling. He looked at his watch, and said "Oh god. I better get you home. Your brother and Sam are probably wondering where you went." I looked at him and said "I don't want to go back with my annoying brother. Can't we just stay here for a bit longer?" He sighed and said "Fine." We laid down on the beach towel I brought, which was just a single so we were kind of pressed against each other. I rested my head on his bare chest.

After a few minutes I looked up at him. I said "Can I ask you 2 or 3 questions?" He said "Yeah go ahead." I put my hand on his stomach and asked "Why and how are you so warm? It's like 50 degrees out. I'm freezing." He smirked and said "Let me help you with that. He pulled me up a bit so I was at his level and he wrapped his warm arms around me pulling me closer to him. I looked into his eyes and said "Thanks, but seriously answer my question. How do you do that?" He looked back and forth, as if he were searching for an answer. He finally was able to slip out the words "I don't know." I said "It just kinda seems suspicious, you know? Sam is really warm too. I thought he had a fever." Seth said with me still in his tight grasp "Hm. Wierd. Ask me your other question." I asked "How old are you, although I'm guessing 16, like me." He said "Yup." He lifted my chin up from looking down and said "Now I'm gonna ask 2 questions." He pressed his nose to mine and said "Did you like that kiss?" I looked him in the eyes, trying not to blush or smile and said "Maybe." His eyes looked worried and he said "What do you mean 'maybe'?" I teased "Maybe I liked it, maybe I didn't." He said "Oh you wanna play like that? Ok." He kissed my jawline, then slowly trailed down my neck to my shoulder. I shivered in delight. He pulled back and turned the other way, removing his grip from me. I started to get cold again and said "Hey! What the!" I could hear his lips creep to a smile. He turned back around, wrapped his arms around me, and said "And my second question is, do you wanna sleep here?" Too tired to respond, I used his chest as a pillow, and drifted off into dreamland, hopefully answering his question.

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