Daily Prophet (spoof)

Hahaha this is the spoof of the Daily Prophet! XD lolz its very random!! XD

Daily Updates!! XD

Chapter 4

Merperson Marrys Bunny.

A known wizard by the name of Aberforth Dumbledore, claims as he was strolling past the lake on the Hogwarts grounds, he saw a several hundred merpeople surrounding another merperson and a bunny. He states that the merperson and rabbit were "Snogging so hard I swear she ate that poor rabbit" and that one of the other merpeople was saying "Do you take Mr Fluffy Pants Whiskertails to be your husband?" and Aberforth says that the merperson said "I do" Then Aberforth tells us that the bunny floated to the top, with a black suit jacket on.

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