Stay Strong: An Original Song, Dedicated to Mia

Please stay with us, Mia. Get better soon bud. :")


Chapter 1

By me and Toxic Beatz (RainbowChaos)

TB: Please stay, I know life can get real tough sometimes, but you gotta stand up and keep moving. We are on the sidelines cheering and shouting, hoping you'll stand up and stay a little longer, you can be stronger. So please fight back, the world is never comepletly black, lets look at sickness and sadness and attack. Stay, we lovd you and will miss you (although I don't know you, I can't risk losing someone I could've made friends with) I know sometimes it may seem like labyrinth and the only way to be free is to disappear. Just stay, we can make things crystal clear. Lets have fun and share that one last rootbeer. Never fear, friends will always be here. Toxic Beatz wanting you, Mia, to hear us all out.

Me: I know you want to go away, but we all want you to stay. Your time isn't up yet, better things will come your way. But if you want those things to come your way, just bear with me here, just stay and we'll pray for you. The grass is always greener on the other side. We need you to fight, please try. We know you're sad and depressed, but us as your friends, we almost always know best. The angels aren't ready to take you yet. You have something special, a gift of kindness. We can return that gift in your time of need, and help you get stronger, and grow like a seed. Please Mia, hear our call, you're one of God's greatest angels of all. But if you do chose to go, your choice to leave just know, we'll be thinking of and missing you, everywhere we go. We love ya, girl. The big guy in the clouds has bigger plans for you, you'll see, and this song was for you, from Toxic Beatz and your friend, Tami.


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