Hey guys. Do you actually read this?? Well if you do this is original and suckish. But comment.

Chapter 1


by: Harper_
With a crack of a rib I fell to the ground. The new medication was terrible. My bones were brittle. The slightest bump in the wrong direction could send me to the ground screaming in agony. The drone, as everyone held here called the mindless lackeys, stood over me. A dumb grin was plastered on his face. I winced and held my side as I looked up to my left. Cooper Lason squared his jaw and rolled with the brutal punches he was being delivered. I squeeked at each pumbling blow. With a final right hook to his cheek he collapsed next to me. I wanted to comfort him but I knew of they saw me moving it was open season on Isabell. I carefully inched my hand nearer to Coop's.  He saw what I was doing and our fingers brushed together. Soon we were hand in hand. I hid a painstaking smile and kept my eyes shut. 
"Huh, leave 'em here. We will test more in the morning." Drone number two said. The three of them left and slammed the heavy metal door shut. I sat up and slicked back my short choppy red hair. My freckle smattered face was twisted in a look of pain. That was the fifth broken rib this week. Cooper sat up and rubbed his face.
"Damn, that hurt. You okay Izzy?" Coop asked me worriedly. I nodded and struggled to my feet. The others , the other Experiments, were slowly doing the same. I held my side, and with my left arm pulled Coop up to his feet.
"Lemme see it." I demanded he sighed and I gently tilted his face to catch the light. I bit my tongue. It looked bad. The skin was already tinted green. His cheekbones had snapped and been jabbed onto his skin. 
"Ouch, poor thing." I frowned at his pain. He chuckled and I kissed his cheek.
"You do realize you have been injured more times than I ever have right?" I sheepishly grinned and giggled girlishly which made me grimly close my eyes in pain.
"Oi! Get a room you two lovebirds!" William Burke shouted as he flopped onto one of the hard bunks. I rolled my eyes. His thick London accent echoed throughout the small room. Elle rubbed her temples and flipped off Will.
"Shut. Up. I am PMSing and just got beat up. I am one sound away from a full blown bītch fit!!" Elle screamed Will. All of us cracked up at the two of them. 
"C'mon Elly, we all know you fancy me!" Will taunted. Elle scowle at him and rolled her eyes. 
There were eight of us in all. Cooper Lason, William Burke, Elle Westover, Grahm Marshall, Lynn Thomas. Rose Alerk, Nick Holden, and of course myself. Isabell Holden. Izzy for short. 
I painfully walked to my allotted space and layed on the hard, unpleasant bunk. My ribs seemed to be killing me. I grimaced as I lifted up my shirt to asses the damag inflicted by the merciless drone. A huge, ugly bruise had already formed. The drones showed no compassion. They had been testing out a new medication. It was supposed to make us stronger. The drug had a reverse effect. It made our bones weak. The effect would only last a week or so, they told us. A week has come and gone and I was still as delicate as china. At the Lab, they never tell us the truth. I don't remember what this place is actually called. No one really does, we all just call it the Lab. I've been here for six years. Only ten years old when my fraternal twin, Nick, and I ha been taken. People came and went. Only the eight of us remained. We were the survivors. We were the strong ones. It wasn't easy to live like an animal. A degenerate. A lesser being. It was rage inspiring. We were held in a room with dull white walls, concrete floors, and metal barracks screwed into the walls. One day a week they took us outside into the smog filled, black, dirty, "fresh air" for exercise. We had one shower a week and had to use a toilet in the corner of the room. The food was shîtty and laced with new, experimental drugs to be tested on us. The only good thing about being in this hell hole was Cooper. He had gotten here three hers after I had. Our first meeting was far from the usual. 

''She's a weak one. I doubt she will survive the night." One of the doctors coldly said. I lay on the ground, barley breathing. The latest medication, it was killing me. I was having a spastic reaction. Nick and Laura, the other two lab rats, were fine. It was just me. I could hardly move. I was coughing up and choking on blood. My skin was as pale as a ghosts and as cool as marble. Nick was being restrined. He has tried to help me but was pulled back. He then attacked his captor and for that he was being restrained on his bunk. Tgata when the door swung open. A boy, roughly my age of thirteen was shoved in and the door was swiftly latched and pulled shut. I got a slight view of the fresh meat. He wore an all white outfit like the rest of us. A freshly tattooed ID number in black ink stood out on his forearm. His baby blue eyes widened to the size of saucers when he saw me. Before a drone or doctor could stop him he was kneeling by my side. Then the memory goes dark. As my heart quit beating.'' 
''When my eyelibs fluttered open I saw an angel. Crystal blue eyes and curly golden blonde hair. He looked like Gabriel the angel. He smiled and his pearly whites gleamed.''
''"Hey, I'm Cooper." He said softly as he lifted me up. I felt like a rag doll as he set me down on a bunk. The doctors were to awestricken to do anything to stop him. I smiled and felt my heart skip a beat.''
"I'm Isabell." I coughed weakly.'' 
"Nice to meet you Izzy." Then Cooper got dragged off I wanted to grab onto his hand and never let go then and there.''

I pulled myself up and pushed my hair out of my face. I rooted around under my matteress and pulled out a bottle of ibprofeun. I had bribed a drone to get it for me. 
"Anyone?" I held out my hand an offered. I had seven takers immedietly. I was running low but it was so good. It helped a little but a little was more than enough. Coop sat down next to me on my bed. I felt myself stifle a tiny yawn. Cooper laughed. 
"Whats so funny?" I curiously asked. He grinned at me and kissed the top of my head. 
"Your adorable when your tired." I blushed. Nick and Grahm were pretending to gag at the two of us but I ignored them and buried my head in Coop's shoulder and felt myself drift off to sleep. I dreaded for what would come later on but all that mattered was that Coop and I were happy together for a few minutes at least.                  

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