This Can't Be Real (Emmett Cullen Love Story)

My first story... Tell me what you think!(:


Chapter 1


I stood motionless as my house burned in front of me. People were rushing around and screaming things. I was standing in my pool. The assailant had pushed me in. I was turning a sickly whitish-blue. I could feel my body shivering through my clothes. My leather boots were ruined and I was slowly watching my world go black. I heard someone screaming at me to move to him. I simply watched the fire burning behind him. My knees caved in and I went limp into the water. Everything was black.
I snapped awake from the dreamt memory. I looked around at the room. I was not going to stay here. I was scheduled to move to Forks, Washington with my great uncle. He was nearly seventy. There were years of foster care behind me. Nobody could find a living relative or anyone that could take me in permanently. I pushed my blankets off and grabbed my suitcases. Miss Mary, my foster mom for the last six months, pulled me into a hug and started crying. I would have accepted this gesture if she had not slapped my eight times in the last two days for "leaving her." I pulled away and said goodbye as the doorbell rang. I answered it to the law enforcement officer. He held my shoulder all the way to the car and helped me inside. I watched the two adults speak for a few minutes before shaking hands and parting ways. I stared at him as he got into the driver's seat.
"Ready?" I nodded in response. He took a deep breath and drove away from the house. On the way to the airport, the man spoke enough for both of us. He seemed more nervous than I should be, but I was far from nervous. In fact, I was rather calm. I felt like I was finally going to be okay. The accident happened eight years ago. The man that had killed my parents and burned all of my belongings has yet to be caught, but I remembered him staring at me with his large fists closed on the collar of my red fleece coat. The one thing that I still have that was saved was my doll; a sweet looking doll that my father gave me. I held it close to me as the car passed a sign saying "Airport 11 miles." I petted the black hair of the doll and whispered silly thoughts into her ear.
As the driver pulled into the rental car drop off station, I made my way to the soda machine. I stared at the enlarged picture of a Pepsi bottle. I could not remember the last time I had a soda. The driver came up behind me and stuffed a dollar and twenty-five cents into the machine.
"What do you want?" I looked at him for confirmation that he meant what he asked. I turned back and reached for the button. Soon a Dr. Pepper fell free and fizzed up. The man smiled at me as he got a regular Pepsi. I smiled at him as we walked to the departing station of the airport. He presented our tickets and we stripped all of our things onto the conveyer belt. I felt strange standing there without shoes or my doll. I stepped through the metal detector and retrieved my things. Following the man, I watched my feet. I stumbled across a penny, heads up on the ground. I picked it up and stared at it. The dirty surface of the coin only barely resembled an actual penny. It had gone through multiple hands and purses, wallets and pockets that the date was no longer visible. It was so worn and torn that I felt sorry for it. The poor penny had taken so much abuse from all of its carriers. I pushed the penny into a little bag that stayed attached to my carryon. It only held a few coins that I held dear to me. A coin from China when my dad left for a few months, an Australian coin from my summer trip when I was seven, I coin I had found with three holes drilled into it, and a euro from Ireland when we visited my grandmother before she died.
"Lottie!" I looked up to the man as he waved me over. Our flight was boarding. I ran to catch up and we left together.
As the flight landed, I looked up to the man. I poked his shoulder. He turned and watched for something.
"What's your name?" He smiled at me.
"Call me Blue," I grinned at him like a child and clutched my doll closer.
"You aren't the driver I usually have," I stated.
"I'm not usually a driver at all. I am a therapist for the government. I talk to the kids that come from broken homes or shattered families. I mostly deal with kids coming out of traumatic situations." I looked down at my knees.
"Why didn't you help me?" He sighed.
"I wasn't given the assignment. I have to have your file. You were taken into custody of the state so they probably though I'd be someone you'd get attached to when you would have to leave eventually." I looked at him.
"Can I still talk to you?" He grinned down at me.
"Of course! Here! Have my number! Call me any time! I start work in Port Angeles soon, so if you ever need me I won't be far!" I leaned into him and cuddled close. I finally felt as close to safety as I would get. We landed a few minutes later and waited for the rental car to be ready. I sat and drank another Dr. Pepper. It was slowly becoming addicting. Blue turned to me and jingled keys in his hand. I grinned and jumped up excitedly.

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