Try And Catch Me-A Twilight love story

Try And Catch Me-A Twilight love story

The image that I have made for my Story Title is of the main character in my story...17-year-old Brooklyn has just run away from her home. With only 1000 dollars to her name she's been forced to either live on the streets or in cheap hotels. She has also been steeling from stores. With a warrent out for her arrest, if caught she's facing 1year in prison. However she meets a man along the way of running a cop ironically. A cop nammed Embry Call...

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:Just Keep Moving

"Just keep moving," I told myself, "keep running. FASTER!" My mind shrieked at me to go faster. If I didn't go faster than I would be caught. "Just keep moving." That was the key. I was like a shark, I can't turn around, I have to keep moving. So I kept running, out of breath I took out my waterbottle. I took a quick drinking, catching my breath, I took out the GPS I stole from a wal-mart near by and look up my location.
A voice from the GPS said, "You are now entering La Push Washinton." I looked above me to see a giant sign that read, "La Push Welcome." I laughed at myself. I didn't have to steal this silly thing after all.
I continued walking hearing my stomach growl. I was starving! I can't remember the last time I had eaten. Days it seems like. I looked to my right to see a small corner store, I rushed over there and opened the door. Cool air condition welcomed me. I took in a deep breath, then smelled something. Myself. I smelled awful! I needed to steel some deorderent and fast! I walked quickly to the higene isle and found the most exspensive deorderent in the store. I grabbed it and put it in my back pack.
"You are planning on paying for that, aren't you?" A deep gruff voice said from behind me. I dropped my back pack starring up at the large figure standing before me.
I gulped seeing his police badge, and his name tag, I read, "Embry Call." I picked up my back pack and ran as fast as I could out of that store...


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