Advice Column

Chapter 2


Dear Alexis,
I'm in a play next week and I am super nervous! I've been in plenty of other plays before but I just always get really scared! I'm afraid I'm gonna mess up. What should I do?



No need to worry. You have been through this before. It's good to be nervous because it reminds you of how much you love to be in plays. If it wasn't important to you then you wouldn't feel this way. It's a good reminder of what you love to do. Before you go on, take a breath, and don't worry about who is out there, just pretend to be alone in your room. As long as you study your lines, you will be great. In the theater world, I say "Break a Leg".


Dear Alexis,

I just recently got into a fight with a really close friend and we aren't friends anymore. It hurt when she said that we were done and I cried at school for a little bit. I mean yes i seem all fine and like my normal self to others and only a few knew about what was really going on, but on the inside I'm still hurt and I'm weary about trusting people now. What do you think i should do?

~ Sad and hurt on the inside :(

Hey Sad...

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this. It hurts when someone you trust betrays you. I am not sure about your situation but sometimes people are just plain mean. There are no explanations that are easy for that. Usually it is because there is something about themselves that they don't like and they take it out on you. She really isn't a close friend if a fight was all it took to break you two up. Maybe it means that it's time for you to look elsewhere for friends. Never make the mistake of letting one person's attitude make you think everyone is like that. In a lifetime you never really have tons of friends, you usually have one or two that are truly there for you when you need them. You just have to find the ones that are true. Keep looking, they are out there, meeting new people is always fun.


Ok so me and my ex boy friend got into a big fight. He called me a lot of names and a hole lot of other personal stuff that I don't want to get into. He wanted pictures of my personal spaces and of course I said no and that's how the fight started. He was taking advantage of me because he knew I still liked him(even though I'm the one who broke up with him...). Now there is this dance comming up and my best friend is also his friend and we usually hang out with him and a lot of other people at the dances. I don't know how to handle this one! Or how to act. I don't want to say something and then get into another fight wile were at the dance! Can u give me some advice on how to act with out me getting into a fight?

Hey Ninja,

First of all, let me just say that anyone who calls you names like that shouldn't even be around you. You should stay far away from him, he isn't worth it. Do you have any other friends you can hang out with that doesn't involve him? I would suggest hanging out with them. How much fun can you really have if he is around ready to start fighting with you. Just make sure to not give him any ammunition; stay calm, try to have fun, and don't go into any drama. If he starts to try to fight with you then the best bet is to not aggravate it and walk away.

~ Alexis

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