Cold And Alone

Yeah this is just going to be anywhere from 10 to 20 chapters. I'm not the best writer and I'm only in 5th grade so you should expect a few mistakes. Anyways,enjoy!

Chapter 1


Marrisa sat on the stool near her window and watched the rain fall from the sky.Her parents only came home once a week to make sure Marissa had'nt done anything bad. Other than that, her parents where to busy with their broadway jobs.

Marrissa is in 6 grade,but not a single person at her school hangs out with or talks with her.

The only time Marrisa moved from her window was to eat a small snack,go to the bathroom,or sleep.

As she stared out the window,her mind overflowed with the happy memories before her parents moved to the huge mansion she lived in now and before they had a major broadway carreer.Marrissa had plenty of friends at her 4th grade school back then,and her Dad only worked part time and her mother was always home to care for her.But then they moved from a small house in new york,to a huge mansion in Washing ton. Marrissa had also stopped going to 6th grade. None of the teachers noticed her absense. Neither did they care.

.Marrissa slowly put her head in her hands as tears flowed from her eyes to her cheeks.She felt cold and alone.

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